Wednesday, February 20, 2013

If You Gotta Go...

They think it is possible that a guy in Oklahoma may have spontaneously combusted.   I wonder if that hurts a lot.  I've never seen any theories on that.

Being lit on fire is no picnic, that I know.  But going up in smoke from the inside out, I wonder.  Aside from the pain possibility, what better way to exit?   Boom flash, and out.

I've often felt like I would explode or combust but I think I drink too much water for that.  The Oklahoma guy was reported to be a heavy  drinker and smoker.  I could see the alcohol adding to the possibility of combustion but doubt smoking was an influence, unless he swallowed a lit cigar and that triggered the process.

If he had lived I bet they would have charged him with arson or failure to get a burn license.

Again, ignoring the pain issue, going out in a flash, and leaving mostly ashes is not a bad gig.

What if it was death from telekinesis?  Someone may have given him the evil eye, remotely exciting the molecules in his body to the point of combustion, then ran away before the police got there.  What if he was a telekinetic lad himself, and did himself in by concentrating his powers within?

If I recall, he was only a few years older than I am.  People like me, at this point in the journey can easily wonder if they've screwed up their lives beyond repair and their view of redemption.  If they could, I bet many would consider combusting like that.   Most would dismiss the idea or put it off due to their habitual procrastination.

I wonder if Mr. Oklahoma put this off for months or years before getting round to action.

Those are questions the police should be asking if they really want to get to the bottom of this.

I should rent out my services to help them better solve this mystery.

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