Saturday, March 28, 2009

Second Thoughts and the Danger of Honest, Solitary Labor

I think I indicated that I despise misguided people. That is not really true. Most people are misguided. If they weren't we'd have minimal border issues, economic woes, and people could smoke in the park and others wouldn't have to pick up the butts left on the ground. If people weren't misguided, we'd have never heard of Barney Frank, either Bush, Bill or Hillary, and list goes on.

But, people are a bit easy to dupe when it comes to trade-offs and misperceived items of self interest. It happens. I can't be too upset by it because my most consistent career since slightly prior to adulthood has been that of self defeat. Even so, I see the big picture when it comes to the philosophy of power in civilization. I grasp the concept of liberty. Most of those who bandy the word about, do not.

They just don't, and I can't help that. It places one in the position of being uncool, uncomfortable, etc. At least that is what keeps most people in line; don't want to be the odd man out and not fit in. Maybe it is a blessing that not fitting in like that is what makes me lovable.

Alright, it may also be that only I realize I'm lovable, but that's the story I'm sticking to. Speaking of lovable, the manual labor all alone at the villa can be a little bizarre sometimes.

At any rate, many of my best friends and beloved family are misguided when it comes to the proper principles of state. Irrelevant, almost, but I feel free to now say, I never did like Arnold much. His inflated ego on long ago talk shows left me cold. he also is one of those who is smart enough to grasp certain things but not smart enough to realize that he is not really all that bright. He learned nothing from his roots.

Arnold would gladly be a fascist dictator, given the chance. Fascist does not necessarily mean cruel or unlikable. They always get in through some initial popularity and charm.

One service Ahnold has provided, and that is to clearly demonstrate that there is not a big difference between republican and democrat when it comes to respect for the individual. Look at the practice of both and listen to Arnold. He and Obama are on the same page.

OK. So I partially disassembled some chairs. One part is a wooden rod like a closet thing that hangers go on. Maybe it is a foot and a half or two feet long. So, it has to be sanded and I caught the shadow as I was performing this task. It was what one might call a Caddy Shack moment, if you remember the Bill Murray character. I hope they have video surveillance going on and caught the shadow on tape.

Not only that, which is childishly weird, but I found myself musing in a borderline (need to check with the Pope on this) impure manner about the assistant housekeeper. They stop by for some reason almost every day. The housekeeper (HK) and her sidekick (HKA) are very nice. HKA speaks almost no English to my knowledge. That can often be a plus. She could be Aztec. Maybe because I am re-reading that book, my thoughts go south in her case. Who knows. I just figure manual work, like the sea, does strange things to a man.

Look, it was just a fleeting thing and the absurdity of it amused me. Don't be so judgmental. At least not when it comes to me. When it comes to other things, go for it.

No traffic goods report today. All I heard was about a couple of roads closed in El Cajon because the cops shot a guy in the intersection who was running around with a big knife. The details are unclear. The first time I heard reports they said he was breaking windows and threatening people.

Now the news makes it sound like he was all but laying down and going to sleep. They have strange reactions when people shoot cops or do mischief. News people always want to know what, other than a person's aberrant nature, makes them rape and pillage, harm the innocent. Modern news delivery and the thought behind it is a sickness all its own.

Most likely a meth induced insanity influenced the knife crazy, or it could be he had some other issue. Maybe he was simply a very defective unit. I'm not sure it makes sense that they couldn't have pulled nightsticks and subdued him. Several cops and he was pretty well cornered. It was not like he was throwing the knife or had a civilian at risk by that time.

I won't second guess it. Lots of people would be better off and tax payer money saved if they offed more criminals. But then there are those that ought not even be in jail so the balance is all askew.

In the end, no couch or ladder in the road slowing traffic. Instead, the late knife man in the road and they closed it down.

Once again, I commend the engineers at Milwaukee tools. That orbital thing is the best. While I'm at it, I have to say my handy dandy Leatherman tool is as useful an item as I have ever owned.

It may be a clue regarding why I am not wealthy or important, but little things like that give me more than average happiness. Maybe it is a gift to be able to derive satisfaction from the minor things in life. I don't really consider them so minor. The Leatherman was a gift from someone who matters. I take gifts from friends very seriously. It means a lot that someone cares enough to offer a gift. When the spirit is pure, it is the thought that counts. When the item hits the spot it makes it double cool. I'll spare you my Christmas lecture about gift snobbery.

That brings me to K, the almost is my daughter girl. There's been some strangeness in that life and I had to do the "where the rabbit ate the cabbage" lecture. That means tough love; dose of reality. It's birthday time and I bet no one would guess what she got. Money is tight and doesn't go to best use anyway. I hear all the woes of the phone not being charged and other odd phone woes. A solar charger designed to power all kinds of phones, laptops and other stuff ought to fix that. Even that ingrate ought to see how cool a thing it is. If not I sure hope she gives it back. I want one.

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