Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Is it just me? [charity thugs]

It's one thing if a checkout person offers to sell you fries, or a lighter, or ice for the beer and a cooler for the ice.

But asking me if I want to donate to the charity of the merchant's choice seems weird.  Of course, the job of asking rude questions is assigned to the cashier, so all I can politely do is say no.

The outfits with a charity money can at the checkout counter could be just disguising a tip jar.  In Miami, growing up, the first time I heard of unicef was from kids that made fake unicef collection cans and went around on Halloween, just like the regular ones did.  They made lots of money.

Now I realize that those kids may be the people running the big shows now.

If I want to do something of a charitable nature, I will.  I'm thinking of collecting for UNICEF this Halloween.  You can send checks or cash.

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