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Ballistically Mobile/ Chrysler's Answer/ Blame

Although I am a bit prolific at times, to put it kindly, there are brief reprieves. Regardless of that, place is of no concern or hindrance. Where I go, this computer goes and I connect the same way as at home, mobile broadband. It was the thing I started when the big Tour began, and living in the outland cottage, it seemed of no benefit to lock into some kind of cable expense or other land line setup. The only thing I wonder is if it is worth switching to Cricket. Either way I have no contract. Millicom seems to connect even when I can't get Verizon cell signal.

That is just to explain why I may be as prolific during the FL adventure as now. I doubt it, but it could happen.


Since Chrysler is under the gun to make cars the Obama administration thinks people want, or cars they want people to want, I have a suggestion. Actually I don't think the administration or anyone in Washington has a clue what people want. They always preface statements with, "What the American people want...". Maybe they get their info from polls, but few if any ever articulate what I want from them---almost nothing. Leave me alone and back off on the laws.

So, to cut all the speculation short and put Chrysler back in the money, all they need to do is revive the Jeep Cherokee---the one that had the straight 6 engine, the manual lever for 4 wheel drive, and that's it. I think they made them up until 2000 or so. This time, don't even bother with a 2WD version.

They got decent enough milage and I'm sure some of that can be improved without killing the engine, but keep the basic design. Parts are still around and those cars would go forever. Best thing Chrysler or jeep ever made for reliability and function. Simple, useful, and they drive well enough. I think people would go for it.

They could be made more cheaply than these hybrids Obama talks about. The public does not want something that costs an arm and a leg to fix, and a bundle to purchase.

I don't mean to only pick on the rock star president. Groundwork for this insanity has been in play for awhile, and plenty of supposed opponents are right in there with the phony excuses to control mobility.

I mean really, criticisms because that lunatic Chavez accosted Barry at a meeting while he was sitting down and gave him a stupid book are absurd. It only made sense to humor the Venezuelan nutcase. Maybe there are other interactions which deserve attention, but as if on cue, so-called conservatives invariably come up with such nitwit things that it detracts from real points and makes all those who oppose totalitarianism look like lunatics. What a bunch of twits. It makes it very tough to stop the tide of misguided officialdom.

The things done in the name of Green aren't necessarily less toxic. I'm motivated by cost. If it goes a long way on a drop of gas, then it gets my attention. If it is too expensive to buy, doesn't meet my needs otherwise, then I'm not a buyer. Very simple. If I were really down with the worship of earth and hatred of humans, I'd be up in arms about the manufacturing processes and recycling complications for hybrid batteries and swirly light bulbs.

OK. I got carried away, but the deception is not that hard to see. GE is the main manufacturer of wind turbine blades. Do you think they want wind promoted, and do they want some nobody to come up with a better way? Oh, GE is probably the number one manufacturer of mercury filled squigly bulbs too. Good thing the self righteous charlatans spend public money switching out bulbs.

People stand to make money from this stuff, and there really is a class of people who think they know best and that humanity is better off with them controlling the lives of the masses. It is the antithesis of freedom, and the concept of all men being created equal in the sense of having the right to make of his life what he can without interference from the state or official caste system.


The blame subject is short. It really bothered me that news people, therefore government slobs, were focussing on Craigslist as if that was the criminal. Blaming craigslist for someone getting murdered who listed there is like blaming the blunt instrument for the crime. Since we live in a world in which a bar tender can be liable for the actions of a drinker, I guess it is no surprise. It is twisted logic. Most of the rationale for excessive mass control and abridgment of freedom is twisted logic.

I think they need to just back off and quit focussing on craigslist, which is a good resource for millions of people. I found my dwelling there, and many people I know have sold things that way.

Friends get mad because I am always writing this sort of thing. What they don't get is that the rug is rapidly being pulled out from under the free world and it can't hurt for those who don't go along to say so now and then. Otherwise everyone just assumes that everyone else thinks this march into tyranny is fine and dandy.

I wish the people who seemed concerned about abuse of law under Bush would use that same discernment under the big O. I guarantee he expects to be there indefinitely. That rumble over doing away with term limits sounds right in line with the rest of the game. Those who rise to dictatorial power do not do so because they aren't likable and charismatic. Quite the opposite. I think we may be witnessing just such a rise.

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