Sunday, December 11, 2011

Old Movie Review

Two movies that I still like even today are El Mariachi and the amped up sequel, Desperado.

The thing about Desperado is I like the music as much as anything. It has that Mexican electric stuff going as well as the acoustic. Killer soundtrack.

So, for a really well done low budget flick, El Mariachi, and for a super surreal, Mexican shoot em up with great music, and Salma Hayek, who was fine as fine can be in ---damned nine is giving trouble again so I have to write it out -nineteen ninety five.

I think I would love to own the Desperado soundtrack. I'm a sucker for that Spanish sound.

Can't Play the Blues

Must be the time of year. I am finding that being in a situation which requires that I don't play my harmonica music makes me start jonesing for it.

That's just the way it goes. No way I am taking any chances. Sometimes it is smart not to push something. I've probably pushed it a little by reading when I didn't need to and using the computer right now, and a few times working I may have taken a chance or two. Soon as I realize it I back off.

I'm kind of happy at Christmas, so I wouldn't be playing the sad blues anyway. After years of people being trained not to expect anything I don't feel the pressure which depresses a lot of people. And I don't expect anything. It is a good time to appreciate friends, family, and life in the USA. Anything that is a reminder that it is OK to be kind is a good thing.

People who have known me long enough know if I have loose cash, I'll spend it on them, and if not I won't. They never know from year to year what I might do. You don't have to be rich to create a little fun. Besides, a lot of people of means have no wish for more trinkets anyway, so what's with these psychotic shopping events?

And I don't want anyone to feel like they have to give me stuff. It took a long time to figure out that most people do not care about all the gift routine, as far as insisting people give them things. It's a gesture and can be fun. When it is only a trade or some stressful way to prove something the point gets lost.

I can always use some coal, and I think a hickory switch would be cool. That's why I've been as bad as I know how. I was bad other years too but I never got the coal and hickory switch they promised to the bad kids. I don't get it.

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