Monday, February 4, 2013

Opportunity Knocks

What I learned from watching the Super Bowl is that there must be a real dearth of talent in the field of media advertising.  I won't discuss each individual ad, but just observe that only a couple were worth the trouble.

There has long been that obnoxious genre of advertisement which aims to irritate you so much that you can't forget it.   In my case that backfires.  I will seek out the competitive good or service to avoid, if possible, feeding a company that pollutes the airwaves with ads which annoy me.

Viewing this collection of 2013 Super Bowl advertisements, which cost millions of dollars to produce and air, are supposed to be the best, cutting edge efforts of the industry, has caused me to believe there must be wide open opportunity for intelligent, creative marketers.

Normally, I get the edgy stuff more than many of my friends, so I don't think being out of touch explains my revulsion to some of these sales ads.  Edgy can be clever and witty, or it can be painfully banal and nauseating.  I think most of the commercials were truly bad.  It may reflect the confusion and collective lack of wit and self esteem of the culture.  Certainly, it does not reflect the best in our species.

With all the advances in technology and communication, I expected better.  Much better.  Are enough people of the variety that will find pure garbage appealing just because it is put before them as if it is to be liked?  Laff track people.

I did like one or two.  If some of the others had not irritated me to the point of near anger, I might approach those companies with some better ad concepts.  As it is I hope those firms wither and die.

One of the most bizarre and interesting Super Bowls I've seen, though.  And I thought Beyonce did a fine job at the half, and appears to have generously included her old bandmates.  Whatever her political connections and all that, the woman is obviously talented, hard working, and in fine shape.  Fortunately, I've not read the reviews and spin, if any, on the topic of her half time show.

Must be cool to get by without need of a last name.


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