Monday, October 29, 2012

A Darwinian Opportunity

My feeling on the matter of private firearms, home made weapons and looting is this:  while maybe not making it mandatory---any shooting, destruction or battering of looters should be lauded.  No stupid trial or hindrance should be forced on those who shoot those who use storms to rob the community, whether they be invading homes or business.

Some say, "Oh but is it worth a life over material things like laptops and TVs?".   Yes.  Those lives are a detriment to the rest of the living, and if it is known that you can shoot looters in the act with impunity then maybe only the dumbest and most worthless of looters will go down.

I'm almost certain you can't make a case that the world is a better place with those creeps in it.

If this topic comes up and they hear my view, I wonder if they'll want me on a jury when I go Wednesday for jury duty.  I suspect not.

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