Thursday, August 22, 2013

They Call it a Ranch

But I see no ranch animals, just a couple of very polite, people loving dogs.  It is unusual, strange, magnificent and a bit of a junk yard.  The stage acoustics are superb, thanks to the parabolic roof and back--old satellite dishes.  It is like having good monitors, plus the sound comes out clear and balanced when you are in, or on the other side of the pool which is in front of the stage.

Spontaneous gatherings like this do occur.  It is not far from my dwelling.

Dan owns the ranch, which has it's own brand, which is related to the name, which for unknown reasons I am withholding.
Cliff, me, and dog with name I forgot.  Athena or Snapdragon, maybe.   I should say, "Cliff, Sputnik the dog, and I."  I need an editor and an internal filter, though I sometimes manage to stifle my reactions and thoughts before I speak.    

that is not the ranch name you see there. one of Dan's inside jokes I think
Dan is one intelligent old guy.  And wild as the wind

I didn't play much that day.  My heart has not been in it, so nothing sounds right to me.  Plus, I am tired of playing things that do nothing for me.  There is a lot of that, although I like playing when it is with Cliff.

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