Thursday, August 8, 2013

Disturbing Ad

Fortunately, I don't see too many advertisements of the TV variety.  Hulu is not ad free, so I catch a few here and there.

They have a new one for Mr.Clean.  He used to just be a badass.  And you always wondered what was up with him home alone with a variety of housewives.

I don't know what happened in his life over the years, but Mr. Clean is now clearly gay.  I'll bet all the husbands decided it was alright for him to hang out with the women, alone, one on one--because they say he's gay.  We know what's what.

I don't care what that makes me.  Mr Clean was supposed to be a badass, who proved that even tough guys can shine chrome and porcelain, while swooning babes shamelessly lead him to the bedroom to see what he can clean in there..  He was the type of guy you trust to steer you right on cleaning chemicals, but not the type you trust in any other context.

Is it true he did time for manslaughter?

If memory serves he was cleaning up the crime scene when the cops arrived.   On the way to the station he cleaned the back seat and headliner of the police car.   That was one clean prison by the time he was granted parole.  He did get time off for good behavior.

I would never have guessed Mr Clean was a gay felon.  Or any kind of felon.  I thought he was just a weird clean-freak badass, that I wouldn't trust most of the time.  This may be an act to boost sales or divert attention from the manslaughter thing.  He was even hitting on some other cartoon man in the commercial.  Clean is a cad of some kind.

Mr Clean is not a name you can trust, but you can probably do alright with his cleaning formula.

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