Thursday, January 22, 2009

Fudd Ruckers and I told you so

I suppose Baba could be cwedited with making R (aw) a letter of mis or no pronunciation. Lately it seems to be the fashionable thing in DC. Lawmakers impersonating Elmer Fudd. First there was Bahney Fwank, then that other guy who has assured us that the money taken from taxpayers and given to various communities or put into public works projects won't go to workers who actually do that work, unless they fit his parameters, many of which sound as if being qualified is a disqualifying factor. Or something.

It was a rambling and not altogether coherent statement, so reasonable content may have been missing altogether. What struck me was the Fuddishness of the delivery. I think it's a fad. I'm not sure how to make money from it, and if I did know I'd keep it vewy vewy quiet.

Well, it looks like we have a year to rehab that rental house or old barn. Obama is closing Gitmo, but he wisely allowed a year to figure out the details. That's where having a ready made facility would pay off. Maybe if you pitch it, substituting Ws and "ah" for Rs, you can wow the powers that be into a tidy sum for housing the enemy.

One benefit would be that you can actually see if it is only the enemy being locked up, and not politically incorrect dissidents from this country.

So, I guess it was a good idea after all.

The only thing that I noticed from the mass euphoria going around is that a sense of humor seems to be lacking. That is a troubling development.

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