Friday, October 23, 2009

Flew Away

It is possible that I contracted the R2D2 flu, or the H1N1. Then again it could merely be another plague from another crisis. Whatever it is, it had me fooled. I thought it was almost gone, then it attacked with a passion. It is not fun but I am sure my system is fighting it off. All the cells of my being have been instructed that we cannot afford the usual indulgence into illnesses in which many luxuriate every few months, or at least once per year. Those things are for the rich, and unionized workers.

Off that topic, but on my mind, is the ever growing tendency for written material to mix the words "then" and "than" as if they were synonymous. They are not. Than indicates a comparison, and then indicates a sequential relationship.

Examples: John Holmes was bigger than a Cuban cigar. First she said "no", then she said, "yes, yes, yes!".
See what I mean?

Several times lately, I have seen then used instead of than, and vice versa, in various publications which pay their writers, and editors. On the amateur level, these things happen, and I don't nitpick grammar, but paid professionals should hold to a higher standard and be a source of reference regarding how words are properly used, to some extent. Maybe when we give way entirely to modern hieroglyphics these things won't matter. I have visions of odd graphics involving Holmes and Fidel.

I need to wash my mind out with soap or paint thinner. That last vision was a bit much.

Blame this illness for my inappropriate entries. I ate one pound of party peanuts in 24 hours. That seems excessive. They were on sale.

It does seem that the wealthier areas of the city tend to be home to the most shapely and in shape women. I wonder if that doesn't create some sort of genetic disposition to be both wealthy and beautiful after a few generations, or if it is all done with surgery and polymers. Once again, I urge people not to support any of the attacks on the rich. Leveling everyone down could result in all of us being ugly or unremarkable, and that would be no fun, and make my work environments less enjoyable. From a distance it is easier to appreciate people for things other than their minds. Close up, it is often impossible to appreciate them for their minds. I like keeping the distance.

oh great. The cell connection dropped. I think someone has a jammer on Ballistic mountain. It drives me nuts. I expect the phone to be spotty but the computer is on another network that should be reliable up here. I think it is due to my subject matter and non compliance with the prescribed thoughts we are supposed to embrace. The Thought Czar may be on to me.

If All Your Friends Jumped Off A Bridge, Would You?

Back in the day, before such things were dealt with by lawyers and child services, teachers and parents often posed the bridge jumping question to kids who used the “everyone else is doing/did it” in an attempt to gain permission for something, or to water down the blame for an unacceptable act. My reply was, “It depends on the bridge”.

On a larger scale, the world of adult governance, commerce, and general mayhem seems to follow this same principle. There have been those in America who forever yearn to be chic like France and other European countries, or regimented in military lockstep like China or other totalitarian states. I never understood the thinking. Why would we want to emulate cultures that we’ve either had to rescue from themselves or that place so many restrictions on individual autonomy?

It brings back memories of high school history and government teachers who longingly discussed unicameral legislative bodies because they are “more efficient”. Obviously they did not understand the purpose of the system we have, which is to hedge against too efficient a system of making laws and spending money. If you have ever had to deal with a large mob, swaying them from near riot to placidity, you know how easily and quickly a majority changes its stripes and opinion. By making the process slow and difficult, acting on imprudent whim is minimized. The majority is very prone to stupid snap decisions.

The latest and most dangerous instance of all our friends jumping off the bridge is this proposed Copenhagen treaty for climate change and bankrupting developed nations. China is not buying into this. That is one thing about super police states, they don’t pretend to be sorry or out to promote the welfare and threat of enemies. Only Europeans and Americans do that. We are all ashamed and feel guilty for odd reasons. Mostly for behaving in the past somewhat like third world countries and self proclaimed victim states behave now. The worst of old Europe barely approaches the worst of present day Islamic states.

Still, we don’t want the rest of the world not to like us and withhold their approval; even if we have to buy it by slitting our own wrists.

The predictions of doom and assertions that “the science is all in on global warming climate change” remind me of that Mark Twain story in which the guy convinces the people he made the sun go away and come back because he knew when the solar eclipse was due. It is slightly different, but placing blame for slight trends in climate, and convincing everyone if they just stand on their heads and hold their breath that we can fix it is not too far from the general idea.

Who wants to stand against the crowd? You get painted as an evil redneck by the usual suspects who talk down at the masses in their best disapproving intellectual voice, spouting obscure half truths based on questionable studies and dubious conclusions.

Then again, just because the proof is lacking in solid basis, and dissent is akin to a scientist asking to have his career and reputation crushed, it doesn’t mean the sky isn’t really falling, or could some day.

We better jump off the bridge so no one thinks we are weird.

Finally, Someone On the Global Climate Religious Fringe is Taking Dogs to Task; and spying on me

I won’t go find the article. It is more fun when people think I make things up, or get mad and lecture me on the finer points of wildlife management and such.

However, it seems like the astute academicians who discovered this new global threat are out of New Zealand ( a beautiful country which unfortunately already has one very strong strike against it in my book of personal geographic plusses and minuses). The geniuses in question point out in their new book, and I may be paraphrasing, Save the Planet, Eat Your Dog, that the carbon footprint of owning a full sized dog is the same as that of owning a Land Rover and driving 10000 KM per year. Of course that’s only about 6000 miles per year.

*****OK. There was much more to this when I wrote it last night. Today, it is gone. That is because these pet eating environmental extremists have censored me. I’ll bet they are watching me right now; probably with pepper and spices in one hand, knife and fork in the other. First they eat their pets to save the earth, next they’ll be eating useless citizens–those who don’t support them and buy their book.

New Zealand has the ambiance of a peaceful place with an abundance of very good looking women, but the island is besought with demon people who mingle among the population wreaking havoc. Most people don’t know this. I was lucky to escape with my life and without committing serious crimes like extended neck wringing or feeding someone to the sharks. I knew something was up when I discovered that NZ drivers do not stop and slow down for pedestrians, they actually speed up pretending pedestrians are invisible.

So, if you are one who thinks the earth can be saved and that it is truly under threat of dying from man made things like indoor plumbing and the Vincent Black Shadow, and you have a dog and/or a cat, or multiples thereof, you are contributing to the problem as much as the person who drives the Hummer that you think is evil. Hypocrite. You can only regain an air of integrity by eating the pooch.

Just wait, the pet carbon footprint crisis will be the next one used to control behavior similar to the devastating and crucial obesity crisis. I can only guess at the SUV equivalent of maintaining a child. Better be careful, today your mutt, tomorrow your bratty little offspring.

It’s good to see a modern religion that may get around to human sacrifice. Actually, it already has, but in more subtle ways than the old Aztec method. The Save the Earth church of behavior modification and hatred of humankind; no longer just for the wealthy radical chic.

Maybe if I become a deacon, or whatever their holy rankings are called, I can avoid being had for dinner.

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