Tuesday, September 4, 2012

What's an American to Do?

If I believe everyone I hear, I'm better off now than I was four years ago, I'm worse off now than I was four years ago, I could die in a ditch from a hangnail if They have Their way, or I can get free penile implants if the other They have Their way, etc., etc.

And I do believe each and every story, statistic, boast, and attack that I hear. These come from people "you can trust". I'm pretty sure people spend money that isn't theirs less responsibly than they'd spend their own, in most cases.

My only suggestion is that if you love the word "struggle" so much, why not learn to pronounce it as it is spelled? Really, a word used in every paragraph ought to be of known spelling and pronunciation. Or is "shrtruggle" a separate word with similar meaning? I knew no one else would ask but I suspect that many wonder, as I do.

When I am in charge, any candidate who parades his/her family and spouse will be disqualified, and the First Spouse will not have any cause, tax allotments or anything else. I'm sure Michele and Ann are swell people, but I don't care how they feel, have absolutely no desire for them to run national campaigns against fat, for flowers, the homeless, I don't care. Maybe they'd be better at president than their husbands but they didn't apply for the job, so please leave the building.

So, by my rules, Romney would be out and so would Obama. I know, it is silly to fantasize about a perfect world in these treacherous times of shrtruggle.

All I really want to know is how will you reduce domestic tyranny and stay out of my life? How many prisoners who don't need to be locked up will you release, and how many laws will you suggest repealing? How many agencies will you either abolish or reign in? Aha!! Just as I thought! None of the applicants can answer me. If only I could send them all packing until I find an applicant for the job who'll do it right.

A never ending circus, Barnum vs Bailey or both vs Ringling Bros. Who knows? It's a shrtruggle to sort it out.
I want to believe. The pictures painted are so wonderful. It is thrilling--until you figure out that pickpockets have been working the mesmerized crowd while they stood gazing in awe at the spectacle before them.

Life on earth in the midst of what passes for organized civilization is just one big shrtruggle.

Democratic Convention in Pictures

Arrival of Congressional Black Caucus

Arrival of white guilt association, formerly Congressional White Caucus

Secret service arrives early to survey streets

enthusiasm is high. Suspense is in the air. Who will be the nominee? It's clear who she's pulling for (do you think she is L,G,B, or T? )

To keep everyone in bounds, the PC Thought police are on the scene

The Last of the Sane Economists

or one of them

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