Thursday, June 24, 2010

Another Day Out of the Fog

Praise be, and pbuh, etc. You don't really miss some things until they return, then you realize what you were missing. That's they way the mind is.

The difference is astounding. Every task I performed today seemed accomplished with so much more clarity and awareness. I did not have to strain to monitor every move just to be sure I wasn't about to throw a can of paint in the pool, or cross two lanes of traffic with cars beside me. For the last six weeks to varying degrees I've had to triple and quadruple check every move, or most it seems.

That cannot be right. Whatever the deal, it was delightful to feel so much more aware and on the ball. I fear it may be a cycle and that I may have entered a new era. Maybe yes, maybe no. At least I know if I get fogged in, the wheel is likely to come back around and things will change.

In other irrelevant news, the tourmobile is ready for its first long haul road trip. All we need is the money to do it and off we go. I may add an after burner, turbo charger, and maybe some sort of rocket boost, just to speed things up in case I leave under time constraints. If someone would pay me a few thou real quick just for being, then I could go while it is still warm in Taos and CO, and I'd include them as well as points south I have in mind. Got relatives and such in the great state of Texas so that is the number one priority for a visit. Everything else is subject to factors too numerous and unknown to list.

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