Monday, February 23, 2015

Sorry, Pat. You Are a Moron

Nothing is more heart warming than watching pampered millionaire actors include diatribes implying the depth of their struggles and extent to which they are oppressed when they give acceptance speeches on TV.

Patricia Arqurazy is no exception.  Angry, bitchy, sexist moron who does not grasp economics, history or much else.  Obviously she does not know the constitution does not single out people by sex.  She and her misguided friends do that.  Everything is separated by condition of birth, because to them you must adhere to different philosophies and moral codes according to your color or gender--if any.

Seriously, woman, you are very stupid, but you do not know this because your smart sounding friends join in your causes.  Even if they know nothing about the causes they champion.

I'm sorry she doesn't think she is paid as much as men.  We're with you.  I feel your pain.

I'm Pretty Sure Collectivist Propaganda Did This

What can possibly be the explanation?   You do know that shaving your head does nothing in the way of medical healing for others, don't you?   Walking does not do anything to cure anyone.

OK, Raise Awareness, Raise Money.

The raising of awareness only goes so far.  The rest is "Look at me!! I'm a wonderful person, so Look at me and pat me on the back."

Recently I saw a picture posted on facebook.   It was posted by a very nice friend.  We are not close close friends, but cross paths here and there.

The family had all had tattoos done on various appendages, in the cancer sufferer's handwriting--allegedly.  I couldn't read the stuff--that said I love you, or similar words.  So they all had their tattooed arms and legs and feet somehow in the center of the pic.  They did this to help her fight cancer.

WTF?  If I have cancer and anyone gets a tattoo or otherwise makes a scene for solidarity, I'm getting my grandpa's .22 out and I am going to shoot them.  Maybe just in the tattoo.  Or if they shave their heads, they better run far away.

Why do people play this nonsense game?  If you really cared you'd do something useful like go to college, or educate yourself, then research and figure out a solution.  Or just cut the grass, make dinner, do my laundry.

I hate the charity game as it is played.  I do not hate charity. I like kindness, grace, and all of that.  I often empty my pockets for someone if I think it will ease their present pain in some way.

But I hate the Jerry Lewis style thing of "Look at these poor pathetic excuses of humanity.  That could be your kid.  Give money so you don't feel guilty, and make a big grandstand play out of it.  Get a tattoo so everyone will know you are all up in the solidarinosc empowerment and stuff."

It has as much sense to it as Obama apologizing for the Crusades.  Or condemning them, not sure what that was.

I couldn't say WTF? to my friend because...CANCER!!!  Come on. It is heartbreaking when people get sick or leave the building.  But to call everyone a victim is bullshit.  They have that disease.  I guess you can go the victim route.  I am no more a victim of whatever illnesses I have than I am a victim of a weather event.  Victim just seems the wrong word.  But, like hero, it is used too broadly because we want it to apply to everyone.

If you are a victim, you can suspend normal boundaries and get special stuff.  You can act out your anger and it is OK because you are a victim.

How did people get so completely separated from reality?  And for someone like me to see the need to point it out.  Holy smoke.  I thought I had issues with what is real.  I'm living in a nation of Lalalanders.  Incredible.

They actually implied this tattoo thing has played a part in her cancer not being as bad as it could be.  F'ing nuts!!

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