Thursday, February 12, 2009

More Mush Thoughts

Since making the decision to change everything so that my life felt like something other than an inward apology for breathing the air, creating a Gorish (Al) carbon footprint, I've learned a lot which sheds light on the past. Much of it is just definition which I probably knew deep down anyway. It's technical and few people would understand or be interested. It helps to realize certain things. It makes effective compensation a lot easier.

At points in my history I have noticed, and friends have sometimes commented, that people tend to treat me rather well. I've had my share of betrayers in one way or another but that's not a big issue. Most of the time it isn't so hard to see if you open your eyes. Certainly it is not as noteworthy as the better treatment. I'm somewhat spoiled in that way if I take in the big picture over the years. I've had to learn lessons over and over for reasons unrelated to how others behave. It is not so much their fault. I just didn't know what was what. People will be how they will be.

The subject came up in conversation last night that in general people tend to treat me rather well. My friend commented that she'd noticed that. It just seems to happen. At times it irks acquaintances or bystanders in my life. That's when trouble ensues.

I think I used to feel bad for getting special perks in that way to please those who resent such things. Mistake. Anyone who resents affection or kindness because they aren't the target is a nincompoop. I like to see good things come to good people. And there are a lot of good people.

There does seem to be an inner thing which requires maintaining for continuity of the good luck to exist. I don't know, maybe it is that SoCal new age mojo getting to me. I don't really think so, though. It's probably easier to think things are OK if you don't feel like there are a myriad of requirements from life, or for life to be OK. There are a few more changes I'd like, additions and subtractions to what is, but overall I have to say I feel more enthusiastic about waking up in the morning as time goes on. I've got plenty I could panic over, but for some reason that feels unacceptable. It's just as easy to be kind of content. I paid the rent again, and that is one of the things that makes me happy.

Separating true needs from wants and putting the wants in the gravy category puts a good perspective on things. Right now I have what I need and more. I'd like even more of the gravy but it would be bratty to decide I can't be happy without it. It's quite a wonder I'm even alive considering how many close calls I've had. They've not been health related, just the sort of thing you generally don't survive. Several were obvious and dramatic.

Oh well. Tennis has unexpectedly caught my fancy. I think I'll learn to play well enough to beat my friends. Or at least hang in with people over 50 or so. Next year it's going to be snow boarding. And we have to get some sort of kayaking or small cat sailing in there too. That's all gravy.

Other more interesting items in the gravy column are expected, but not demanded. This last however many months--9?--has been kind of magical. It makes me think more is at play in life than meets the eye.

Flushing Out The Truth--etc

It has been said, and not only by me, that I live a strange life. The word entertaining should often be included in that description. Recent work at the secret compound of Daddy Warbucks has been interesting.

People other than DW often stay there; relatives and associates, I assume. I just do what is in front of me to do and don't have direct involvement with the owner or his cohorts, so far. The last group only broke a few things. One of which was a trip bar thing that makes the toilet flush. Of course it is of a type that is not typical so the rather generic piece is not like those in the water closets of lesser folks. It seemed a simple issue when I agreed to solve the problem. Fortunately there is some time between now and the next visitors.

Maybe I'll have to make the part. I can't even find anyone who has that size brass or bronze rod. So, a ten minute job has involved hours of searching and driving and emails to Fancy Toilets R Us. If they reply, I will be happy. It's good to be hooked up where odd things break, requiring one who is good with odd fixes.

There's a rabbit out back who is lucky I'm so sporting. He was a long way off before I tried to nail him with my slingshot. I hit all around him then gave up. At that distance it probably would have only startled the creature anyway. I thought he'd make a good hat. I could fold down his ears over mine in cold conditions, like those hats Inca musicians wear in the subway. Canadians wear them too I think. Not all, but some.

I'm really taken back by this witch hunt on Michael Phelps. It's a case of law enforcement totally losing sight of their legitimate purpose. They can't be blamed considering the administrators of government have forgotten their legitimate purpose. What a waste of tax money. How people can condone such police state shenanigans is beyond me.

Hopefully I won't have to go around saying, "Free Michael", like when I was saying "Free Martha" after she was railroaded by tyrants and a kangaroo court. Piss off the wrong people and they bar no holds.

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