Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Pretty Sure Doctors are Secretly Government Workers

One of the coolest things about the poison pill I take, and probably will be urged to continue taking, hopefully in reduced dosage, is the zany list of possible side effects.

We have the usual; possible hair loss, confusion, depression, unplanned travel between dimensions, fatigue, insomnia, priapism, impotence, blurry vision, did I mention confusion?  I made up the ones about priapism and impotence, just to confuse the jihadis who may be stalking me.

The real kicker, and I did not make this up, is that one of the possible side effects is cancer.  That's right.  The drug for cancer lite may result in cancer not so lite, and of varying types.  That is pretty cool.  I smoked for a zillion years so that probably was higher risk behavior.  It has been over a year and seven months.  Never since I started smoking did I ever quit for so long.

And I am not contemplating starting up again.   I can't afford it and it carries to many attendant issues, like burning clothes, smelling, have to go to places of ridicule and derision in order to smoke,  No thanks,

But I still get the thrill of living on the edge by taking the pill to end all wars, or pills, or etc.

Of all the things I've heard that would get me worked up, it isn't anything I can even attribute to a name, although it is very much in the progressive camp.  What I find most disturbing is when people claim you do not have a right to state your opinions if they consider them offensive, not constructive or whatever.  I've heard people say, "They shouldn't be allowed to say that!"

Once again I attribute it to their greed for power.  Small minded people cannot resist the thrill of seeing others forced to do things, not do things, or otherwise have their behavior controlled by the state.  I'm talking things that do not infringe on the rights of people who push such things.  Rationales are always offered in a weak attempt to hide the power lust and lack of reasonable justification for such state sanctioned bullying.  

If you think like me you get a pass on everything; lying stealing, attributing a coordinated attack to an unknown video, etc.  That is how things are at this time.  But, what difference does it make?

Speaking of which, the reps better watch it with cheap shots at Hilary. Warren is right there to snatch the nomination.  The press would give her at least the pass they gave Obama.  Probably cut her even more slack.  And if she runs against someone like Bush, it is doomsday.  Don't say I didn't warn you.

All these people who use the word "corporation" to push for government control of use of resources, including money.  It screws everyone but angry dimwits are just sure that forcing people is somehow better than the perceived abuse of the Corporation.  That is just cronyism which thrives becauee people allow their government far too much power.  Like that Texas cop.

Which one?  I know.  The one who pulled the woman who switched lanes without a blinker.  I have rarely seen cops signal when changing lanes, and I keep track of such things.  Her behavior is irrelevant.  She is dead because people are clueless and hate freedom.  How sick is that?

I'll take the side effects of the poison pill over the side effects of wars on poverty and drugs and choice any day.

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