Saturday, December 3, 2011

Decisions and Reality

Can't do too much computer time or reading. A little eye situation arose.

To head off real trouble they nuked a vital piece of optical apparatus contained within my own seeing equipment with a laser (I say that with air quotes and pronounce it "Lay Zar" like Dr Evil).

If all goes well then I am able to take a road trip in two weeks. The catch is that this process was expensive and I used my trip money for it. I baragained the best I could and paying on the spot saved me five or six hundred dollars. I say saved me money but I don't feel like I saved much because I really mean I paid less than if I worked out a time thing or was billing insurance.

I see well and all that, but these sudden floater things nicked a tiny bit of the big disc behind them, so the spot weld the thing with a lay zar to prevent hypopoly fallingoffadaplaceitbelongs. There is a healing period involved and I'm not sposed to do much comuter and the like or do things which jar my eyes like bang my head on the floor or play blues harp the way I do. I tend to be a bit physical in that endeavor. One friend described it; "you play very aggressively".

It was one of those things which is best done right now, not later. I went for a follow up exam due to another exam which was the result of an initial exam. The actually stayed late to go ahead and do the deed right then and there. Basically a prevetative measure which is much easier than that which was being prevented.

The guy had a cool picture of BB King hugging his guitar. His son drew it with charcoal and something, maybe flax. Very good drawing.

So, now, do I dig up money from places I wanted to leave it and have even less later on than I already do? Hard to say. I may not see all my family together like this again, so I think do it if all heals as expected.

Once again I am kind of fortunate. Various circumstances led to catching this so early that it could be dealt with quickly with no open backed gowns or very costly, much more risky procedures. It is an inconvenience but it may also be one of those things that is needed to get my attention and cause me to deal with things differently. I know I need to do that.

I am also grateful for the less than 1% who invented technology, and perfected it to the point that they can shoot a light beam in your eye which doesn't affect any tissue except at the pin point place where they focus the beam. Would I care if they are mega rich as a result? No I would not. I do not care if they recycle or if they give to charity or if they drive gas guzzling vehicles with bad mufflers. They benefit the world more than all the celebrity preachers who tell you how to live combined.

And it is in one way or another an offshoot of a capitalist economic system that these things get done. Granted, there is corruption in the world and it often, if not always, involves governmental types using their power to skew the free market so that they get money and power from those they help. Hating everyone who creates things and gets rich is the wrong place to vent anger at the corrupt syndrome described.

I better stop. I won't proofread. Fingers are crossed that I can hit the road soon. If not, maybe it will prove to be some benefit in ways I can't see pr predict at this time. I bet I do make the trip.

It is not a situation which would be helped b medicinal or illicit marijuana. In a way that is good--one less expense.

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