Monday, October 24, 2011

The Ad That Would Put Romney In The Big White Crib

This Bad Lip Reading video ought to be his campaign ad. They have videos of other candidates, too. They've got Obama doing a rap (which is not so far off of things I've seen from him and Hilary when they want to be homeys in da 'hood). Still, it would be better than usual campaign ads.

I think all of them should just use the bad lip reading version of their exploits--far more entertaining and coherent. Besides, they would offer as much, or more, reasonable criteria for making a voting judgement as people generally possess before visiting the polls.

I've never found Mitt so personable and engaging. None of his other appearances did anything other than leave me cold, and mistrustful of him. This one, though, won me over. I'd vote for a guy who talks like that.

Ballistic House Party

My guitar friend and his singer wife, 2 of the members of Copper Creek with whom I play, had an afternoon, early evening party on Sunday. It was an Oktoberfest theme but I just showed up as I normally do. No little funny clothes or any of that.

K set up the PA out on the deck and lots of people got up and sang and played. We played a little bit, but not that much. Some chick claims she has a video of me doing my Oaxaca jam. That's when I jam off of a riff from a song I wrote that has been titled All I Ever, Fly Away With You, and Oaxaca. It actually has words but we do it without any. I guess it is my chance to try to let loose and let off steam, and show off on a good day.

Mostly it is a bit of a release. We don't do much that requires me to let go and I need to every now and then. So far I haven't seen the video, so I have no idea exactly what I did or even how long I did it. Judging from response, it may have been OK. I felt kind of OK but still felt like I didn't hit the stride I always crave in such situations. It felt better than not doing it at all.

Here's a picture someone took. I hold a harmonica different than you are supposed to. Different than anyone I've ever seen, and I do the hand stuff left handed instead of right. Just the way it works out. If that wasn't me I'd be captioning the photo, "do you think these folks know I'm really up here picking my nose?" I wasn't, of course.

In spite of all I did enjoy that Cminor jam. It's nice that the guitar players put up with it. They have to lay down the progression and they never know when I'm going to stop because I often let it get way quiet like it is about to end, then I rip into harder than before.

I'm not that great a player, really, but I am somewhat different, and that is all I can say on that.

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