Friday, July 20, 2012

Ever Wonder if an Online Purchase Was Legit?

My skid plate has not arrived, and it is due. I finally got fed up with the plastic under-guard, that Subaru uses under the engine, because it keeps falling apart, so I ordered a well reviewed skid plate made of aircraft grade aluminum. I am familiar with that stuff; very rigid and tough.

Considering where I live and the occasional rabbit who bumps his head under there, not to mention the once a year, unexpected big rock in the road (oh, I just mentioned it), I think the more durable protection is the way to go.

Gearing up and I have no idea yet for how long or which path I'm going to take. Young nephew needs to get me the specs of that crate I'm probably picking up for him so I know if it is something I can do. Also I need to know exactly where to meet the shady vendor. I have faith the young engineer wouldn't place me askance the law or in harm's way, but in the path of semi-lunatics, he'd not hesitate.

The vultures have landed

Maybe that is what the Adam and Eve and the serpent story is really talking about: evil beings invariably do what they can to screw up Paradise. Spineless nincompoops (the Adam character) do the rest, spurred on by gossip mongers who want to own some of the victimhood (Eve), and often have hidden control issues and motives. Just a spur of the moment theory.

the above references characters of representation but is not meant to imply the Adam equates to men or the Eve equates to women.

I have tried to avoid news for most of the day. Hard to do. I got the story, and many of the facts. Fortunately, I do not rely upon ABC--the same outfit which edited 911 recordings to paint a race crime picture in the Zimmerman case, and the same ones who tried to pin the latest outrage on the T Party.

All that seems to be missing, and it could be that I merely missed it, is Al Sharpton demagogue-ing in, trying to start a riot. All the other demagogues in the nation have been making noise in order to further whatever agenda grabs their fancy. Wonder if Jesse weighed in. Or maybe the neo-nazis or the black panthers. Every one else has had something meaningless to say.

I understand that it is expected of certain officials, although I am not sure why. They are useless, and you know most of them don't give a damn, except to the extent it furthers their ambitions.

I guess it is tough for a news outfit not to play into the fantasies and fame lust of such lunatics. The more you put a name and picture out there, and the more you re-hash the crime, life, motive, early childhood and dietary habits of aberrant murderers, the more likely it is to happen again and again. There are better deterrents which would draw many viewers. Probably not legal though.

If the media is somehow indicative of the culture in which it operates, a good measure of the banality and total idiocy of that society is easily found in print and broadcast immediately after any traumatic incident, whether it be (alleged)man-made, or destructive force of nature.

Thank God I remembered to purchase some dust masks before I went to work today. That stuff was working on me big time. I must have inhaled enough to start a small paper mill on Wednesday.

Played Decent Enough short gig; bad mood and all

It must be the heat. Sometimes I don't like anyone or anything; especially playing music, but not exclusively.

We actually played a little show for an assisted living facility. A billion people, many of whom looked no older than I am. The MC girl got on my nerves. Everyone seems so patronizing in these settings. It wouldn't be a bad place but I think I'd shoot the condescending volunteers, and staff, too, if they have that attitude. Good thing I don't live there.

I hate anonymous comments. Especially from people just smart enough not to know that their point is only semi-valid. Example: being called out for saying I have to go inland somewhere in the Bay area.

The Bay area, up around the San Francisco area defines a large part of the state at that latitude. Inland in that area indicates that you go up to the Bay and take a right, but if you cross over too many mountains or hit Nevada, you've gone too far. I'm not giving directions for others, so who cares?

It is interesting that those who sometimes entice me into conflict always do so over matters which actually do not have to do with them. It is never over me telling another how to live his or her life. Always over another criticizing my choices, how I write, how I speak, what I buy or don't buy.

I do not not like conflict, and I see the quickest way to avoid it is to ignore that sort of discussion. Asking one's opinion is a different sort of conversation altogether. Openly barbed criticism can be masked in many ways, but the reality is that it is a hostile thing. Something I've yet to quit attracting. Those things happen.

Most people who are that adamant about my choices tend to be ignoring their own situations, or else they assume they have no choices, and the fact that I do is in no way the result of my actions or decisions or attitudes prior to this point in time.

Oh well, who can blame them? It is not as easy as it may appear to those who judge, but living my life is not a bad way to go. I can't imagine trading with anyone--even though I do think I have to quit letting the ones that got away get away.

One of those days. Is the whole country turning into small minded, impolite creeps, or is it just that CA is over stocked with rednecks and haughty nincompoops?

Probably my mood, and most likely a result of 90 deg F temperatures and no A/C. (except in the car). When I think about it, it is not all that bad. I'm amazed that a little bit of heat gets to me like that lately. The sensitivity to it comes and goes.

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