Friday, April 3, 2015

The Weird, The Good, and The Other

Everything at work is always changing.  I'm not too sure the new manager sees my value, but then that makes two of us, many times.

I could be wrong.  Neglecting to tell me when people are leaving and other schedule changes is a little like your parents moving while you are at school, without leaving a forwarding address.

In other news, the Marine wants me to record more in the studio on Monday.  I will try to make it.

Sande wants to record tomorrow morning.  It is a home rig, and I don't know the details.  If I am not running it or don't own it, I leave it to others.  Whenever home recording is done, if you aren't careful everyone wants to be in charge and have their input.  Play your part and let the engineer handle the rest.  Don't get involved until the very last, and only then if you have to.   That works best for me.

Tomorrow morning, Diego, the guy from Mockingbird, is bringing his equipment to Sande's and he's engineering the session.  It is his equipment, and he has volunteered this.  I definitely trust this guy's judgement and artistry.  I am so surprised he is doing this.  Huge compliment in my book.

Next week, house sitting, with Max, the Great Pyrenees. He is about my size, but stronger and has better temper control.  He gets his feelings hurt or he just stubbornly won't move sometimes.  That is about as vicious as he gets.  Pouting and stubbornness.  Mostly he is just nice.  But this is a huge challenge for me because I have to worry about leaving him every time I go away.  He's not alone for 12 hours at a shot, so I have to work to avoid super long times away.

If only I could rest all that time.  But I can't.  Maybe the killer pill is doing its job and I will be feeling better with more energy.  That can happen I think.

For some reason the playing is useful, but I realize I get embarrassed around my non-musician friends.  I feel stupid like an old show biz sort who never did anything.  All I do is play for no discernible reason, and some people like it well enough that they either ask me to join their projects or they come listen. It happens.  But last night I was embarrassed at end of night.

My friends and I took Uber from Pt Loma.  They made me play for the driver. Then they wanted me to play an be recorded when we got to their house.  I decided to quit saying no to them or arguing so I just did as asked.  But then I felt stupid.  I know that was no one's intent. But it is not quite who I am or want to be.  Maybe it is who I am and that freaks me out and makes me deeply sad.

I have no time for sadness.  Besides now is no time for that.  If I can keep a level of joy or positive attitude going, I believe my system has a better chance of stabilizing and not killing me quick.

There is work to be done on the job, too.  And I know I am still up against Uriah Heap and his mom, and the rest of their crew at work.  So strange how people will turn and betray for the most petty of rewards or goals.  It is pitiful.  I would hate to be like that.

Maybe I will end up making money another way. Or not.  I cannot get any worse or work will for sure be out the window.  This way it is only a maybe.  And maybe not.

I thought the studio engineer and producer hated me because they said nothing to me between takes, only to the lead guitar who was laying down tracks simultaneously with me.  Turns out the silence was due to the fact that they liked what I was doing but wanted something different out of the guitar.  So, it was opposite to what I thought.  I have to watch that. I am of that kind of easily hurt feelings when nothing of the sort is intended.  I try not to let that happen too much.

So, it is all complimentary and lucky for me.  But it is hard to meet commitments.  All this last minute stuff.  I have to do the house and Max.  It is the least I can do for people who have been so kind and loyal and supportive.  Max and I will have a little retreat and get in touch with our inner selves and the soul of the universe.  We'll be doing yoga and tai chi, and maybe some salsa dancing.

I hope he doesn't start barking at birds or cats.  At least his bark sounds like an innocent, possibly slow witted predator, rather than a vicious one.  But he is smart in that he knows what you are talking about so it makes conversation easier.  He knows all.  Except he's a little superstitious.

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