Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Snowball In Paradise

Decided to get away further out in the country than even ballistic mountain.   Not that far away, really.

So, there I was on a pull-out place along the sunrise parkway or whatever it is.  Then, just as I was searching for vehicles or occupants to pelt with snowballs, I spotted this warning from The State.

Holy smoke!!  If I couldn't read, I might be doing time!  Of course, I didn't see any vehicles or occupants for about twenty minutes, but you never know; if I were totally illiterate, I might make up for it by being patient.

I was able to send the photo from my allegedly smart phone to my computer via bluetooth once I was back home.  I'm still wondering about the phone, but it may be useful if I start an independent money making enterprises, or hit the road.  I'll have to ditch it if I become a fugitive because I think They can track these things.  Google may do no evil, but they sure enable a lot of it.

I made a video but I don't like it so I'll have to do another smarty phone video.  It is rather good quality.  Makes sense.  The typical phone is just a handheld computer.

I'm mildly surprised that the sign didn't have fine print explaining that in California snowballs have been shown to be a carcinogen and that they contribute to global warming.  Lots of items and substances ignored by others are flagged on products here with the "in California" caveat.  That is because no one else subscribes to the degree of junk science which is used by special interests and politicians here.

Anyway, I certainly dodged a bullet on that one.

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