Saturday, December 31, 2016

I Get Reset

My disdain for new year's madness is not bias against second chances, resets,  or rebirth in any form. It only makes sense that everyone's reset situation be different.  Well spread out anyway.  My new year is not January 1.   I was born in February.  If resets work best at end of one cycle and entering another,  one's birthday should be more appropriate than the one size fits all new year hooplah.

If this is how we acknowledged the cycles then it would be too spread out for the sort of mass inebriation all at once that new year's eve yields.  I wonder how that works.  I guess we are better off with one universal calendar.  But the year end thing is poorly done.  Maybe there is a classier way to celebrate it.  So far I see no trend in that direction.

OK. Here's An Example of What Irks Me

Here we go, making up stuff and writing it all over a picture of Leonardo DiCaprio toasting something.  It is from some movie.  I guarantee he was not saying what is written on the photo as if he is saying it.  No, he just has that smirky, knowing look.  It is a facial expression, and use of body language which seems to know something.  But it is acting.

Every time you turn around some Leo pic toasting is circulated with inane text espousing some viewpoint that Leo is not pushing.  It gives it weight though to have that authoritative yet whimsical personality in the image.  Actors sometimes have a presence that just makes you believe whatever they are selling.  That includes male and female.  I think some females don't like the word actress.  I can see that.  Not sure it matters.

You never know.  People get all wound up over nothing and then think they have a right to harass the culprit who does something egregious like wear a Trump shirt of some kind.  People are getting rabid like never before over this election.  It is bizarre.

But take it from Leo

No.  I will bet into triple digit dollars that Leo did not say these things.  None of it.  I just think not.  

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