Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Animals for the Ethical Treatment of People

Not a great acronym in that, AETP.  I guess you pronounce it, "eat pea".  Or not.

If this caught on, it could be a good thing.  Here on Ballistic mountain, coyotes have already been organizing, and policing some offenders.

They have been talking to rabbits and deer, who have survived egregious violations of right of way with automobiles.  You can't just slam into someone out of nowhere, then claim they didn't yield to a pedestrian.

So, the coyotes have taken several violators--those who don't respect property--to task.  And then they ate them.

Good Job, AETP
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If power is the ultimate aphrodisiac, then I'd like to get some in case I find use for it.   What they really mean is, if you have power, and you are a man, then women will come out of the woodwork to distract you.  Probably the same if you're a woman, but not quite.

At any rate, I think the general's mistress is probably quite hot in person, but not one who cares if you destroy yourself stroking her ego.  And yours.   It is not so shocking.  I thought it was required for old school officers who've seen combat to sport around.   Well, I guess maybe not.

I figure a lot of this goes on in power circles.  More than in real life.  Not sure I care.  But it may not be good for the guy to be discussing business with a mistress.  It would be really cool if she were part of a spy ring.

What would make it extra confusing would be if she was working for a country like Canada or Australia.  Imagine all the spin and theory that would generate.  No one would be able to make sense of it.  If I ran those countries, I'd do that just to mess with people.

You don't want to get nabbed doing any real bigtime spying because they might do you in or lock you up forever.

OK.  People in power usually have extremely hungry egos.   It is so easy for a man to sucker for the other woman when ego, place, stress, etc all line up, which they do frequently.  After a few drinks, one may be convinced all those things have lined up whether or not they have.  In your confusion, you let the femme fatale lead you astray.  You turn to her for guidance and she compromises your virtue.

That's how it works.  Those who've lost all shred of direction do things like send emails which are self damning if read by anyone but the party who should be off limits anyway.  And, it seems bizarre, but all of a sudden, the whole world is talking about your dumb affair.

I still say she's hot just to look at without prior knowledge of her lust for power without risk.  All it can do is elevate her celebrity and possibly sell books.   Don't know if it will improve or damage her love life.

What if someone paid her to seduce him?  Someone tried to do that to me one time, believe it or don't.  I almost did.  The same people made sure I had plenty to drink.  The whole thing was actually planned by a psychopath coworker who saw me as a threat.

It is, and has been, a strange life.

But that is the way of nature.  The deer who bump into cars, then go limping off, get eaten up because they are dumb, inconsiderate and easier to catch than the smart deer who don't run into cars, end up out of the gene pool, and off the highway.  Thus, justice is served, yet the aggrieved are in no way reimbursed for their trouble and property damage.  This is nature.


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