Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Shoot the Bird, and I sure do Play on Stage A Lot

So, I worked early today. Crack of dawn stuff.  But it was easy since I hedged my bet by getting it all done yesterday, so all I had to do was take care of minor odds and ends and help Jeanine if she needed it today.  I used to do it all the day people arrive.

The frequency, severity and discomfort of the bouts of pruritus(mad itch--sort of) taught me to take more days to ensure I wouldn't be caught having to short the quality of the job.  Yesterday I actually had some issue but I was under no pressure so I was able to experiment.  I did have to just chill for about an hour and a half, but I also just pushed at one point, telling myself that the pin pricks and racing itching thing were just lies, and that my body did not need to be feeling that because it was a false alarm; a complaint about something not there.

At any rate it is not like I have to take action on the pain or something will kill or maim me.  This may make no sense.  I just wanted to see if I could keep moving and wait out the attack.  I paced the activity so that I dod not force it to come on too hard.  It wasn't very hot out so the cooler weather helped.  It was rather wicked for awhile.  I was sure I was going to have to hit the scalding shower.

I did take two tylenol.  For some reason tylenol helps mitigate the intensity of these bouts for some people.  I am one, thankfully.   Like all this stuff, no one apparently knows why this helps.

Also what happens is these rap[id mini chills.  It is like a chill coming over me that doesn't quite make it. So it is like a chile beginning then fading then beginning again.  This cycles super rapidly.  So many similarities to what I remember of migraines as far as the way my body feels.  It is a kind of dissociative sensation.

I'M OFF TOPIC.  Ok.  So my experiment worked.  After a little over an hour of fighting it while I got some work done which involved light but consistent labor, the attack faded out.

It surfaces many times on days like today but without hitting any worrisome level of intensity.

I left there, then did rehearsal with Enter The Blue Sky, then I went to the Lakeside VFW to play their Wednesday night Thanksgiving Dinner with Valor and Lace.  This was a very enjoyable show.  Relaxed, informal and Richard Resonator was playing.  That makes it worthwhile right there.  Chris, the ex marine, was in great form and he and Emily were clearly having fun.

People seemed to like it.  It was just a fine night.  We only played from 6 to 8 with a healthy break so they could make announcements and such.

Now there is talk of a possibility of going to GITMO to play.  Ride on a military plane.  Ha!!  Can you friggin' believe it?  There is a 50/50 chance we'll play Cuba sometime next year.  Of course, there is a 50/50 chance it won't happen, too.  That would be incredible.  I know my friends would be cracking up and shaking their heads.  Me and Cuba.  It's a thing that seems inescapable. I really should own that Island.  I'd exile the Castros to Syria.

But first I have to play Hard Rock, downtown on Monday, then on the 4th it is the Cuyamaca College winter fest with Sande-Enter the Blue Sky, then the 5th I play the Pine House cafe in MT Laguna with Valor and Lace (Chris, Emily, Richard Resonator and JRod on bass).  I love Mt Laguna.  Can't wait to see this.  Then on the 13th, or is it the 17th? some kind of thing on Mt Helix.  So, I am playing  enough to possibly keep me out of trouble.  I feel like I should be more and use my mind blablabla.  But this is where I am .

I feel bad that both music groups get that look whenever the subject of the other group comes up.   I feel like a polygamist.   As a matter of fact, I have a whole new respect and understanding of polygamy now.  These are two very different styles of music.  Way different.   And each group offers a different sort of freedom.  I would gladly travel with either one if it paid.  But I'll do Cuba for free.  At least all else would be paid.  Wait.  What if it is a trick to lock me up as some imaginary threat.  I'd be stuck with those lunatics in there.  I guess I'll demand a koran and a special diet and a prayer rug.

I can't believe they are trying to trick me by holding up playing Cuba as bait.  Boy oh boy.  And they are all in on it!   Oh, yeah.  That was all a what-if.  First we have to get the gig.  Time to re-up the passport.  It expired.  When Richard said he was working on it and would I go, it was as if, for the first time in awhile, I had a reason to look forward to the future and something to strive for.  A reason to live.  It is good to have as many reasons to live as you can.  Some may drop out and having extras is helpful.

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