Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Summertime Blues

Ever catch yourself behaving in the same manner which you found troublesome in someone else? Then you realize that had it not been for the person who ruffled your feathers you wouldn't realize you were doing, or about to do, the very same thing to someone else.

What a conundrum. It takes all the self righteous wind right out of your sails. You can no longer feel quite as justified in feeling wronged, on the one hand, and justified in setting someone straight--when it wasn't my business-- on the other.

When my energy level is low, like today, I wonder if I am capable of any direct communication with others which won't find me making more blunders than politicians from Delaware and Missouri. Of course I have no claim to the kind of pension such blunderheads often enjoy, so I guess it doesn't hurt me as much in that way. But I have an active conscience, and a desire not to step on the sanctity and rights of other humans which may very likely lead to a bit more angst in my case.

It may sound like I'm making the case that I am a better person, in some spiritual or moral sense than some of the politicians to whom I've alluded. I guess I'd have to say that most of my friends and acquaintances are better people by my measure than most politicians I've followed. As am I. Sorry, but while I consider than all should have equal opportunity and protection under the law, I guess I can't deny that I think some individuals are better human beings than others.

I do not think Che, Stalin, Castro, Hitler and people like that are good people. Most likely you agree. That would mean that you, too, believe some people are better than others in that sense. Many churches seem to think that way or they wouldn't bestow sainthood on some but not others.

I just had a discussion with a lady who claimed there is not truth; that my truth is true for me and someone else's truth is true for them. I asked if that meant if my truth was that a bullet in my head would not kill or maim me if that was still valid truth. She said it would be for me. I suppose my truth would default to reality after the funeral.

If one assumes absolutely no absolutes exist, then how can people carry on any meaningful discussion? Some definitions have to be in place or it is all gibberish. Speaking the same language indicates a tacit agreement on the meaning of at least some sounds and words. That implies a bit of universal truth. Either a chair is a chair or it is not a chair. Of course, there are nuances and varying meanings which occur, but all it takes is a small portion of the language to be concrete to make the point.

What happens when people adhere to her view, which is very much stuff of the sixties, is that people pick and choose when to agree with accepted meanings and when to decide their truth is in play. The issue of rights is a perfect example.

All people should have unalienable human rights; an assertion with which most in our country would agree. The Islamic governments may have a severely abridged version of that. Then people of my friend's school of thought decide that the word right means something other than what I would think, or what it generally meant in 1800. It's a complicated world and very tough to find harmony and peace unless one remains incommunicado.

But that is just no fun. The desire for socialization is a characteristic of our species. Not to be confused with socialism. Although allocating the use and beneficiaries of the resources of others does appear to be a popular hobby of many of our kind.

Allocating my own resources, such as they are, is enough of a challenge for me. Deciding what to do with your time, effort, money and property is probably not best left to me. That's part of the summertime blues I think.

The heat and energy sapping weather leave me lethargic, tired and low on brain power. That leads me to do less than optimal allocating of my resources. I waste time, lose track of ideas, and generally don't look at the world around me, spot the possibly opportunities to fill a demand or maximize my enjoyment or that of others, and act so that these opportunities become concrete reality. Nope. I just can't wait for the chance to sleep and keep cool.

Now maybe I can convince myself that my truth states that I am really working hard and doing the best I can, and that I am really rich, married to the hottest most beautiful perfect woman possible, and that my private helicopter is due to pick me up any minute. It really helps that my truth can be true without having the slightest resemblance to reality.

Then Again, Maybe Not

There is a fine line between being realistic and fatalistically cynical. It is so easy to convince myself that nothing I am or ever have been, nothing I do or ever have done is at all worthy of even an approving nod. That is a stupid exercise if one's goal is something other than depression and misery.

Still the mind is a persistent doomsayer. It is the old battle, still raging. The one I never quite win, but haven't quite lost.

I do feel that there is a possible final win in the cards, though.

How come so many naturalized citizens I've met, who actually made the effort to become citizens rather than spend their time protesting and waving the flags of their ex-countries, seem to know more about identifying and seizing opportunity than I, or most Americans, do.

I think we've been conditioned through stupid status ideals and ridiculous convolutions of what constitutes respectable behavior so that we refuse ourselves the freedom we ought to embrace. I don't necessarily blame Hollywood and other media strongholds, but I do believe they are hugely influential. Who influences them, I can't say. Someone who knows how to make idiocy seem intellectually advanced, that's for sure.

There is a vast difference between the arrogant person who flaunts his disdain for a country he is visiting (or annexing, or squatting upon to illegitimately demand rights), and one who has respect. The LaRaza mentality is not one of respect, and their total lack of knowledge, or intentional lies, when it comes to their own history is shameful, selfish, destructive and born of nothing but naked greed and envy.

You should see the looks you get in this part of the country if you are doing any work that resembles yard work or domestic labor if you are not of the prescribed ethnic group. If you are American doing the work Americans supposedly won't do--one of the most absurd arguments ever posited--you could get mugged by the illegals who believe they are entitled to have all such work reserved for themselves. They'd probably picket city hall if they knew what I get paid.

But, unlike them, I do not cause collateral damage in doing my work. You don't have to clean the building if I clean the patio. Since their number one tool of choice is a power blower, if they clean the driveway, your cars and all nearby building will need cleaning, or the neighbor's driveway. If they paint the wall, all the things which were too near to the wall now need a paint removal job. That is how it is in SoCal.

Thank God there is a huge difference between general attitude and philosophy from north country and east county, and from LA to San Diego. Closer you get to Hollywood, both geographically, and in the trade, the jerkier and more hypocritical the nature of people and culture becomes. I guess I am a little harsh. Why not? It is true, and the world of pretend gets old sometimes, causing one to impolitely suggest that the emperor has no clothes.

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