Monday, November 12, 2012

So Many Years in Solitary

Have you ever messed with the voicemail lady?  Even though you know she isn't real and isn't listening.

What is real big fun is to wait a little longer than suits her.  Push her patience.  Pretty soon she asks, "Are you still there?".  Ha, I'm not telling her yes or no.  She then starts into the options again.

I've yet to have her answer the question I ask her the most; What are you wearing?  Sooner or later she says, Good bye!, with a sing song finality that even a human couldn't equal.

Somehow this gives me a false kind of nostalgia for the days when I was being dumped left and right.   Good bye!, Mr Ballistic.  It is false because I never went through a run of that.  Once ever many years doesn't make a trend.  But if you think your rejectors did the smart thing, you definitely have the same opinion of yourself as you would have if it were a weekly thing.

So, I take it out on the voice mail lady when opportunity arises.  "Yea, so NOW you wonder if I'm still here.  Unless you tell me what you're wearing, you'll never know if I'm still here, or not."

"Am I still here?  Where are you when I need you?  Miss On-To-Greener-Pastures!"  I would say "on to bigger and better things", but I don't like the sound of that!

As reluctant as she is to actually engage, have to admit the voice mail lady has a nice voice.  Like she's probably highly attractive and intelligent.  Anyone got her number? She sounds single, but you never know. Is she?

Probably cycling, but coming out of the funk, and regaining confidence in the music scene.  Maybe it will last awhile and result in plenty of action on my part.  Wimmin being nice to me so I don't want to cloud myself away from that.

Wait, the arrangement of sentences, and maybe words, gives a wrong idea.  I mean action as in constructive enterprise, make my dwelling a welcome and materially minimalistic space, do a bunch of stuff I think of often but forgot at this moment.

So far, in about a month's time, I've been quizzed by border patrol twice and CA H.P. (spit) once at a couple of different overlook getaways I like.  CA Highway patrol, in this area, to me, is thought of the way the first off the boat Cubans felt about Castro, but it always sounded like they were saying, "Casssero! (spit spit)".  Not sure if they are stepping up their activities or just harassing people who obviously pose no threat, and who have no witnesses in the car.

Border Patrol gets in so much trouble for doing their job, I give them a pass.  But the whole federal cop thing, and stopping everyone on the highway at their check points is another story.  There's a permanent check point on I-8 about ten miles from here.

My theory is that a cop is more likely to stop a solo driver in a medium class car because they can pay a ticket but maybe not a lawyer, and they pick people who don't look dangerous.  Easier than busting Mercedes and other high end car owners.  They may have power.  And safer than confronting real criminals who might start shooting.

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