Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Such a Slacker

All these people on the email forum for seem to have endless energy to delve into medical minutiae which glazes my eyes in less than a second.  Am I just too stupid?

Of course, I don't believe that.  I could have been an Air Guard pilot, allegedly (I was a civilian licensed pilot) , or a doctor, and that means I have plenty of ego and think I'm real dang smart.  (airline and military pilots, and doctors are known among therapists as the hardest ones to treat because they are each, as a group, extreme ego maniacs, with a hint of a God complex. They know they are just a little better)  But I have never been one who enjoys cataloging boring facts so I can convince people I know something.   Deriving facts is another thing.  That can interest me.

But I'm hip to the abbreviations in the world of myleoproliferative neoplasms (MPN) for the most part.  I only read what seems to apply or what might be useful.  It is happening, and I am fighting it; the allure of becoming a healthcare hobbyist.

It only seems right that I be informed an all that.  It may be I am still trying to cultivate a healthy case of denial.  I like denial, when I buy it.   Every once in awhile there is talk of "raising awareness", etc.
It is disconcerting that so few physicians are really in tune with this set of diseases and the symptoms.
I think the guy I deal with is on top of things.
They are having a big conference, or convention, at a medical place in AZ.  Scottsdale?  Don't know. That place has a lot of experts on these conditions.   Cutting edge, etc.  Doctors, patients, families? From near and far.  Got the whole lodging and itinerary worked out.  Better sign up now while there are still rooms available.

I would rather spend a road trip or vacation another way, at this point.   Not time or money for either so a moot point.

There are things that can probably be done to make life better.  They are things that I have to do.

Health care hobbyist.  Did I not tell someone out there to shoot me if I ever showed signs of becoming one?

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