Thursday, January 10, 2013

Dog and Pony Show Glut

I'm pretty sure that will bring spam comments for livestock and pet products.   Although, spammers have become my best and only fans.  I understand that.  I've become repetitious and possibly boring.  I'm  not sure why.  Since the Journalspace days, I've gone downhill in many ways.  Uphill in others.

If you do not see the futility of the grandstanding and pure demagoguery resulting from the Connecticut school shooting, then I doubt a logical approach to the discussion would be fruitless.  

But do take a minute to remember that the US government has been known to massacre people who were not threatening them with force.   Waco.  Kent State.  I guess Kent was the Ohio Guard.  I believe someone else triggered the gunfire there, but either way, it was wrong.  Other cases have happened, but those slaughtered were uncooperative and not good at conforming.

Those who are publicly arguing this thing are doing a piss poor job.  At least the ones who are close to my beliefs on this non-issue.  Or it should be a non issue.

In short, there is no shortage of entertainment these days if you are a fan of dog and pony shows.  Unfortunately, animal theater has never been my favorite genre.

It is hard to even talk to people these days, especially if they OD'd on the koolaid.  A friend in NYC was asking me about the place where I work, knowing that the owner is close her Lord and Master.   She gets dreamy and swoons at the mere mention of the president's name.

Yet she had to bring up "the 1%" in the discussion.    In reality, like Ed Asner and other limousine Luddites and neo-bolsheviks of that ilk, she is probably in the top 1%, financially.  This is not a person who is easy to please or who suffers reduction in standard of living gladly.  If were under the Castro/Chavez style of state that they applaud, I wonder if they realize that they may not be a part of the inner circle of elites running the show.

They think they are compassionate and cool.   Maintaining that chic edge requires looking down upon people who build companies that produce anything requiring natural resources.  Except farmers, as long as they are organic and greenish.

You've heard it before, maybe.  The 2nd amendment has nothing to do with hunting.  Never did.    The argument that all they had was muskets back then is also flawed.  That's mostly what the state had as well.  It says arms not muskets, etc.

Enough of that.  You are not any more going to reduce crime ad make people safer by blindly acting on flawed reasoning and incorrect descriptions of hardware than allowing cops to stop and search people at will served to reduce drug use.

We have new people to hate since that is easier than actually discussing the matter and using reason.  Democracy is tyranny without limits and rules.  Our limits were supposedly codified in the Constitution.  Clearly, this concept eludes most people, especially professional politicians and presidents.

That is because the lifers benefit most by continually increasing their power.   And people still love to act like the neck tie party mobs of old westerns.  Screaming and cussing at any who disagree.  No offense, but many modern union rallies, ad political rallies peopled by them, provide stark examples of this group-think phenomenon  which induces people to act according to the collective emotion of the mob without respect for life, liberty or property of others.  Not to mention rights of association, movement, etc.

That is why I shy away from demonstrations, even when I may be on their side.  I do not stop traffic or heckle individuals or shout people down.  I think it is wrong, that's why.

Someone must be buying the grandstanding.  They've been buying it forever.  Geez.  If regulation worked, people wouldn't do a lot of things they tend to do on a regular basis.

I could make the argument that I trust John Q Public with weapons more than I do government employees, on a per capita basis.  I base this upon my experience with police, some of whom were people I know.  Friends.  I also base it on the fact that out of many millions of people, it is very rare to encounter a seriously deranged maniac, though there are too many.

In government, I find every other person to show signs of a thirst to abuse power, or they simply enjoy not handling what you need.  And they often don't leave you alone when they ought.

I'm not sure that 50% estimate is accurate or not.  Because I am not sure in which direction I err, I settle for the balance point.

The tone and inflection in which "the one percent" was introduced into the conversation, mentioned above, took me aback.  It was as if I was being cued to respond in a similar tone of disdain for this hypothetical group.

I stopped cold momentarily, then tried to get back on subject.  She caught my lack of lockstep, and the entire tone of the conversation plainly changed.  We were talking things going on with us, nothing political.  We already know better than that.  But, I've noticed that if you don't ridicule who is chic to ridicule, and parrot platitudes, and love Obama, she is torn because her programming tells her to hate you, label you racist, etc.

Oh man, and I'm a white male.  She doesn't put those labels on me because she knows better, but she is perplexed by my lack of hip politics.  Not perplexed enough to discuss it rationally.   Some people make a good case for their man, even though I usually disagree with certain basic premises in their argument.  Mostly it comes down to function and scope of governments on every level; individual, local, state, federal---in order of legitimate importance and authority, from most to least.  

See? Right there, those who love to find a way to disagree, will find a way.  And those who simply don't agree for whatever reason, will have their way, as well.

Do people now pepper everything in their thoughts with political code?  I bet they have me programmed too or we wouldn't be discussing this.  We'd be profiling various musicians or discussing something cool.

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