Friday, November 11, 2016

Movie Reviews: Snowden. The Accountant.

I thought Snowden was pretty good.  I've never thought he was ill motivated.  Beyond that, I don't know.  Good movie.

The Accountant was great, I thought.  I liked the character and the story.  I don't keep up enough to know it seems I've heard negative attitudes toward Ben Affleck.  No idea why.  Rather not know, actually.  There may have been some violence but nothing too bad.  They mostly had it coming.
So, there you have it.

I don't go into analysis of the story the cinematography or the emoting of the actors.  I say if it is bad.

These two movies were good and the latter was especially good.  OK.  Snowden was Good +.

Would You Remain Ignorant forever, If That is The Price of the Victim Badge?

Hell yes!!!! they say, as they destroy things, assault people and stop traffic, with signs like "Love Trumps Hate".  Those events are hard to fabricate because of the scale and video from many sources. Harder to edit to create desired content.  Not that it is not done a lot.

Then I hear about white Trump supporters in various bigoted, bullying attacks.  But the real evidence is mostly lacking.  I suspect there are many bogus, staged events.  I believe the violence is purposely instigated by those who stand to gain.  They know the triggers to pull, the rewards to offer and how to control information and people.

The number one prize being offered these days is membership in a specific victim group.  Best if it is race based, but pretty much any form of human, including white male, is claiming victimhood somewhere.  When it is time to quit being a victim, or to quit pointing to that which is not your enemy pretending it is, because of fact, logic, reason, the victim recoils.

You have to supply a really healthy reward for an habitual victim to give up the hobby.  It will not happen.  People make their living off of herding people into victim groups, making every effort to keep them down while pretending to care, and blaming others who are not trying to do any such thing.

I do not doubt that there are some classic fools who want to play the absurd white supremacist routine.  Incredulous as that is.  Then there seems to be an increasing number of Black separatists.  On some campuses they demand white free zones.  "Of color" only safe areas.  And they yell at, and push back the white devils who try to get by on their way to student union or wherever--common, public spaces.   While decrying their victimhood and shouting "white privilege !!"

What I am saying is that people who see everything through race and other irrelevant filters never seem to learn what universal principles are.  They become addicted to finding offense, whether or not it is there.

Do you have any idea how selfish it is to stop traffic in a big city?  Or really anywhere.  You have no idea what is going on in their lives, but because you don't like how something unrelated went, and because you love the lies you tell and believe,  you think throwing your fit is more important than the lives of strangers.  I sincerely wish it were legal for the traffic to just run you down and keep going.  You could care less if you cause a death as you violate the rights of others.

I hate mobs.  I can accept a demonstration, if that's what you want, but violating rights, no.  And there is absolutely no justification for the violence.  Stopping traffic is an act of force.  Violent, in reality.  I do think people should just plow through.  But they won't.  That's because normal people minding their own business do not gather in herds.  They are not so prone to mob action.

This is what pisses me off about democrats.  Instead of calling it for what it is they will pretend there is justification.  They tacitly encourage mob action and the warping of the truth so many of the mob people believe the easy lies, because they have no desire to check for truth.  It is really sick.  It is not justified.

That's redneck behavior.  I hate it. Not confined to any race.  Ignorant nonsense used to work one's self into a frenzy, and convincing one's self that any violence or injustice you commit is OK because you are a victim.   Self defense.

People do not want the truth.  And those special elites who think they know best prefer that people know less than they do.  That way they can include the reaction they are after in their pontifications about matters of government.   If you tell the story correctly, your dimwitted audience will react in the manner that suits you.

I'm not talking about the talking point, face book meme truths.  Both sides put out garbage and are transparently, unashamedly hypocritical.

That is why people do not want the truth.  They think they are somehow invested in a predetermined outcome.    If only the democrats had their way, we'd all do fine.  Same with republican. What annoys me about republican is they are just democrats wrapped in some kind of neo-Calvinist gel made out of misguided zeal.

Ge sus H kee reist!  This would not be better off being a theocracy.  Actually, I do not think the Constitution is involved in marriage, or even abortion, except it was ruled that a person's right to their own body trumps any living thing growing in there, still attached.

I guess how it works is that what's outside and has seniority takes precedence over what's inside.  And if anything is growing inside the inside entity, then it would be last in line.   Last to be considered.  Rights subservient to the host being, and to its host being.   I need to get the guy who thought Guam might capsize to make my case.

I really wish they would make their point if they choose, practice what they know is right, but just get government out of it.  If you have to be forced to keep your baby, let heaven and hell settle it.  There is a point at which you are using faulty logic to justify some harsh action.  It is not in the top five issues that have any business on the government docket.

It is horrible of me, but there are so many people I would hope do not multiply.  Some facets of the process ought to just be out of bounds.  Why are so many things everyone's business, and responsibility?  I do think making it free at taxpayer expense is a stretch.  But so are wars at taxpayer expense in places, for reasons that I do not support.

I am not much of a Hillary fan, but I question assertions of being Satan's little warrior woman, or whatever.  I could be wrong though.

Despite the insane and creepy stuff said or played during the campaign, Hillary saying, "We came, we saw. He died!!  hahahahahaha." creeped me out the most.  She laughed about a brutal death.  He was a bad guy dictator, but the result of engineering his ouster has been less than stellar.

Don't get me wrong, I cringe every time Trump opens his mouth, even before he says anything.  He either says something bizarre, or in a way where the press can make something out of nothing.  The result is the same.  People think he'll come in the night and throw their children over the wall back into Mexico, then execute the parents.

The irony is, many people are getting a taste of how hard it is to really move to another country, or most of them.  Any I looked at, years ago out of curiosity, had a lot of hoops to jump through and not so easy for a misfit without tons of money.  Po folk are stuck in the USA.  Odd that Po folk from elsewhere manage to survive here better than at home.

The real problem is BS.  People believe whatever helps them lose conscience so they can be self righteously violent, and bully strangers with justification


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