Sunday, July 11, 2010

Degenerative Evolution

When people make excuses for ill informed hate peddlers you have to wonder what is going on. My take is that more and more, people are incapable of understanding and applying universal principles in the realm of human events. Human, not Black Power, White Power, Girl Power, or Gay power.

The insanity that comes of condescension and elitist reasoning leads ultimately to hatred, frustration and violence. That is because such patronization assumes the ignorant will and should remain so. Pretending intellectual dadaism is brilliant thought does not make it so. It is cruel, in a way, to feed such things in order to foster a false sense of self worth. In the end it is dangerous and destructive. Look around and you see the product of such arrogance.

Deep down, people know when they are being given what is not earned, when those who can credit them with skills they don't possess, creativity which is devoid of substance. Sometimes that knowledge is so far down that they almost believe the lie themselves. The inner conflict created leads the dupe to resent those who give him the unearned status of thinker, artist, social guru, whatever the case may be.

This way of things has come full circle. The big pretense has now given rise to ever growing racism. KKK, the New Black Panthers, and a host of other idiots who band together to hate everyone else because they can't deal with their own inadequacies. Pretending to have a just cause, to be victims and threatened leads to the attitude that any act against "the other" is justified, right and holy. It is a far easier road than just legitimately getting by and taking responsibility for one's self.

There's usually an element of truth in the complaints, and a large amount of fiction, faulty logic and refusal to apply a principle uniformly. It is all about power over others. People who do not believe in wielding power over others are not that vulnerable to such sickness. Those who would embrace such power, no matter how it is achieved, are very vulnerable to joining in lockstep with any activity which promotes a culture based on condition of birth rather than merit. Some relatively intelligent people can't resist that. It shows a smallness of character to think in terms of promoting the politics of gender race or sexual proclivity.

If one actually believes freedom of choice is the logical, natural path toward the best human condition then he/she is not going to be pushing the politics of ethnicity, or sex. Either everyone has the same right to choose his path, live life according to personal choice (as long as those choices don't prevent others from doing the same), or else they don't have that right. If they don't then you can't very well claim that is a free society. Those people are not free.

Watching the cracker haters burn the flag, and similar groups spout their complaints, it is clear that racists breed racists, and they love nothing more than to get like minded idiots in other groups to react. Coddling any of these is not the job of government, and will lead to more of these calls to violence toward people based on race and ethnicity. The fact that these people do not represent any significant number of the group they say they are saving gets lost. I think that is because those in power find these creeps useful in their never ending thirst for power, and search for excuses to grab more power in the name of protecting us.

I'm not sure if the best approach is to ignore these people or beat the piss out of them every time they make a public spectacle of themselves. Maybe some degree of both approaches. I do not think trying to reason with hate groups is worth the time. They are not reasonable people. They want attention and power. When they see they have neither and that people recognize tolerance of differing viewpoints does not include tolerating calls for hate crimes, maybe they will settle for robbing banks or exercising their cowardly hate in some other way.

Just a theory. Thinking they would ever honestly look at the truth is too much to expect. If they did, they'd not be doing what they do.

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