Saturday, October 3, 2009

Tennis Tip, and no telling what

Whether the ball is one of those fast low ones that bounces before it gets to you, or just a line drive, step aside and let the racket connect, do not, under any circumstances stop it with your groin parts.
If you have no crank and sprocket puller for the bike and you want that stuff off of there, just undo the nut holding it and then ride up the street. After about a block it will all fall off.
If a person drives one of those gigantic war wagons, like Ford Explosion, Perdition or whatever. for the sole reason that he and/or she thinks it will be safer in case it hits someone, and then drives as if it doesn’t matter what it hits, no turn signals and no logical reason for various maneuvers, then that person should be registered and outed they way they do sex offenders. Maybe like fishing, there should be a license required for dimwittedness at large. Use the money to tear down intersection cameras used to ticket those unaware that the duration of the yellow light has been shortened.
Why would anyone except hotdog or peanut vendors want the Olympic games in their crowded city? In the case of Chicago, they have iffy weather, overbooked airports which are notorious for delays and having a normal schedule which, if all went perfectly, O’Hare could not actually accommodate on time. It is not clear that the investment required would yield a return even close to the break even level.

The Olympic committee must be peopled by nut cases. They pass on one high crime, difficult place, for an even crazier place. Rio is more able to lay down martial law, sweep the streets of the riffraff, and generally do a China style routine to keep it all pretty. Plus they have the beach and all those hot chicks, and no telling what diseases.

No doubt the benefit of hosting the games is something only a few of the in crowd ever experience. The corruption in that must be extreme. The mayor’s buddies and their cousins get the juicy contracts while any normal living thing which gets in the way is bulldozed.

Due to the vulnerability from a security standpoint, and the level of corruption already present in most big cities and in federal circles, I am glad the USA is out of that one. Why cities like NYC and Chicago bid is a mystery. It made sense for the winter Olympics to hold it at Lake Placid or places like that, but what is the point in a crowded urban area in which many lives have to be disrupted to accomplish the logistics of making it work? Why not just hold them in Afghanistan or somewhere like that?

When Mayor Daly is disappointed, you can bet he missed picking some pockets. So sorry. I feel his pain.

I have no doubt much tax money would have gone toward the effort, and arguments would abound regarding job creation. Temporary at best. Tax can be spent in better ways, or even cut to let the people have a break which yields more lasting results anyway.
Sometimes my communication options on Ballistic Mountain do not function well at all. That may be a relief to the weary, I don’t know.
Free floating anger is a strange thing, but it happens. It usually turns inward so a person like me rages inside at himself for no discernible reason.

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