Saturday, April 4, 2009

Clearing The Mind Clutter; Coast to Coast

The benefit of working until dark is that I can often listen to Coast to Coast radio on the way home. When I decide I don't want to hear any more of the latest Obama adventures into global madness and the oneness of statism, this is a good way to clear my mind.

Tonight, being Saturday, they have old Art Bell episodes. I prefer the ones post 911 for some reason. It appears things just aren't the same since then and things prior to that date feel like another world; one that is gone for good. We've been on the rapid move toward fascism and socialism ever since, and willingly so. At least enough were willing that questioning things paints one as a fringe character, domestic terror risk, probable militia member, or outright kook. Even so, I don't feel as comfortable listening to anything pre-911. Nostalgia makes me uncomfortable. Good memories are fine but I find reliving some things depressing. I'm more nostalgic for times prior to my birth, so I guess it doesn't qualify as nostalgia or living in my own past.

OK. So, tonight's episode was from 2002. I don't know the name of the guest or even what his particular specialty is/was. At one point they were talking about finds in N.America of large, 7 or 8 foot, humanoid skeletons in burial mounds, and other organized spots for placing the quiet and inactive of our neighbors.

The Art guest claimed there were pre-existing mines under the ones we made when first mining coal and copper and such. All this indicated a sophisticated society predating even most of what we think of as Native Americans. Most cultures, even oldie goldies, came from some place else, then they got displaced by some interloper group, and sometimes that group fell to yet other interlopers. Modern bad guys, the evil us, aren't really the only beneficiaries, in history, of good land got by overrunning the less astute in the ways of war or technology, or simply taking advantage of the power greater numbers can bring.

That's the trouble with modern civilization, one of the ills anyway; people are all hell bent on being the holy tribe. So, in our case, first those who sailed from Europe were conquering heroes, the Chosen tribe, then the tide turned so that the vanquished became the holy ones. A lot of truth and a lot of bullshit in both cases. The main point is that there is always a need to have a villain and an innocent victim. Fact and nuance be damned.

No telling if any of what they were discussing has any validity, but it does give a sense of the flow in the dog eat dog world of the population and development of the planet. Now that everyone knows it is round and roughly where everything is, it takes the charm out of conquering the infidel. Or so you'd think. The game and the rules, if any, have changed. In a way I'd love to live to see it all, and then again, I'm happy to know I won't.

Here we go. I went from Art Bell and Atlantis or shadow people right back to raging against the things that I was trying to avoid. This could be serious. It's why people spend lots of time doing church stuff. Obviously I'm unbalanced.

This is what drives people to sail the oceans in a 20' boat. It takes forever, you might not make it, and you have too much reality to occupy your mind to be concerned with the insanity of governments and people who like to run the lives of others. And steal their money and loved ones.

At least I have one useful tip; the True Value in the nearby town sells Watco Teak Oil for over 50 cents less than the Poway Home Depot. That's a tip you can take to the bank.

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