Saturday, September 8, 2012

Arm to the Teeth; or not

As much as I'd love to have a full arsenal of weapons--handguns, big guns,the whole deal---times like this convince me I am not one who can safely own such things. When the revolution comes or census thugs run around shaking people down, or whatever anti-freedom catastrophe comes down the pike, I'll have to stand them off with a slingshot and a machete.

I don't admire every cliff out west while feeling a strong desire to jump off anymore, but I wouldn't tempt fate and compulsive self destruction just yet. It sucks, but I'm one of those idiots who is too likely to do something stupid.

As it is, I just go on as always while leaving plans of going down in a shootout with the neo bolsheviks after they declare martial law to others. I'll devise clever traps and schemes. That doesn't require keeping stuff around that might target me in one misguided nano second.

I actually like life. Not everyone likes anyone. I just happen to be one of those people who doesn't like me all that much. Good thing I don't know but a handful of like-minded acquaintances. Otherwise I might have helped them form a lynch mob or something, then I'd have regretted it; which is what I don't like about myself to begin with. Why do things you'll regret later? Idiot!!

Even so, I tend to trust John Q Public or myself with firearms more than I trust most armed government agents, like DEA, police, and many others.

Shrinks would love this

Are They Watching Me?

I often wonder, especially on days like today which find me repairing things, cleaning things and doing odd stuff other than the maid work--but sometimes a little of that--to ready the place for visitors who come with government agents since one of them holds a high post in the executive branch of the federal debacle. Don't worry, it is not the surprise nominee recently named at the democratic convention.

Boy, I'm glad I didn't put money on it. Who would have ever guessed they'd nominate Obama and Joe? I had to do a double take. Talk about a long shot result. It certainly had me on the edge of my seat right up until the deed was done and they named the nominee.

Odd, how remote such things are and how strangely strange.

Anyway, this is not the first time that the spooks have accompanied a guest. I wonder if they have hidden surveillance. Just in case, I often go skinny dipping at the end of a hot work day, do a couple of laps then hit the shower in the nearby facility. So far, I haven't heard a word, although one day the house manager showed up and I think she'd been there longer than I thought, and longer than she said she was there. No prob. She seemed in a cheerful mood and was not at all troubled when I told her she'd just about caught me.

This is the family whose kids broke the gate while the parents just watched them do it. No telling what is in store this time. They are very nice, just typically unconcerned with collateral damage and inconvenience to others like most of the politically connected people who visit and trash the place.

I'm wondering when some of the really vile public figures will make an appearance. That could be fun. I would short sheet the beds and maybe do that saran wrap thing on the toilets, which could provide big surprises and fun for the guests. Oh, and since they don't like to use the beach towels on upholstery when it is called for, I'm thinking I could get some itching powder from a joke store.

All that said, and as pedestrian as my work is, I am compelled to go above and beyond to do the best work I can, even if the beneficiaries of my efforts are riffraff, to be complimentary. I'll see something that isn't right and think, "That is no way for a gazillionaire's pad to look." And I'll correct it if I can.

The last people broke parts on two different teak lounges, among other work producing things they did, That is the sort of thing I kind of enjoy fixing, even though I find it rude that they don't even mention it to anyone before or after they leave. Some of the maintenance this time was the result large spillages of unknown liquids which they didn't even bother to hit with a napkin or paper towel. Would have taken more than one, but you'd think they at least do something.

Such is the mindset and behavior of those who cry the loudest that they are "fighting for the underprivileged, and for the common people." I guess my theory that you have to consider yourself one of the elite to imagine that people like me need or want you to look out for them is a good theory. Their behavior speaks much louder than the words.

It is OK, though, because I get paid a rather decent wage. I'd be hard pressed to find another mindless job which pays the same per hour. Then again, they'd be hard pressed to find another who would be as reliable and useful. I could find such a person rather easily, I think, but I doubt they know how. Most companies do not know how to get the best. The way they do it with resumes and avoiding face to face contact, and then doing formula interviews, they are missing a lot. I guess they generally avoid hiring the worst, so that makes it OK. The number of good people who fall through the cracks in the present setup is rather significant.

blablabla, what in the world am I going on about? I bet the secret service put dope in the pool and now I'm under a mind control spell. Why are they called secret service? Nothing secret about them. We all know they are there. Can you say, Colombian Working Girls?
I know, I've posted this at least 3 times. You may be saying, "It isn't that funny." Well I think it is.

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