Tuesday, May 8, 2012

How Many Trillion in Debt and Alarmed Over What?

People are sometimes annoyed at me--well one or two people--because I tend to question or point out items that governments take upon themselves to monitor or control, which I think they have no business even considering. I realize we elect people to office and the theory is that we are the government.

I do not, however, recall how it came under the purview of we the people, or they the government to oversee my body fat index. As if this country is not hemorrhaging money we do not have, tax dollars are spent on studies about obesity, and plans to control our behavior in the name of projected health care costs. Hey, die young and fat, and even if you run up the doctor bills a bit, it may all come out in the wash.

But that is predicated upon the dubious idea that everyone else is paying the doctor bills. See how socialism is a slippery slope? It leads to a type of thought that gives everyone the right to intrusively mind everyone else's business. And people just can't restrain themselves when that kind of power comes their way. This syndrome is quite evident already if you pay attention to various causes and efforts at changing behavior through taxation and official coercion.

It does strike me as arrogant and nervy for government officials to put out all this press about some big scare regarding obesity and the numbers they expect by 2030. Most of the House and Senate appear to be more than well fed. Maybe they just want to keep people off balance so they won't notice how they destroyed manufacturing and many other job opportunities through corrupt mismanagement, often of things they had no business managing.

I'm thinking my new belly may already be shrinking, but I encourage people to store up what they can because we're being robbed blind and run into bankruptcy, not to mention the assault on farms and food being conducted by the same people who gave us the fat police. You can take the phrase fat police two ways. Both fit.

And people wonder why I think no law is not necessarily more dangerous than governments gone wild.

I suggest buying up clothes with vertical stripes, and maybe dark colors. I hear that makes you appear thinner. You may not be pulled off to a re-education farm to reduce your BMI if you go for thin looking garb and keep a low profile.

What will be next, I wonder. If you had told me that governments would be in the business of wanting to discuss and control your diet and body fat fifteen or twenty years ago, I would have thought it was a joke.

Oh well. I don't really get angry. I just do all I can to not cooperate and to not have anything more to do with any government office or program than I have to. I hope never to utilize even medicare. I don't fault those who do. I just can't stand the forms, the people, or anything else involved with collecting a benefit from a system which I think creates its own demand. It is like me raiding my neighbor's refrigerator over and over until he can't afford to buy food, then offering to throw him some crumbs, provided he jumps through the hoops I arbitrarily design for him.

Then I point out how important my crumby program is and how much it helps. Forget that I helped create that demand. Spooky stuff.

Maybe they just came out with this in case Romney picks Christie for a running mate. It sets the stage for that being politically incorrect because he's rather over weight. Of course, I'm still supporting Ron Paul.

Not that I think it makes much difference, and I doubt things will ever be near perfect. But I like to say what I think while I still can, and often I feel cautious and paranoid about that. The western world is likely to experience a bit of upheaval in the coming years, and what shakes out may be interesting. It is unnecessary for it to have developed as it has, but it comes down to the greed for money and power of the populace as well as the people with the guns.

Constantly fighting expensive inconclusive wars takes a toll on resources. So does maintaining big blocks of dumbed down voting groups, and controlling every facet of life. They kind of go hand in hand though. Peace and freedom sound nice but people have not been educated in a way that promotes either. Their thinking has to change for those words to actually apply to the culture.

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