Thursday, April 29, 2010

Praying Raul Shows Up

Due to a bit of misinformation and disastrous result on a job, I find myself depending on the mysterious Raul to walk me through a particular process whcih may yet make this mess right. He showed once so he'll probably show again. I just know I need him more than he needs me in this instance.

I'd rather not describe it all in detail. No matter what I was told, I should have known better. There was nagging doubt. There wwas what my eyes told me, but no, they said, blablabla. When will I learn to obey that little hunch? It has happened before when I thought, "Maybe they know something I don't, but it doesn't quite make sense". Then I go ahead, and since I do the thing, I am responsible. Drat!

This time it may mean a job which would have paid rent rent ends up costing me more than I want to estimate.

At first the problem was all that was clear. What was there orginally, and how to fix it was a mystery. It is a stroke of luck, a miracle that through persistent inquiry we discovered that Raul was the guy who worked his specialized, secret process magic on this project. The real miracle is that he was actually located and met us at the scene of the crime. I felt he took pity on me as he assured me he'd help me out of this fix. I'd made it clear if I could do some or all the work to defray expense it would be a life saver.

He could have been insulting and uncooperative. Fortunately he seemed a good soul. He recognized my sincere respect for his work and interest in how to make this right.

I didn't think the project was that necessary to begin with. Had anyone known the real deal, Bringing it back to a better state would have been a simple thing. A maintenance process which ought to be done yearly. It has been four or five years.

This makes for early morning because I need to get some things done at fatcat house #1 and be in the area when Raul can get there. Could be I need to seriously find another line of work. Could be I'll learn something very good which can be applied to a range of items.

Boy did I sweat this out when the mystery phase was in full swing; hours of research, inquiries to every source I could find on the subject. Research did put me on the right track but I couldn't be sure of details. Inquiries to various outfits in the area yielded absolutely nothing.

Please, wood finishing gods, make sure Raul shows up and is in a benevolent mood. He holds the cards. Still, I need to recognize the stroke of good fortune that got me to this point, knowing some of what I'm dealing with and who is the master of such things. For that I do feel rather fortunate.

Another incident which reinforces what coworkers said about me long ago--for an unlucky guy, I'm the luckiest guy around.

This is less than a third of the overall deal.
It dried to a less hideous aspect than what you see here. Not that it was supposed to look good at this point. Had to do with ---never mind. It is what it is.

Yes, I know. I can be as big an idiot and nincompoop as anyone I ever called out for such buffoonery.

I've not slept all that well for a couple of nights. Maybe I could be a politician. You don't have to do anything right and when you screw up you just do things to make it worse then blame someone else.

Appealing to Emotion in Lieu of Reason

No way to escape all the heat over AZ making a law in response to the failure of the feds to manage immigration in an organized manner. The emotions run high with people who find their own farms and ranches to be unsafe, and those who feel crime against citizens result. Emotions also run high among people who want to be here, are here, and often have some family ties.

Then you get organizations which promote a little more fear and hatred than is warranted. They have their own agenda and it has far more to do with power than compassion. I'm sorry but I do not give credence to organizations based solely on the politics of race, rather than true freedom and equal treatment under the law. We are ending up with class hatred and racial polarization in the name of things which cloak themselves in half truths and which turn a blind eye to reality.

Finally I located the entire text of the AZ law. At least it is short enough that maybe those voting on it actually read it, unlike many federal laws. It is mostly full of things that one would think are standard operating procedure to begin with, however I can see some danger in it.

In my view AZ has the right to make laws instructing law enforcement to enforce laws. Even so, I am skeptical of long term value of the measure.

It is quite clear in reading this that AZ has a problem, and that problem is lack of support from the feds who are not doing their job in protecting borders. The big trouble is that many who cross the border illegally are committing crimes and burdening the social services of the border towns and beyond.

Federal entities have shown a lack of concern, at best, and even support, at worst, for the gang and criminal activity which relies on illegal crossing of the border. That makes it tough for those who are actually looking to do work where work is. The non-violent illegals will be dealt with more harshly due to the riffraff. If not for the crime and abuse of services, there would not be much worry about the others.

The worst of it is that what all this is being used to do is to enlarge another voter block based on race, fueled by appeal to emotion rather than reason. That appears to be at least one motive for some of the insane reactions such as sanctuary cities and such. Those things open a door to the undesirable elements who are taking advantage of a system that increasingly punishes citizens while ignoring threats.

I would more allow the officers to determine legality when a stop is made rather than put them under a requirement. There are a lot of times when it would be better for them to let the guy go. It's a case by case thing. They check for a license anyway and that serves as enough documentation under the law. You get caught just floating around in the country without any legal status, then you run into some trouble. Isn't that already the deal?

Given the probability that a lot of the law enforcement personnel is Hispanic, just like the border patrol, I can't see this as a racially biased measure. If I got stopped with no ID and had the aspect of someone from Russia or even Ireland, I would be in the same boat as anyone else. In reality most people entering the country illegally into Arizona are from Mexico. That does not make race an issue. The issue is illegal entry, expense of those taking advantage of tax paid social services and crime, more than anything else.

Somehow the overall treatment of thing has not been working or there would not be people getting murdered on their ranches, setting up camp on private property, violence scaring the people, etc.

When the Mexican government complains, there is something way wrong. Just see how easy it is to gather a bunch of undocumented people there to protest in Mexico city. See how Guatemalans are treated sneaking across the southern border of Mexico. Their laws are far more strict and unyielding than ours. They are not nearly as nice to those who enter illegally. They have no right to say a thing, and it is insane that we give them the slightest credibility. They need to run their own country in a decent way so people aren't so desperate to escape, and so it is not so dicey for Americans to visit.

It looks like this thing has blown into a gigantic cloud of lies which provide fertile ground for demagogues and self serving groups to jockey for more power as they foment unwarranted hate and fear. It is not a sanctioned roundup of everyone of Mexican heritage, and it may be a slight door opener which may have other consequences. Mostly it only reiterates federal law but requires cops to enforce it.

If someone has committed some sort of infraction, he's always going to be scrutinized by cops. If this was a racial thing, I could see the fear of police creating excuses for stopping people to remain within the bounds of the law while actually harassing people. I've been subjected to that in Miami back in the old days and I have no faith in the benevolence of law enforcement in the long run.

That is the main danger of this law and many others; it could come back to bite innocent people minding their own business, down the road. And it won't be the ones who are now rioting and throwing rocks. Just like homeland security has managed to place innocents under more harassment in response to threats from others. Much like the war on drugs measures which suspended probable cause and the practice of setting up roadblocks making everyone show ID and prove innocence.

There must be a way to untie the hands of local authorities in communities which suffer from the spill over of violent gang and drug cartel activity without having race baiters incite riots and threaten citizens. Hatred of arrogant freeloaders and criminals is somewhat common. Hatred of people from Mexico and others of Mexican descent is far less prevalent. Hatred of gringos is becoming encouraged and widespread, simply by falsely convincing Hispanics that they are victims and under threat.

I still wonder how anyone can believe homeland security is actually concerned about keeping terrorists out when they do so little to keep criminal elements out. It does add to the confusion that many illegals are not really criminally motivated. Just a case in which they heard the thing to do if you can't wait out the red tape is cross over, make some money and live better. Plenty of second and third generation American citizens who find themselves in dire straits wish they had such a clear cut way to salvation.

I don't know. The law most reiterates what is already in federal law, and cites such. Not worth the flap. They do have a right to try to keep their community safe and their hospitals and schools affordable.

No other country I know of has as much leniency toward immigrants, legal or illegal. Mexico certainly doesn't.

Although I don't think the law will promote the rounding up of everyone who looks Hispanic, if some encouragement by law admin is put in place along the lines of traffic ticket quotas, it could be abused. I just find it hard to believe that in light of the problems caused by massive illegal entry, which are undeniable, that people support measures which make it impossible to combat, and that the feds totally play politics rather than curtail the problem.

Many people would rather get in an emotional frenzy rather that look at the truth, and then there are those who salivate at any chance to make an issue racial which isn't.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Self Hypnosis




Thursday, April 22, 2010

I Don't Get Earth Day

Really, I don't.

It only makes economic sense when you can re-use things, or if various products degrade easily once used. It costs money to deal with trash that doesn't go away. Lots of things can be incorporated into other materials used for building or whatever. It is nothing new.

The general tone of earth day seems to be self righteous sacrifice which is often meaningless. That is not to say things that can supply heat or power without buying consumable material like oil aren't desirable. But I do not sit in awe of those who have sworn off toilet paper or who want to use taxes to change behavior and skew the market.

The logical progression of things is toward methods and designs that get more use out of a unit of fuel and such as that.

I still can't help but remember when people who wanted to produce their own power by water power off the creek out back and by other means were once characterized and right wing militia types and forbidden from dong those things. Mills which once used a waterwheel to power the looms, then later used the wheel to power a generator were forbidden from doing so. They were required to buy the power from the utility companies.

Keeping those examples in mind, it could be said that government involvement and support of one group or company over another has actually slowed the progress of the development of renewable cheap energy. Why, now, would I want people who can't design anything to control the progress of such art? It has become an emotional movement which gets passionate and militant, often using half baked studies and dubious conclusions in a campaign against technology in almost any form.

The aspect to the day which induces goody-goody wannabes to behave in that "look at me and praise me, I'm picking up trash and not using toilet paper much", leaves me cold. Then again, most intentionally conspicuous "service" does that.

I saw a Mexican man in Alpine walking toward the corner where they gather in case someone wants to hire labor. Maybe illegal, maybe not. His garb, hat, and genral body characteristics left now doubt as to nationality. He was cool.

As he was walking, he would stop, wait for a clearing in traffic then go into the street and pick up trash he saw there. he also picked up plastic bottles and fast food bags off the sidewalk. There were no trash bags so he bundled it together and put in sort of off the sidewalk in a neat clump where it could be picked up by whoever might have a bag or something. It was an improvement.

I found it interesting that he did this as he went on his way. No sign suggesting everyone look at him. No group effort. No in your face approach looking for a pat on the back. Just a reasonable effort because he must have found the idea of trash in street aesthetically offensive. Now that kind of guy elicits more respect from me than those who try to tell everyone else how to live.

Information is good and I guess some use the earth day thing to disseminate some good knowledge. It is the political aspect that turns me off. And the self martyrdom for attention. There is a line that is usually politically incorrect to point out which often gets crossed "for a good cause", or "for the greater good". It always involves minding the business of others, or some sort of pushy tactics that suspend respect for personal territory, and usually promote more rules and regs.

I'm all for cheap energy, maximization of resources through better design and invention, but not through force of government which ends up promoting one person, group or company over another.

Anyway, I am usually suspicious of large groups and crowds pushing anything. I wonder if they'd get together and roll cars powered by a V8 or other huge power plant. That would be fun.

I saw a banner on a site asking what you will do for earth day. One example was not print out anything on paper. Geez. It must be like Lent. Later in the week that person will print out what did not get printed today, but it sure felt good and warm to refrain today.

I take the fun out of everything.

I snatched this off of an earthday site. These are comments in which people boast about their wonderful efforts to Save the Earth. I'm sorry. What these people should be worshiping is not the earth but the people who invent better ways of dealing with it. Without them, humans would have a much shorter life span and a far more painful existence. Of course many people use good invention to promote pain and worse. I credit the worship of government and its resistance to performing its proper functions for much of that
Here you go:

View all
I'll use my outdoor clothes line from spring to fall and set up an indoor one in the basement for winter.
When I walk along trails, beaches, rivers, lakes, or parks - I pick up trash others have left, and I yell at smokers who throw their butts on the ground or in sewers.
I will use a reusable water bottle ...
stop banging so many girls :D
gathered greens from the flower shop I work at and composted them

Saturday Benefit Gig

Bands do benefits primarily because they aren't booked elsewhere, and to see if a crowd who is otherwise occupied will receive them well. Then there is the matter of actually wanting to contribute to whatever effort the event is promoting. The motivation is generally ranked in that order.

All those acts you see in various high profile benefits are primarily there for the recognition. That is not bad, but it is fun to watch them pretend altruism. I'm not positive there actually is such a thing as altruism. You may feel it is the right thing, and the right thing satisfies a desire which is based on some form of reward; eternal life, parental approval, self esteem, something positive that involves the individual.

I play whatever the band wants to play. I'd be hesitant to play a political rally and unlikely to play a particular candidate's picnic, although if the person was as radically inclined as I am, I would consider it.

The gig Saturday is a benefit for a type of cancer and specifically to raise money to help a young person afflicted in that town. These are horse people and the festivities include an equestrian event. I'm predisposed to a fondness for horse people and ranchers. My great uncles were ranchers and I've found something in that culture to be uplifting and honorable. It feels like a lost part of me even though I don't care to eat cows and I have rarely ridden horses.

I just hope that by the time we play the horses are secured where the harmonica won't freak them out. I'd hate to be responsible for a thrown rider, stallions and mares all of a sudden finding themselves driven to mate in uncontrollable frenzy, or other inconvenient behavior. Then again, maybe some of that would be cool. If the humans were so affected, I'd have done my job quite well.
Perhaps I can get some of it on video. The trouble is I have yet to find anyone who doesn't get bored or confused to the point of poor result when filming. Either the visual is primarily of the sky or the ground, or the sound is bad because they park themselves off to the side or behind the speakers so all you hear is them talking on the phone or conversing with passers by.

This little group has become better, I think. We are sort of countryish folkish. I used to not like folk at all but I've found some is good and allows for interesting back up playing. It has been quite a challenge to adjust and not go the wrong way when anticipating chord changes. It is a diferent way of playing than rock/blues, and I am sure it has expanded my scope.

The fun thing for me is that we are now doing a song I wrote for the Memphis band, but we do it as an instrumental. Mostly I just play a long and unusual solo with guitars trying to manage the rhythm. They've been doing well with it and I appreciate how they have found good parts to put in. They wanted to come up with something that allowed me to get as crazy as I want. Finally, I have a chance to let go in a minor key and play whatever I want. I'm never overly happy with what I do but it seems to go over well.

Otherwise the group is vocally oriented. The other three have good voices and make interesting harmony. The singing is rather good. I also like their guitar work and the girl's use of shakers and tambourine to create good rhythm help. I'm too erratic to make a shaker sound right. She's got it down. I get to play background and accent--my preferred role. Being a front man has not been my goal unless I was the guy doing the crowd chatter between songs. That has rarely happened, but it should have.

Another satisfying thing about that song is that I heard the old band is still doing it. In their case I doubt it is much of a harmonica based lead situation. No doubt the guitar carries it and now that they have a keyboard, he probably rocks it. I'd like to hear their current take on it. The bass player filled me in on the info that they have done it lately to great crowd response. If they were making any real money from it I'd be demanding a cut.

The picture up top is off of an equestrian place in Ramona. Maybe that is where we'll play. It will be something similar. It has to be because Ramona is not a huge place.

I'll bet they have had some snow the past couple of days. I'm hoping the weather service is right that it will be sunny by Saturday.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Where Not Seeing the forest for the Trees Strips Freedom

Just to get one point out of the way, I am all for anyone who does a good job and upholds their induction oath for serving in the military. I do not think race should be an issue. I don't care if you are gay. Those things should not be used as an issue by the individual or the institution.

Reality is, we once drafted people for something they did not want to do. In the current climate that could happen and the gays fighting the present set up are removing the exemption for the many gays who wouldn't want to go. I do not really care. It is an interesting twist and I hope those same people will fight against a draft if it comes up.

That all relates to being a subject of the state as opposed to a free citizen to whom the state is accountable. The reason for a constitution is to limit powers of the the government, leaving most power to the individual and to localities--theoretically in the US.

Issues like marriage and abortion fool people into subjugation without seeing it. Rather than fight for gay marriage, I'd fight to keep the state out of marriage altogether. The only reason they are involved is for tax purposes and the tax system is insane, unintelligible, abusive and wrong. There are better, simpler ways which both bring in the dollars and leave people alone. It is about control over people. Someone makes money and secures power that way, but it is a corrupt setup.

That control is what allows a state to dictate those things. Otherwise people would work it out with various churches or whatever. The purpose of marriage was probably to make sure you didn't run off and leave the other and/or offspring in a lurch. Like most things involving big governments, it got more screwed up the more it became under the auspices of the tax man and his pals. There is nothing in the way our constitution was written which indicates there is any point in the feds being involved in it.

Republicans pretend to think parents should have control of their children, and the state should not seek ownership of them, as many current programs effectively seek to do. Yet they generally tend to think the state should take responsibility from conception by opposing leaving the choice of termination to the mother. Why they get so wound up, I am not sure. Until it is out and breathing, let her do what she wants, right or wrong. Anything else opens the door to micro management down the road of your children. It simply is not a case in which strangers, or the state ought to interfere. Have agencies offering alternatives if you like, but forget forcing and intimidating people. Have your own damned babies.

Democrats tend to think it is up to them to dictate how to raise children once they are here. From conception on there are political people who want to decide the fate of your brat. Now they want to decide what you feed the kid. I've noticed that what is pushed in the world of diet changes regularly.

When I was a kid, if the same sort of people had their way who like to dictate things now, I'd have been put in child services for not eating meat, not much milk, and rarely, white bread. Now they want to force the kids to eat pretty much how I was fed.

I find these things bizarre. I guess the reason state interference in marriage and birth is not fought is because people fear freedom. That accounts for a lot. The motivation behind that gets more complicated and tangled in egos as well as deep dark corruption. The useful puppets see narrow benefit from the intrusion on various rights depending upon their position. Economic or social freedom. Some people see a separation and think you can have one and not the other.

I see no real mass movement which actually is not afraid of freedom. They draw the line somewhere; abortion, interference abroad, generosity with the wealth of others, truly having no racial preference or barrier, you name it.

We've developed laws which favor one industry over another, certain groups over others, etc. Equal protection, equality under the law lost meaning. Maximum freedom requires it.

The fact that so much is going on and I know the information blasted out is largely false traps me as well. Just that I would sit here trying to put what I think I know in words regarding all these causes and oppression of the majority and of the government, implies that I am not seeing what is free and spending my time on that. There is real life and I'm falling into the trap of not getting the most out of it. That makes me a useful puppet as well. That is no good.

Besides it is like banging my head against a wall. I should talk about women and coyotes and what's for dinner.

4-20 Yesterday, Today The Weather is Odd: Coincidence?

All across the country people smoked pot in public, sometimes making the air smokey on purpose without regard to climate consequences.

They all exhaled in unison in Boulder, as shown in the picture above. Where are the eco-police? What about the ban on tobacco in the open air in places like San Diego?
Or San Francisco. People were polluting the air by the Golden Gate Bridge. This has to be horrible for earth's fever.

I know it is affecting the weather because, here it is late April and it snowed within 20 miles of me. I drove through sleet on the way home, and past an electronic police sign on the highway which warned of winter storm conditions.

Now I know why. All them pot heads celebrating the annual day of civil disobedience in support of decriminalizing the lovely weed. The photo proves it. First that, then today, this.

If only people in this country would refuse to cooperate with some other things as well.

Somehow I suspect that many of these people are the same ones who want to control what you drive, ban smoking where it hurts no one, and believe that all things derived from oil are evil, etc. Probably big on the rights of bears to eat you up, too.

Well, I guess I am encouraged at any sort of rebellion at this point. I just wish the principle involved meant something.

Whatever they are, I think this picture is better evidence than any hockey stick that the weather in southern CA is the fault of hippie wannabes in Boulder and elsewhere, all blowing their hippie smoke in the sky at 4:20 Pm on 4/20.

Darn it. Where was I? I should have driven by the parks and campuses for closer investigation. I may have been able to trap enough of the smoke in my car to prevent this man made weather crisis. I could have been a hero.

What Are the Possibilities:accounting for morons in blogosphere

Either people cannot read or, if they can, they can't follow a thought, or I am unable to express a cogent clear thought in writing.

Besides being kind of funny, in an odd way, I thought the idea that doing away with don't ask don't tell sets a huge group of people up for the draft whenever it is reinstated (and I think that day will come) was a clever view of the situation.

It is one of those damned if you do, damned if you don't. However there is enough acceptance at this point that gays can easily serve in the military, even though they have to keep the private life low key.

At the other blog which often mirrors this those who read and commented never even got what I was saying. They thought I was concerned with whether gays are soldiers or not. What idiots.

If someone can at least disagree with me based on what I say I'd appreciate it. Over there when someone disagrees, they totally ignore the content.

I guess that is why I sometimes tread that PC line, especially in the title. It is like the scuzzier of talk shows. They read enough to count for a sound byte, then they give their sage opinion, never knowing what the hell they are addressing.

It's a sad aspect of current day society. Knee jerk reactions and labels but not even the courtesy to listen or to read a thing through before attacking it.

Maybe it is KCL. It could be the site is loaded with nincompoops, or people who see themselves as victims so they lash out at anyone nervy enough to think out loud without skirting around all the things that we pretend aren't what they are.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Militant Poofs are Crazy

Here's a case in which people think they are getting something special but it could be disaster: Doing away with Don't Ask- Don't Tell

If I was gay, I'd push to keep the status quo. Anyone who remembers the dark days of the draft ought to understand. They herded guys between 18 and 26 (I think) into the marines and army so they could then fight a limited war in Vietnam. Limited means we play by narrower rules than the enemy and put our own people in more danger than we should, while dragging out the entire operation for far too long.

Limited war means most us probably don't know with certainty and conviction what we are doing there and what we intend to accomplish. Many officers had plans which would have changed the course of that war, but politicians nixed all but the least effective. It was not a good thing. Kennedy and LBJ got that ball rolling. Nixon eventually said to hell with it and we had a messy withdrawal.

No matter what you think of that, being forced into the military according to how your birthdate was drawn in a lottery, or under any conditions, is not a pleasant thing if you had other plans for your life, and saw no pressing danger to your country which would motivate you to fight. In the old days if you proclaimed that you were gay, you weren't taken.

The draft changed many a life, even if you didn't get drafted. You were not the master of your life or future. No choice. If the war was a good idea, few could argue that the way it was conducted was a good plan. How can you send people into these things then limit your ability to succeed on purpose? Criminal.

Now you can serve if you are gay, but you'd also be able to avoid the draft if it went into effect right now. Arguing against this setup just puts you under the boot if they decide to go back to that involuntary servitude set up.

I don't care who serves, but if I were gay, and young enough to be in their crosshairs, I'd be careful about losing my emergency exit plan. Women could be in the same boat as well. It is good that anyone is free to pursue a chosen career, but the fewer people eligible for legal enslavement, the better.

You absolutely cannot trust the legitimacy of any police action or war, declared or not, that this government might initiate. I understand that gays want to be considered like everyone else, except that they want crimes against them to carry heavier penalties and such. Hate crime madness aside, I think they should take a good look at the present system which may discourage strutting their sexual preference in the military, yet it affords special treatment should forced service come about. Ad that is not a far fetched possibility.

Oh well. I just hate to see anyone unknowingly put themselves under any sort of involuntary servitude. And that's the other side of changing don't ask-don't tell.

Over the years my view of that whole thing changed. At first it was "when my country calls, I must answer". Now I believe that those doing the calling are self serving evil lunatics and they take advantage of the patriotism of the masses. They lie, and deceive in order to have citizens do their dirty work. If it comes to true defense the story may be different.

We've gone with these vague wars with unclear goals and definition for so long, I'm not sure the public would recognize a real threat worth fighting against. I'm not convinced totally that we are actually fighting crazy terrorists over there so we don't have to fight them here. We've armed most of our enemies over the years, before they became our enemies. The routine is flawed in my opinion.

Whatever. I thought gays were supposed to be brighter than average. Begging to be in the loop when the slave state comes down does not reflect much intelligence.

It may be a little simplistic, but if you look at it, democrats have been pushers of slavery, while republicans have been quick to put a patriotic spin on it. The Vietnam draft really ramped up under Kennedy and Johnson, and republicans at the time wanted to shoot those who didn't comply--an exaggeration, but for effect. Now they want forced community service and insurance purchase. I'm nt sure what republicans want. They sometimes say what makes sense then manage to do the opposite.

This is one case in which the cause may be opposite of what those fighting for it think. Unless they trust that they'd only be drafted for the noblest of purposes. I have no such trust in the powers that be.

Monday, April 19, 2010

My Kind of Cat

There have been two sightings of mountain lion(s)--it could be the same one--in my area in the last 10 days or so. One lady saw one "leap across the road" as she was driving on the paved road at the bottom of ballistic mountain, and some other people saw one cross the dirt road almost up to Ballistic Cabin (or Kabin, if you are into kamping lite, like myself)

Considering all the rabbits I see running around when I drive in at sundown, the eating should be good for all the local predators. I'm hoping to see a cougar vs coyote showdown in my backyard sometime. So far that hasn't happened. As swell as the coyotes are, I'll be on the side of the cat. If I am feeling particularly disconnected with reality when this event occurs, I'll jump down with my machete and help the cat. A pack of coyotes can be a troubling foe for any animal.

My brother has cautioned me several times not to think coyotes are safe to feed and pet. Such is the family's view of my level of common sense and general knowledge. I'll refrain from expressing my views about the mountain lion vs coyote scenario for that would surely elicit a lecture regarding the deadly nature of being eaten by wild animals with big teeth.

I've seen one bobcat since living here, and I hope to see a mountain lion, but not with any part of my body in its mouth or claws.

Cougars are less annoying than bears because they don't raid coolers looking for sandwiches and deviled eggs, while the park service lays down impossible rules for defending against them. Bears have all the rights. They are as smart and sneaky as lawyers. I have no idea how you can carry or eat any food without a bear sensing it. Because they know how to get into cars and coolers in CA and even know what containers likely yield food--even without their keen sense of smell, I'm reluctant to go places I'd like due to my fear of bears. Not to mention over aggressive squirrels.

The whole thing started when supposed animal lovers thought it would be cute to feed the furry creatures in the parks. Over the years it has become a huge problem, yet some people still do these stupid things. Now you have entitlement minded squirrels, bears, raccoons, and in Florida, alligators. No surprise that you have people in Florida dumb enough to feed gators. I knew plenty of that sort when I lived there.

Anyway, I think one should be able to have some sort of serious deterrent when venturing into the wilderness. Most of the things I'd suggest would never meet the approval of those who think "bears are people, too", or "they were here first, so we are trespassing on their land". Show me a single animal who gives a damn about what is yours and what is theirs unless certain ass kicking results from intrusion.

OK. So, mountain lions generally leave you alone. They don't steal much, they just attack or not. And even the forestry service advises you to fight them off or throw rocks if they appear aggressive and you can't easily get away. Don't turn your back or they might jump on you and sever your spinal cord with a single bite. That's how they do it. Let them bite your nose instead.

Bears, on the other hand, can be more complicated. There was a kid with a scout group who tossed a rock at a bear who was confronting him and his buddies. They were trying to shoo it away. the kid got in a lucky shot and it killed the bear---a one in a billion chance, I think. What happens? The kid got arrested!! he's probably still on probation. That was out west somewhere. Not sure if it was California. I wonder if they tacked on a little extra, labeling it a hate crime.

This has been a public service bulletin from Ballistic mountain.

I wonder if there is a connection between these sightings and the recent lack of coyote activity.

A Good Weekend

First I meet a guy who knew Norton Buffalo and was at his memorial gig which was a huge music fest sort of thing, almost, then there was the good time playing at the get together/party up here on Ballistic Mountain. That in itself makes a good weekend.

But today yielded a nice potted mint plant--long enough story. I like mint. And I had a conversation with my old band's bass player back in Tennessee. He wanted some info he could feed the new harp player. I feel like an indirect mentor. In digging up certain resources I realize that I am not that great. Even so, I pretty much know what I'm talking about when it comes to diatonic harmonica, and some about chromatic.

Half of this got lost in a snafu re connectivity so I am making up what is missing. It was hours ago that disaster struck so the thought has gone away.

Anyway, it was a good weekend. My old band in memphis is doing OK, according the the bass player, but he wanted me to send some info that might help my replacement do a little bit better. In looking up resources on line I had to face how little I actually know. I'm an anomaly. It just barely works for me, what I do and how I do it, but it is unlikely that the purists would approve. Normal harp players would look askance. I'm amazed that most players don't toss me out on my ear. I guess a little bit of good sense goes a long way.

I may not know or be able to do some of the things you ought to, but I know how to not step on the other players, and that is worth a bundle I'm finding. And I don't play the same lick over and over during a solo no matter what song is being done. That little bit of sensibility can make it look like you know something more. One of these days I will get the art of blues/jazz/country/ballistic acid harp down. In the mean time I hope they never see the really good players on youtube or elsewhere.

Probably since most harps want to be the front man, and I like the sound of music best in most cases when the harp is a back up item, that keeps me safe. You get a vocalist or guitar player annoyed if they think you want to take the main spot. I'm fortunately not in that mode. So, those with sense see that I am not a threat. Unfortunately many in my past never figured out I was just there to make them sound better. Ingrates and whatchamacallits. What a sad thing to be, too afraid to work toward the best overall product. Lot of that in entertainment; people who don't care about best, just as long as they can be up front.

That's whay I am in the business I am in, whatever that is.

It was a good weekend. I enjoyed the conversation with the old bass player and others today.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Magic of the Tour Remembered

Today was one that brought back that almost mystical faith which launched me on my quest for home when I left Memphis, embarking upon the Ballistic Tour in the now defunct tourmobile #1. For no reason that I can define, I knew as soon as the idea filtered into my sad and addled mind that the radical move into the unknown was the right thing.

Soon pieces began falling into place, even though I felt as if I was submerged in a vat of wet cement, barely able to move. As the pieces began to fit together that feeling of living in that viscous fog decreased bit by bit. People from my very distant past appeared out of nowhere and actually helped me plan the trip from across the country. Even the majority of sounds which entertained the journey were shipped to me by such people.

Much of the journey was uplifting; seeing relatives in Texas, doing wild repair work on buildings while there, and generally enjoying the company. Since everything was new because I had not been to the majority of places along the ever changing route, it gave the event a sort of magical ambiance. I did struggle a bit with loneliness, and some depressive regret for things long past, but I did my best to change the thinking and not allow this new life to be overwhelmed with free floating sadness. I no longer wanted to be a victim of my own emotions. That is a thing that takes conscious effort but it can be done.

So then I end up here, in the enchanted cottage at 3000 feet, which is nice, with a view I only half dared to hope I'd have when I landed. Then I end up with friends in this remote neighborhood who play music and wanted me to be a part of it. I've had enough work to pay the rent and live. And I can't even explain what I do. A lot of outdoor teak and some whatnot stuff as well.

I have had periods of time in the last year and a half in which I've come close to stagnation, depression, and generally unhealthy isolation. However that is the nature of my being, I think. the main thing is not to let that beast win. Avoid feeding it to the extent that I can. It is almost sacrilegious to get too down because I have been the recipient of a tremendous amount of trust, kindness, generosity, understanding and respect here. To let things go down the drain without a fight would be like not holding up my end. No way should one let his friends feel like they are wasting their good support and faith.

Anyway, the wheel always rolls back around and the fact that life is OK kind of washes through me, and I realize I may be where I need to be at this moment. I know I probably sound new agey or sappy, but that attitude has pulled me up from some very dark depths, and it is quite a contrast. When you finally feel good after being sick, it can be exciting. Same sort of thing.

Today my friends had a little get together up the mountain a bit. The weather was perfect so we were outside. they play music, sing, and make wonderful food. We had a smal PA set up on the deck and only maybe 12 or 15 people, including an 11 year old girl. If every person was like her, what a world it would be. She helped me pick up my harps when I spilled the harmonica box with about 10 or so flying off all over the place.

A guy, keyboard player and Juliard grad, who knew Norton Buffalo personally and was at his big send off memorial, was there. He was a very nice guy. Everyone had a blast. Another guy there joined with us on guitar and did some solo stuff. Once it thinned out, the few of us left went inside because they were getting mosquito bitten and everyone there was singing and playing music. It was an extraordinary thing. Not only that but the new guitar guy is involved in some cutting edge air conditioning stuff that really piqued my interest. It could be a little glimmer of something I might get into in some capacity.

Somehow, I left this get together feeling like I had again recaptured that unashamed happiness regardless of past loss, status or any of that. It is the state of mind I have to cultivate---just a live being enjoying being alive, without free floating guilt or self appraisal based on things beyond my control and not of my own values.

I was unbelievably nervous at first because I guess I was intimidated by the keyboard guy's credentials and talent. I got over it. It was cool to hear him playing a Dave Brubeck tune on a keyboard someone dug up. There are a lot of interesting people out here in CA. That guy lives in San Fran with a view of the Golden Gate bridge. He's been in the music biz in one capacity or another all his life. he and the host of the party went to high school together in the midwest. Keyboard was voted most talented---I saw the yearbook.

The lady of the house commented how she felt that the way this party worked out she was finally just enjoying the moment rather being too preoccupied or trying to control stuff too much to even notice and live right now.

There was some off color banter by these nuts regarding harmonica player and things I won't mention. Why they want to promote me that way when all the women there were married, I do not know. Maybe they have sisters who will hear these baseless rumors through the grape vine. I guess I didn't mind the attention. Most of the time if people subject you to good natured embarrassment, it because they consider you well entrenched in their family of friends.

It is almost shocking how much I learn about how you are supposed to behave and live from friends here in the SD area. I may have had some huge gaps in my understanding of some things related to interacting with people. Not like I can't get along or couldn't, but there are or were many areas of that in which I've been truly clueless. Lots of people don't recognize that aspect of me, and that leads to misunderstanding or some other disconnect.

I write this stuff down because I know I can cycle. I need to have a record of the times when I realistically felt optimistic, and happy, and knew life was taking turns for the better. My trick for the cycles has been to ride out the lows, attempting not to believe the extremely pessimistic thoughts, and to embrace the highs and pinpoint what aspects of the optimism can be defined. The cycles aren't so drastic that I think medication to level it would be useful. It is just the way life is and I am able to temper it. Most humans have ups and downs. The nature of them varies, but within certain limits, best to adjust to it without chemicals---at least in my case.

Alright, that is my Pollyana-esque gushing for today.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Understanding Those Who Promote Complexity

Often in the past when discussing philosophy of civilization with family and others I find myself accused of being simplistic and paranoid. It all seems very clear to me; the momentum of things appears to result in limited freedom, more official oversight of inoffensive lives, and an obstacle to just getting by.

What I came to believe--my theory--regarding the support these people have for convoluted rules, economic meddling and all the rest--is that A) they managed to grow up and enter adult life in a somewhat mainstream way, degrees, consistent employment in a profession, money B) they pride themselves on their general knowledge and grasp of esoteric specialized details. C) they love to reinforce their view of their intelligence by being able to grasp detailed and complicated rules and their rationalizations. D) they feel relieved that it does not benefit them to stand against the powers that be E)they rationalize their abhorrence of general principle under the guise of being "realists".

This results in these people looking at the big picture as something to be managed. They cannot resist. Their minds busily weigh through the matters of life and how it can all be best managed. The assumption is that those who have fallen off the mainstream track, those who do not have MBAs or better, or some other appropriate documentation on the wall, are not qualified to know what is best for themselves, and that they are obviously lesser beings who would not understand the intricate aspects of life, viewed as a game with the resulting strategies which are required to play it correctly.

Matters of principle based on the belief that the ideal system maintains order while preserving maximum individual freedom are seen as rigid unrealistic ideology which only the lesser intellects would embrace. It is a subtle trap. If you do not grasp every detail of why protracted wars are fought, or why the money is controlled as it is, then you have no right to say these things are the result of a government functioning beyond its proper powers.

They have such a low opinion of the most downtrodden that they are resigned to the notion that certain groups will forever have to be kept by government benevolence. As long as they have enough for cable and booze, maybe drugs, then they'll be pacified and help support the status quo.

It is a very real elitist view. Since that mentality spills over into every day life, I find contact with such people disheartening. I'm nt of the elite. My walls bear little evidence of an approved life path. The humanitarian award is merely a testament to how the heart outweighed the intellect. I should have made money from the disaster. What must I have been thinking?

The interesting thing is that without a definition of what constitutes lesser, the philosophy would be no fun. I consider it a misplaced form of competition, and in the end an obstacle to climbing out of the rut in which some of us have landed.

I believe that, subconsciously, many of those who have reached a safe point, through worthy accomplishment, do not want to see others achieve that level of security or accomplishment through less orthodox means, or really, by any means. It's the syndrome I remember when people who got their license at 16 were then all for raising the age when they were 18 or so. They did not mind the benefit of a looser structure but felt self satisfied in adding the hoops through which those behind them had to jump.

Probably, if my life had not been so systematically obliterated in a myriad of ways, I would not care if the system was morally lacking or not. Just as long as I had my world in such order that I could gloat. Pride in success is good and right. I find it gets twisted when it turns into an intellectual rationalization for narrowing the opportunities available to others. Hence you get the system in which there are plenty of opportunities--through government grants, official approvals, etc.

Some of us do not want such subsidy and oversight. I guess we get what we deserve for our resistance to reality, Comrade.

*****Remind me to tell you about the hitchhiker I picked up--75 year old man with $5 in his pocket and the gallon of water I gave him--possibly headed to Miami--he's not sure. He said he had to get away from his seedy neighborhood to avoid getting depressed. He has faith it will work out OK.

War On Obesity Seen In Night Sky

Wally O Sausagowski was convicted of being problematically fat. Government officials sent him into shallow orbit around the earth. His re-entry was witnessed across the midwest. Although the official spin is that they have not yet made a determination on the identity of this fireball, and they have implied it was meteor related, an insider in the Department of Obesity and Poor Genetics, who asked to remain anonymous, confirmed that this was in fact Mr. Sausagowski burning up as he re-entered the atmosphere.

Don't say I did not warn you.

If you are not a string bean I suggest not wearing horizontal stripes, bikinis or speedos. Get some elevator shoes to enhance your height, and avoid face to face contact with government officials, census workers, or overactive neighborhood watch personnel.

War on Fat People

They call it the cause to reduce childhood obesity.

Do not be fooled. If you are fat you are at risk. THEY are going to get you. THEY are at war with you. You have had it. You can still complain about being discriminated against because you are big and FAT, but that won't last. Soon, they will force you into special clinics where they will perform liposuction on you and use the gooky fat to power AirForce 1.

They will tax your extra pounds as calculated from that chart which tells you how much you should weigh at a given height, regardless of natural body type. You are going to be a Big FAT cash cow for THEM.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Yikes, what CBS calls "right leaning", I call left field statists

In my lexicon, statist is a person who believes most, if not all of life's answers and activities are best treated through government power and action.

There was some thing on a CBS TV site that had a slide show of "right leaning celebrities". If someone sang at a republican function, or supported John McCain, or is Ahnold, they include that person in their list. Arnold is just a Kennedy in disguise, hence, California has not done any better under him. He is a fraud just like most democrats and republicans. I mean that in specific ways. Arnold thinks government is the answer. He plays all the games based on junk science to appease the green brigade--which results in trying to bring in energy from Mexico--oil and coal fired power---while pretending the new infrastructure that requires is for wind and solar. It is a shell game but that is how it will work. Right leaning? No, I think WRONG leaning.

The whole concept of right and left in political philosophy has become quite foggy. They also listed people because they were outspoken Christians. Most preachers and holy men I've heard are all for using your money to do their bidding in a governmental sense. Many are quite clearly socialist in belief. Some have been vocally political and involved in issues which I'd half way support, but their reasons were not the same. Then there is always the abortion flap. Just let people have them. If they are on welfare, encourage and pay for it!!

Mostly, since I always considered left to mean in support of more centralization of control, and more regulation of all sorts, I counted myself as not left. But then they called people of the right who get all gung ho under the banner of law and order, then end up pushing things through that have no business being there, like search without probable cause, random road blocks, helmet laws, interference in the affairs of other countries, and excuses to load up prisons to the bursting point.

I credit it to very slick, patient and persistent public relations; we have been led to believe if you lean right then you want a police state, and if you lean left you want a police state of a different stripe.

Left supposedly thinks the world is peopled by peaceful happy folks who live wonderfully pastoral lives, if not for the evil USA. The right supposedly thinks the world needs us to police it and install "democracy" wherever possible. Somehow both our alleged choices give us limited, protracted, never ending wars all over places where lunatic is the norm. We are bringing stability.

Those choices are not real. Neither is even slightly in tune with the purpose, philosophy and spirit of the Constitution. Neither is about freedom.

The way I see the current climate, the Republicans are doing a good job piggy backing on what was unorchestrated dissent. The tea party thing did not come out of the lunatic fringe, racism or anything of the sort. Democrats paint it as such, and Republicans have largely hijacked it, or are attempting to. There are all of a sudden a lot of rather libertarian leaning people trying to figure out where to hang their hats. If they trust republicans again they will get screwed. Democrats have gone so off the edge in never ending Bush blame that not many freedom lovers would think that is an option. Most, who think, realize Bush had a democrat controlled legislative branch for much of his tenure anyway. That doesn't stop those same career political whores from blaming Bush, but they were instrumental in all the trouble they now pretend to fix.

Has it not occurred to the majority of Americans that everything done by both these scam parties to solve every problem or pretend problem from terror and drugs to healthcare and climate involves lowering the standard of living and installing more and more control over our lives? It does not work well in the long run, and for some it is intolerable even in the short run.

What a joke. CBS obviously considers themselves left leaning. It is a scandal to be registered republican. It is too bad that so many who are registered republicans are actually more libertarian, freedom leaning, in philosophy, but fooled into thinking the repubs are actually clean and real. The issue of foreign wars somehow gets rationalized. I'm of the ilk that thinks a kick ass Defense is the ticket, and that it should be known that if anyone screws with us we will use the technology to make a bloody mess of their part of the earth, but we will not force our soldiers to be psychologists, diplomats or social workers, and we will in no way rebuild your sorry fiefdom. If you have resources we want, we may or may not take them. But to the extent you don't screw with us, we will mind our own business. Police actions and limited long term wars which include building things back end up costing too much and in many ways.

I would not promote commerce with slave states, and I wouldn't use tax money to negotiate so-called trade treaties which name companies and work deals for private firms. Let them do their own. I'd let any citizen of the US travel anywhere he chooses, mostly at his own risk, but if political forces mess with one of ours abroad, I'd let that be reason to take out the offenders.

If we want to keep fewer nukes, fine, but it is useless to sign anything with any other country because the bad guys won't pay attention to the document. The whole defense strategy needs to be rethought in a way that makes it very tough to put a dent in us, but not necessarily goes with the approach of having ourselves stationed in every hell hole on earth.

Left and right, as defined by CBS meet in the middle when it comes to minding the business of private citizens, working deals for private firms, making laws which favor one group or business over another, creating crises which excuse usurpation of rights. Everyone wants a team they can believe in, and by Godt if it was good enough for my daddy then I am going to be a democrat/republican. Just because dear old Dad had no foresight, insight or clear vision does not mean you have to be stupid, too.

Of course some people want institutional life. A big giant land in which everyone is the subject of the state, and the property of the state. The trouble is, they aren't satisfied to wish that just on themselves. They insist everyone be included.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

never mind

that's it. Never mind.
If I have nothing nice to say then hell with it.
I think I will disable comments again soon. I'm just too flooded with them to keep up

Monday, April 12, 2010

Ed McMahon of Blues Harp

Ed's job was pretty much to make Johnny look good. If you don't remember Carson, don't worry about it. Just to paint a pcture; Carson is to Letterman what a tuxedo is to a liezure suit. Except Carson is no longer with us. Just a little perspective on late night.

Anyway, I cannot play like Jason Ricci or Sugar blue, or even Brandon Santini, but I do a good job enhancing the sound of musical groups without being the front man. I'm a sideman, and that is what I do best. I blend and accent. That has usually been my goal, and a skill acquired both intentionally and by necessity. At open jams way back when the best way to get a turn was to play on things other harmonica players avoided. That meant accenting songs not commonly thought of as blues harp tunes.

The people I liked best get little credit in blues harp circles but they are great sidemen. The guy with Willie Nelson and the guy who used to be with Buffet--some kind of misguided ego thing must have split those guys apart. Neither is as good without the other. Buffet without the harmonica player just don't cut it. Anyway Willie and Mickey are still going. Mickey Raphael may have done some solo stuff, but the sidework with Willie has to be the bread and butter. It works.

Even though I think I ought to be getting better at a more rapid rate, or that I should be able to play like some of these other guys, the truth is I do what I do fairy well, and there is an art to it. Norton Buffalo is the main other guy I've seen who can pay while a vocal is going without messing up the sound or drowning out the voice. Norton was a far better player but not that much better when it came to purely back up.

This realization just kind of hit me. I've been playing more with the guys on the mountain lately. We've been practicing some tunes. They all sing well and play some good accoustic guitar

Ouch. If you have recessed bedframe legs, then you are lucky. If mine were just set in about 3 inches I would not have stubbed toes. That is how all bed frames should be made.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Edge of the Earth

I wonder when I actually fell off the edge of the feverish earth. I wonder if it would have made a difference if it wasn't feverish. Actually, I think that is an idiotic characterization of the planet, but Al's convinced a lot of people it makes sense, and he's made tons of dough in the process.

The effort to get back on this side of the edge has been successful in some ways. Considering I may have been over the edge all my life with brief periods just about getting firmly planted on solid land, the progress is somewhat significant. But, I do not find it easy to clearly define or see the path to real solidity. It doesn't help that I abhor official red tape and interference in life, and find it almost a moral dilemma when it comes to jumping through hoops that ought not be there. Most people don't see it that way and they enjoy a lot of things I don't. Maybe I'm wrong.

Those are things that might have been considered, were I capable of that, long before now. Since I know I was not capable of meaningful analysis back then, it doesn't matter. The thing now is how to get into the flow of things, be secure and in compliance with at least most of the laws of the land. I certainly wouldn't want to do it by being on any government subsidized program. Ought to be my choice.

Then we get to health insurance. Mine lapsed some time ago. I've paid as I've needed, and I've kept something set aside to cover things that might come up--to a point. Beyond that, I would just do without.

However, under the new law I will be required to buy, and if I can't, I'd be required to demonstrate my inability to reasonably purchase this product so that the government can then subsidize the forced purchase. That, of course would mean I'd have to be monitored, much like people on welfare. Except I do not want anything to do with it. I find this a hurdle in my journey to center of the earth. These are not benevolent initiatives on the part of government officials and agencies.

Those who think that it is kind to spend tax money on the peons, provided of course they submit to paternal oversight, do not ever think they will be on the receiving end, and they obviously think those who could be are inferior beings. Fair enough. The trouble ramps up when you force people into that that system. If I somehow make a lot of money, then maybe I can feel fine complying with laws which are absurd in a free land. Until then, not so much.

For now I will just convince myself and the world that I am Amish, or a Christian Science practitioner, and forget the rest. It just confuses the what now question. Living a simple life out of the fray is becoming illegal. That is wrong. And no, I do not feel the slightest obligation to be involved in what is euphemistically called "the community". What they mean by that is unclear. You do not take from a community if you live there, conduct business and behave. You have no reason to "give back". Everyone who does something useful or kind contributes.

The sickness has been so ingrained in the psyche of people in this and other countries that logic scares people more than slavery.

Maybe over the edge the better side.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Life in the Golden State:--legalizing the controversial weed

November will be an interesting thing in CA. Among other things, legalizing marijuana is on the ballot. This will be interesting because the tax funded war on drugs (which I think has done more to promote the use of truly harmful substances than it has to curb them) has been waged in quite a curious manner. I cite the cases in which our federal people have aided smugglers while punishing their own whenever they got in the way of certain cartels' operatives. Under the Bush era, several border patrol agents were put behind bars in trials marked by withheld evidence and violent smugglers being paid to testify.

Nothing has changed in that regard, except the pretense of protecting citizens on the border has been lifted a bit.

It was never a war against drugs. It was always a war to ensure certain entities maintained their trafficking networks. I do not know all the detailed ins and outs, but the basic duplicity of the effort is clear. It is hard to keep clear of conspiracy theory when looking at this stuff, but I try. I remember when no one knew what crack was---until the NY Times ran an article describing it, explaining not only how cheap it was but details on how to manufacture it. Really, they gave the entire recipe and process. Anyone with a little cocaine could have used that article as a guide for turning it into crack. Soon, the stuff was all over the place.

So far, from what I've heard, more right leaning people appear in favor of legalization than not. No idea what Arnold's take is. My guess is that he is opposed. I am guessing that behind the scenes La Raza will work against it. It would prove troublesome to the illegals who run farms in national forests. It would also limit the income of the gangs who are part of the drug distribution network. Of course, as much as people pretend otherwise, they also promote some much more damaging substances.

Denial is the only explanation I can figure for the view that alcohol is safer and less likely to accompany violence than is marijuana. Until the recent lunatics who became unruly on airplanes and such, then blamed it on medical pot, I had never known of purely cannabis induced violence. I believe that those who blame their violent behavior on being stoned are lying, hoping ignorant and idiotic authorities or juries will buy the excuse. It is simply not the nature of the substance on the huge preponderance of people.

Of course, those who run the illegal farms on federal land are prone to violence, but not due to use of the weed.

Personally, I am for legalizing pot, and any other plant you care to grow, as long as it isn't a plant that grows out of control and destroys the countryside, like kudzu. I'd make most pharmaceuticals available to adults who feel the need, without the hassle of going to a doctor for a prescription.

Some of us prefer to manage our own health care, and often the doctor visit is merely an exercise in legal extortion which is unnecessary as our own common sense would have worked just fine. Those who are prone to addiction are going to find it anyway, and in many cases became hooked under their doctor's guidance. It is highly possible that left to their on devices they might not have done it. The MD's stamp of approval gives a false sense of safety and security. It must be the best thing if the doctor says it is OK. If I make a bad choice I can sue the doc.

Legalizing pot could save money. One less thing for heavy handed police state interference. Also there are many useful products that hemp in various forms provides. Mostly, what business is it for anyone to tell me what I cannot grow or taste? The initiative allows one to use a 5 foot by 5 foot plot for personal growing use. It CA it is the number one cash crop--15 billion. The second highest yielding farm product is dairy at about half that amount. So, for the most part we are feeding gangs and Mexican cartels billions while wasting time trying to enforce personal choice.

From my experience I strongly believe the number one "gateway drug" is alcohol. You get drunk enough and you have no idea of the end result. Most people do not push it that far but the fire water is big trouble for some. Just a fact, not a reason to prevent its use or to make people obtain a special license to enjoy a glass of wine. Production of alcoholic beverages in an ancient art, and it gives much pleasure to many. If you are one who can't appreciate it properly, then you ought to avoid it. I guess it is like art appreciation---if your idea of great art is the tiger on black velvet, then best not to let anyone know.

It is highly unlikely that actual use and abuse of drugs will increase if big brother gets out of the act. Some studies allegedly confirm that assertion. Ever skeptical of the "studies show" arguments, I would not wager the farm on it. To me that is irrelevant. I strongly, achingly, believe that the birthright of all humans is to live free as long as you don't infringe on the right of others to do the same. And that trumps any studies and most else.

If the illegal voters and corrupt government entities and lobby groups who profit from keeping this plant under control of thugs don't skew the vote, I think it will pass. If so, I think I'll start a cottage business manufacturing special butter, salads, and maybe chocolate treats. The trick is that cannabis is fat/oil soluble, and also alcohol soluble. Water, not so much.

Then again, I doubt I'd even use it except possibly on highly special occasions. Anything that limits the number of excuses for random search and seizure is good. We gave up our right to be free of search without probable cause under this phony "war on drugs". Like health care, the reaction to lunatic terrorists, and who knows what, it was merely another move for an elite to control the population and increase their power.

I'm all for fighting violent thugs and insanely motivated terrorists who think Allah wants them to kill infidels, but I am not in agreement to combating these things by imprisoning citizens and intruding on their right to liberty willy nilly.

So, with some luck, California will let go of the ban on pot, while continuing to fight the evils of trans fats and that stuff you put in the atmosphere when you sigh--CO2.

Maybe they'll even begin to look at the causes for something like 47000 businesses leaving the state in a year's time. Maybe it was 4700. I'll double check, but in either case, that is not a good trend, and there are obvious reasons for it. Anywhere this beautiful and sunny is not easy to leave without good reason.

I knew I heard that 47K number. This from a thing called The Digital Report in an article discussing a [piece of legislation in CA designed to take into account economic impact when making other laws, or some such thing. CA is impact crazy; how will the seals respond? What about the safety of children who walk too fast? Will the earth suffer a worse fever? What about the coyotes? The owls? The manzanitas? etc
The Census Bureau’s 2010 Statistical Abstract of the United States provides that one of every six American employers that closed permanently in 2008 was in California. Our state experienced 45% more business closures than launches, compared to 10.5% nationally. By the end of that year there were almost 47,000 fewer businesses in California than in 2007.

Most likely a lot just went off the radar. It is easier to operate if you class yourself as an undocumented business, person, or worker. Anything else is far too complicated to process with anything but a sick, warped and, quite possibly, brain damaged mind--the sort that embraces and relishes red tape and legal tyranny.

Strange Days: part 2010.420

I know these things don't bother most people, and I often wonder why they bother me. Even more often, I wonder why they don't seem to concern others. Maybe it has to do with conditions of my youth. Then again, I may be right.

OK. Treaties. When did countries like Russia ever actually honor them? Putin, being a product of USSR and KGB, is not the sort you wave down to say you are going to take the bullets out of your gun for no good reason. It is pointless.

The oft quoted notion that the job of the USA is to bring our way of life or democracy to the rest of the world. No, it is not our job, and it is a terrible idea. Live free and mind your own business. Either others choose to follow that lead or not. If they don't mess with you then leave it at that. We have more people in jail than anyone, so how about we fix our own place.

Everything divided up between minorities and whatever is left over. And on top of that, lumping all females in the group considered a minority. What about just enforcing equal treatment under the law, eliminating a slew of laws, and that's that? Anything else is unequal treatment under the law and can never work well in the long run.

I knew life was getting screwy in this country when I found a little girl's purse at the airport, where I worked, and my coworkers were pissed off because I refused to take the money it contained before tracking down the rightful owner. In Memphis, working for that same company, Out of 21 employees it turned out that only 4 or 5 did not steal from the company on a regular basis. I mean real theft--money. I may be overstating the case by saying as many as five did not steal. It may have only been three.

I have a feeling the last years of my life will be spent in hiding. Maybe I never should have read Brave New World, Anthem, or 1984. We are so there it is scary. Uninvited and unwarranted authority and oversight over individual lives gives me the creeps. I'm constitutionally incapable of taking it voluntarily. I always hated bullies, and often found ways to launch counter attacks as a youth, or yout, if you prefer.

What good does it do for a governor and/or senator to "survey damage" with a cadre of cameras and reporters after an earthquake? Can't they just get the info via pictures and such? What a waste of money to fly them down there then disrupt the town for security reasons while they walk around looking serious for the cameras. I'm sure Calexico is so much better off since the morons, Arnold and Barbara Boxer made their appearance. I've always despised that politician grandstanding trick.

The thing that stills puzzles me is why the elitists want world domination and total control of the lives of individuals. It is against the nature of man, providing the species is not drugged. What is happening is definitely a big leap toward closing off every last vestige of life lived without permission and control. I don't even know if I can ride a bike on this dirt road without a helmet. I think you are supposed to have a license to keep a cat or dog. I can only hope that it quickly comes around to bite those who continually play smartass with the rationalizations for such tyranny because up until now they are not affected.

I'm a poor candidate to seek citizenship in Cuba. I can definitely see that. I believe Boxer is the one who thinks the Cuban model of control is admirable. They must hate people like me who just want to live a day without worrying about what forms I may have not kept up with.

VAT? What a euphemism, "value added tax". More like cost added at gunpoint. No value is added. No long term benefit is derived. This is what guilt over being productive has given us. There are some very seedy people in high places directly in government and in companies which use government to gain power. That's why so much stuff is made in foreign sweat shops in less than free countries.
Screwed up mess.

If you think third world people are fun, and that ignorance is genius, just take a look at who drives like homicidal/ suicidal maniacs as a percentage of the notable crazies on the road. First subtract out the lawyers on cell phones in the BMWs after happy hour.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Tiger Woods; what do phony self righteous pundits want?

The most disturbing aspect of the Tiger scandal is how all those women suddenly turned when the cat was barely out of the bag. They knew he was married, knew everything. So, now that it is a story they all want their piece of fame and fortune by piling on with the hypocrites in the media, pretending they are somehow victims and he is the ultimate evil. Deception is not a good thing, for sure. But putting a target on someone, pulling out all stops under the excuse that he gets paid to promote products and play a sport professionally is over the top.

I've heard sports shows very somberly address the issue, even suggesting he be suspended from the sport for a time. e did not have any three ways on the 18th green during a tournament. Sick as it may be, he did not advertise his private antics. That has been the sport of the media and self serving skanks.

I believe he does feel changed and that he is experiencing what one feels when waking up from a long term nightmare. Some of these reporters have complained that he hasn't been open enough since the story broke. What do they want? It sounds as if some will only be happy with a very detailed sexologue describing each encounter in graphic detail. I think they are self righteous opportunists.

If he used pain medication, so what? Those are not performance enhancing substances. I'm not sure any drug would help you play golf better.

I actually applaud Nike, a company I did not previously like, for not dropping him. It may actually be the case that he has opened his eyes to the gratitude he should feel for his fans and for the things in life that are real and enduring. I'm hoping he's allowed to do what he can to embrace a new outlook and undergo a psychic change.

Nothing rings less true than the same people who worship celebrity, and snoop into any of their love lives they can, suddenly pretending to be neo puritans.

As for the commercial with his father's voice posing questions, I see nothing wrong. It is not so easy to avoid pitfalls in those shoes. Age and horror ridden experience does change one's judgement for the better.

No idea why, but I am more of a Tiger fan than I was before this scandal hit the press.

Oh boy, I know some women who will go through the roof. I do not agree with deception, and do not hold harmless those who play a part in it; in this case the legions of publicity and money seeking tarts who have jumped into the limelight with their hands out.

I think the press and many people won't be happy until they get the videos. A really sorry form of voyeurism fuels their approach to this matter.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Tales From The Neighborhood

I decided not to say "'hood" because I am sick of pretending hiphop racists are anything different than the most obnoxious rednecks. Same damned thing: violence is OK and glorified for no good purpose. Women are viewed psychotically, and anyone not just like them is free game--the enemy.

OK. That wasn't the point. I'm reacting, which is what people putting out news want. Why, I do not know. I know much of it is pure fiction. I believe a lot of people are creating or fabricating various incidents, primarily undocumented, in order to class any dissenter as an enemy of the people. We are experiencing what early stages of many totalitarian regimes experienced. It did not happen over night. Those who blindly thought "my country, right or wrong" and went along with all the baby steps for the last 80 years, or more, can't feign sudden surprise with any sympathy from me. They have been as afraid of freedom as any career politician.

In the mean time, while I wait for people to figure it out, I am living lucky.

The flowers were bright hot pinkish purple in front of my cottage but the picture hardly shows them. This is a pretty place, especially the last couple of days.
The geography of a place is a big deal. Looks like this month's rent will be paid on time, again. Not a bad gig when I look at it objectively. Lots of people have drama out the yazoo. I have to say, my life is not very dramatic. Few conflicts other than the perpetual internal ones. Even those are losing steam.

The hang gliding friend told me of a launch site east of here. He said the road used to only be accessible by four wheel drive vehicles. I think he meant all-terrain military vehicles. My car made it fine, but it is a beloved Subaru. Other cars I've had, for the most part would have had trouble. I was surprised this car had enough clearance. It is a wild several miles of dirt switchbacks. I want to go there on a weekend when people are flying off of there. My friend said he and his wife used to fly from there a lot. They were instrumental in getting the road upgraded to the quality it is today. They must have used mules to get up there in the early days of this site.

These are phone pics and maybe lose a little in detail, but you get the idea. That's what some call "the eight" down there. That's Californian for highway 8 or I-8. People have managed to soar to Yuma from this place.

Oh, and there's a bit of the hood of the tour mobile number 2. Number one met an untimely death last summer. July, I think. You can probably sense from its expression that it is chomping at the bit for a massive road trip.

Forgot about Hugo

RE the last post, which you probably did not read, same as this one:

I forgot the Hugo Chavez take on the Haitian earthquake. He claimed the USA did it through tectonic plate warfare. I vaguely remember that. My mind was refreshed on Coast to Coast with George Noory. George wasn't saying it. Someone just mentioned that Hugo made that claim since they were talking about things like ... I don't know what... something, I'm sure.

Speaking of earthquakes, here's Hugo with Courtney Love. She thinks he's sexy. They met at the premier for some Oliver Stone film.

The amazing thing about celebs and tyrants is that under such a regime, they'd be beggars, unless of course they were among the favored few. It is clear that more than a few in Hollywood and elsewhere find butchers and dictators chic, and that they assume they will always be among the elite, under any circumstances.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Shake Rattle and Roll

Finally, the cabin shook like crazy, and I could confidently chalk it up to seismic activity. Supposed some of the after shocks have been in the 5 range. Normally, I assume it is just my own form of partial seizure when things appear to be shaking. Sometimes, that is the case. Not today.

Fortunately, if anyone is blaming the oil companies, disposable razors, carbon dioxide, George Bush, Nancy Pelosi, or America's tolerance of gays, I haven't heard it. Of course I did hear equally scientific explanations for Haiti's earthquake.

Being the ultra scientific expert that I am, I have found bits of truth in various past causal theories and formed my own learned opinion regarding the underlying causes of this occurrence.

Al Gore has proven beyond a doubt that the earth is running a temperature. Not totally on subject, but that then proves the earth is warm blooded and will die if it gets too hot or cold. Or it could run too high a temperature for too long and suffer brain damage. This may have already happened, but I'll save that scholarly investigation for another time.

Danny Glover, noted seismologist, asserts that global warming caused by activities of humans causes earthquakes. He and Al both believe humans are the cause of things that happen in nature which are inconvenient to man. In science this is known as the "inconvenient causal loop theory".

I have determined that earth is running a temperature but is suffering from a cold. It can be easily proven and you'll find the details in this month's issue of Science Things Only Offered Publicly In December.

So, the short of it is this, man made inconvenience has caused the earth to have a feverish cold which resulted in the earth sneezing and, if you'll forgive the indelicacy, some flatulence also resulted. When the earth poots or sneezes, either volcanoes erupt, tidal waves are generated, and/or earthquakes strike.

There you have it. Humans being human caused the earth to shake. It can be prevented by planting trees, but not all on one side of the place or it will capsize, and by buying yourself down to neutral through approved carbon offset firms. It may help to pour massive amounts of aspirin and chicken soup all over the ground and particularly down volcanic craters, both active and inactive.

Sunday, April 4, 2010


So, there I was inside a UHAUL truck, the kind with "Mom's Attic", trying to get a table, or dog house (don't remember) in place. Nothing unusual when you are helping the Waterfront gypsies move things over there about a mile.

When we exited the truck looking for more objects to load, the guy who'd been piddling around with things in the basement room claimed there had been an earthquake, much creaking, rattling and shaking. Yea, sure. Then I returned to the front yard and noticed neighbors out there asking me if I had felt IT. As the wife flirted in that semi-buzzed, afternoon cocktail sort of way, the husband explained that he'd lived here for a hundred years and never felt such a quake.

Later, others reported rattling dishes and things nearly falling off of shelves. M and I noticed nothing. We were doing important work.

This could be a testament to a number of things. It could be proof of our extreme focus when a job is to be done--no time for foolish movements of the earth, who allegedly has a fever. Or it could be we are obliviots, totally unaware of our surroundings and the nature of activity around us. We may be totally unaware of what The Earth tries to tell us in the only way it knows to communicate. Once again, completely environmentally deaf and blind, I mean hearing and sight impaired.

I came all this way expecting to find hippy chicks, earthquakes and beach parties. Finally, an earthquake that got everyone's attention, except M's and mine.

One explanation may be found in what some teachers and others said of me many years ago--that I float through life without my feet ever touching the ground. That would explain not feeling the planet complaining or whining.

Had this been centered in a populated area rather than arid land with few people, there could have been trouble. Would I have noticed? I guess there is no guarantee.

Of all the explanations for not noticing an earthquake, I prefer to think it is just that I am unshakable.

Friday, April 2, 2010

I Try--No Political Thought---Is It Legal?

Real life, lived as you see fit, is much more fun than minding the business of others or considering my impact on the community. I try to remember that so I don't get depressed.

What seems difficult is planning anything involving travel or independent enterprise without considering the penalties in place for minding your own business and simply being alive. The good things become difficult for the start from scratch person who has no desire to work for government. They don't seem content to leave you alone. I'll pretend.

If I think about flying, I consider installing an impressive prothesis to wow the TSA voyeurs. Still up in the air as to whether it should be placed frontally or on the other side. Like it or not, Geo. Bush got that ball rolling out of control, and the new administration is more than happy to feed the momentum. The news couches such stories as "what the government is doing to make you safer when you fly". The dumb smile which seems required for that job adds to the surreal darkness of the issue.

What a mess this place is. I let it happen again--clutter of negligence overwhelms the ability to strategize and enact organization. Mental illness or cognitive glitch? We just can't be sure. All horizontal surfaces, tables, chairs, floors and the like, become shelves of chaotic clutter. Clothes, unopened mail, paper containing both valuable and useless information, form ugly hostile mounds which mock me. If I approach to deal with any particular unit, either the mass spreads out or I can find nowhere else to put the item. Maybe if I take it all out to the deck, then filter and fit into neater places inside the problem can be managed.

The last couple of times this happened, I moved. This time I will respect myself more if I just do battle with it. If it wins and kills me, then I went down fighting. In the mean time, I will attempt diplomatic means of solving this conflict. If I could just show the mess that I mean well, I am sure it will yield to reason and right itself. Well, no, I am not really sure, but maybe it will help if I decide to sue it.

Check out Memphis for my yard sale. The people who live at my old abode are having a yard sale, including things I left behind. I only left them in that garage because I was encouraged to do so. There will be a crate KBA60 amp. It is either 60 or 110 watts. 3 channels with mini eq on each, plus eq on the main. Worked well for a vocal, a plugged in acoustic guitar, and a harmonica. We played a party in Miami several years ago. Maybe 20 years? Holy smoke. Also there is a small Marshall amp. Bargains galore!!! Dishes and other things I forgot about. I must have had more stuff than I could ever imagine. Partly because I thought I'd settle down, straighten out, lose my fear of certain things and situations and live happily ever after. Plan B did not include many possessions.

I wonder what the legalities are for them selling things out of the yard? See? I worry about these things because of the horror stories I've heard. Mind your own biz, have fun, then some robocop comes in a charges you with crimes against the state or no telling what. OK. I'll resist the rebellious rush that these things create in me.

There is no way to do anything but cooperate when you know how, and hide when you don't. City people who work for government or a large company in bed with government, and who don't move much, don't get this mentality. Their official paperwork is pretty well laid out. Their stress is over fashion and how to convince the child factories that little Susie is a genius. And, of course, the Survivor-like scheming necessary to gain power at work. Not everyone has that issue, but it is common even in relatively low paid positions.

Why would there be much worry about trying to plan another epic journey? Artificially high fuel prices, taxes on carbon which could emerge, all that is of concern. And it comes back to this oligarchy messing with life and business in bad ways, while not messing where they ought. One consideration would be to get a high MPG motorcycle and travel light, avoiding the rain. Then you have to go through the hoops to get the motorcycle license. I let it lapse when I could have been grandfathered in with it. Big mistake. I'd rather be more set up for all weather. Who wants to ride in the snow and such? It gets a little slippery on two wheels.

OK. I'm setting a time, and I am going to have this mess whipped. Maybe, like Custer, my last stand. Perhaps I have less possible moral backlash in the long run.

Nothing like the feeling of sun on a bright day warming you up. It is still radically cold--under 60 deg F. But the sun and general ambiance is that of a bright spring day with little furry creatures seeking their demise on the road, birds acting like nutters, green things, with a bright yet deep and wet hue, swelling with a hint of bloom.

Make a note to find an easy way to discern the edible from inedible in the world of wild plants found all over the wilderness. That knowledge has to be useful. You don't want to mess up like that kid in Alaska from Into the Wild fame. I think that was the title. Sean Penn directed the movie and really chintzed it up with Hollywood devices that proved he is not as bright as he pretends. He's a good actor and he has worked like crazy on the expressions, tone and posture which a smart person might use. "I'm not a bright man, but I do play one on TV".

I heard a talk show guy complaining about motorized paragliders. Wow, I thought, that's the gadget for me!! What a cool thing. I want to fly one. Rules? Forget it. I will do it somehow, and in order to avoid depression, I will not look to see if there are rules involved which would dampen the experience. How else is a spiritually and morally advanced person to live?

Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Perfect Example of What Makes Authority Scary

Hank Johnson, a name in DC you can trust

This costs us 175K per year plus

I can't get the video embedded. Check it out and discover that thoughtful congressmen worry about relocated Marines to the US territory of Guam because the extra weight might capsize the island, not to mention the environmental concerns, such as coral reefs.

Pure genius in action. Seriously, how could a guy like this ever be a judge, let alone a lawyer and congressman?

Not sure why he was so concerned with square miles. He could state the dimensions but had no idea what the area would be.

Let me help him out. If the island is roughly 10 miles (average width) by 24 miles, you can estimate that it is about 240 square miles. I'm sure that was of utmost importance to this brilliant politician. I would wager the man has no clue what the relationship of length and width is to square miles.

But he's an environmental expert. That's why we have so many people on our coasts, so we don't flip over.

They are excusing this saying he's been a little bit ill lately. The guy is not as old as he looks. Only 55. If he is too ill to entertain a coherent thought then resign. This counts as a vote both in committee and on the House floor. It also costs money to stage meaningless exchanges like the one in the video. There has to be someplace that is free of this sort of idiocy and control. I am fine with morons, as long as they have no power over me.

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