Wednesday, May 8, 2013

I Did Tell You So

Way back in September of 2012, maybe forty years ago in Jay Carney Years, I remember expressing extreme skepticism and disbelief upon hearing the story that an unknown cartoon of a video had sparked an attack on the embassy in Benghazi.   "It was a demonstration and a spontaneous attack in response to a hateful, insulting video", said Hillary and a host of others.  (similar words. this is close enough)

I watched the video, which was really a kind of disjointed trailer, and hilarious in it's odd green screen work.  The Prophet (pbuh) was standing in mid air and everything was off.  It was not hateful, just weird.

Anyway, I said I did not believe anyone ever watched the video until they made it the scapegoat for the attack.  Turns out, there was no demonstration, only attack, and one that included stuff not commonly carried to a protest, even over there; artillery, mortars and that type of thing.

Obama and Hillary apologized time and time again for it. The big O even lamented that he couldn't ban such things because his hands were tied by US law, and pesky freedoms individuals are guaranteed.   That struck me odd at the time, and odd now.

It is even odder since all the evidence suggests that our people knew from day one that this was one of those radical islamic events and not a protest.  So, how they get out of being cited for outright deception, I don't know.  Presidents and their administrations, and most all other branches of our government have made deception a fine art for quite some time.  Few administrations have enjoyed the lack of real accountability this one has, although they still managed to a point beyond the line of decency.

I think it is every bit as significant as Watergate, although I don't know of any dead bodies involved in that one.  Poor Barack, first people got killed due to the bizarre gun scheme known as Fast and Furious, and now this.  With help from the comedians who have become the major source of news for a generation, the powers that be have successfully stifled much legitimate criticism by classing those who dare question the king as right wing kooks, conspiracy theorists, and, of course, as racists.

People do conspire and cover things up.  Questioning that is considered weirdo conspiracy theorizing.  Sometimes weird conspiracies do happen.  Painting any such inquiry and questioning as mental illness is pure propaganda.

Perhaps things will get interesting.  Not holding my breath.  DC is a place of blackmail, extortion, theft, and worse.  To think this is a democrat vs republican thing may be a mistake.  I have a feeling some of the top gop'ers will pretend to be truth seeking while actually melting into the typical republican nonsense, as is the way of the Boehners, McCains, and apparently Rubios.

Big O advised the grads at a university the other day not to pay any attention to the man behind the curtain.  He told them to pay no heed to those who warn of tyranny in their government.  He's probably right.  It is too damn late, and what can you do?  Not that he meant it that way.

Even Eisenhower warned of it, in his own way.  The place was established by people who were paranoid of tyrants, Barry!  Geez.  That is the whole idea.  Always, the ruling elite, and governments of all types, have tended to increase and solidify their power and control over their citizens.  And it has always become a real threat to the innocent who just want to live, work, create and have sex in peace.

I am actually becoming a little bit worried.  The healthcare thing is going to be trouble for me, and one day I may be a criminal because I don't have insurance and refuse to do business with the exchanges or have the government decide whether I qualify for their help or not.  Actually it would be your help if you are a taxpayer.  In my mind I'd be a criminal for being too polite to force you to pay for my medical needs.

What a pain it is being me.  If I could be like most people, I would not think this way at all.  As it is, I can't let my pragmatism outweigh what I consider a matter of honor.  And I don't care if you or John Stewart or anyone else thinks that makes me fodder for ridicule.

However these things go, be wary of trusting republicans to be a reliable alternative.  In many ways they are far less oppressive, but in others they are moreso.

In the EU they are trying to make it so you can only plant approved seeds.  This is like a Monsanto wet dream, and the language of pretending it is "for your own good" is highly bizarre and transparent.  We are probably right behind them.  It is possible that Joe, the organic gardener and horticulturalist, could be a criminal for using his own seeds and hybrids and such.

Maybe the Save the Planet slogan will change to Save the Prison.  Whatever the case, I hope people will suspend their unconditional Obama worship, or gop opposition worship, long enough to see how boldly corrupt the people with the guns are.

And you wonder why I don't want laws limiting the lunatic public from being armed however they see fit?  I trust my friends and neighbors more than I trust the feds or the state.  I trust gangs and thugs about the same as I trust the people who now control the country and my state.


Modern government in the USA punishes the innocent for the crimes of the vile and defective, in one way or another.  And always, they reward themselves.  The constitution was supposed to limit their power but it only works if anyone pays attention to it, which they don't.  The world of the book, 1984, will be paradise compared to our future if the path doesn't change.

But I will find ways to indulge in mischief and enjoyment from time to time regardless.   I feel it my obligation not to let anyone or anything outside myself prevent me from appreciating being alive.

the end

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