Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Hooked on Anarchy Show

Hulu is a pretty good place for shows and movies, sometimes.   I recently got hooked on a show called Sons of Anarchy, about a motorcycle gang.  Lots of the guys look almost as old as me, and they still wear their colors everywhere they go.  It's kind of strange to think plenty of grown men actually do that.  No different than the current trend in which Republicans and Democrats in DC all wear red and blue ties, respectively.   What a bunch of garbage.  Just like the Crips and Bloods, except with the repubs and dems gangs I know which color goes with which gang.

So, if I were to wear a tie and it happened to be red or blue I guess some people would draw a political significance from the color.  First the rainbow gets highjacked, now red and blue ties.  Now that I think of it, I like the motorcycle gang colors better, because even though they call it wearing their colors, it is really a logo, so they aren't highjacking some normal facet of aesthetic life like rainbows or an entire color.   I never did like all the red state blue state crap.   Logos take a bit more creativity and originality.   

Back to Sons of Anarchy.  First off, the show is pretty good.  They seem to mess up almost everything they touch, and they regularly have the wrong picture in their internal battles.  I want to tell the younger guy that the older guy did not burn down his porn studio.   No way to do it so I guess hijinx will ensue.  Many of the people in this show are very much like people I've known who were loosely connected or otherwise to the wilder side of the biker world. 

Generally I hate motorcycle gangs because of some of the harassment, rape and torture committed by Hells Angels and Outlaws in Florida and the Carolinas many years ago.  What they did was inexcusable, and I plotted ways to wipe out large portions of them but never did. 

Any group with a cool name like Sons of Anarchy gets my attention.  I wish I'd thought of that name for a band.  Fits me well.  Since it has been done I could not now use the name for a group.   No originality in that.  

The SOA don't harass innocent bystanders from what I've seen.  They mostly battle with other gangs and government agencies.  They also have tenuous alliances with other gangs and government agencies.  Maybe that is what I like; they portray the various government players as the gangsters they are.   

It's a great show.  I think it is on FX if you have cable or other modern media access, which I don't.  I'd watch far too much if I did.  

What drives me crazy is now I have to wait about a week for the next episode to show up on hulu.
 That's my review.  

Mr Hospitality

It has come to my attention just how crazy I either am or have been.   For years I could not manage having company, regardless of the hovel in which I dwelled.  It is hard to escape the thought that it had crossed a line into the realm of mental disorder.  I'm not quite sure what I was thinking, but I never felt quite ready to be a host, even in the most minimal of ways.  There were a few times when someone may have actually come in and sat down, but not for long and it was not something I enjoyed.

Since I packed up and moved west, I've had more than one person actually enter my dwelling and maybe even spend and hour or two, and I did not freak out, develop a nervous rash, or otherwise melt down.

Company is coming and I'm looking forward to it.  That is amazing.  I still have little vague concerns, but that is OK.  At the very least it does demonstrate a change in my psyche which I count as a measure of positive improvement.  One of my goals was to quit being so anti social, especially in circumstances where it made no sense.  

This is going to be a fun time.  I've been careful to leave my car and house dirty so that my guest will have something productive to do.  I'm generous like that.  Maybe I'll stock up on cleaning supplies for a welcome to my cottage gift.   I bet that will go over well.

Yep, the way to a woman's heart is a mess to clean up.  Good thing I know this secret.    

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