Saturday, September 10, 2016

Election Update

It must be due to a real problem with their own candidate that most news services and democratic or progressive websites are still going 24/7 with how rotten Trump is.  Racist.  Sexist, Xenophobic, homophobic, Islamophobic, Big Meany, awful blablabla.   In between that are breathless, hysterical cries of the rhetorical question, "How could anyone like that be allowed to run for office?".

And this comes from the party of mayor Daily 1 and 2, and Ted f'ing Kennedy.  It is so one sided and phony on the news channels.  Embarrassing.  Journalists are just like any jerk on the street if all they do is give their opinions and spew propaganda.

So what is happening is that people have become numb to the attacks and accusations.   Really as articulate and clean as Trump is, for a white man, I don't think he is into the white supremacy movement.  [that was a little nod to Joe Biden and his early description of Obama.  To paraphrase, he pretty much said, Obama is a good looking clean guy, for a Negro, and I can understand his speech. Which is really refreshing, from one of Those people.]

My point is that the approach that someone who qualified to run has no right to run is not going to win those who are not elitists who think their ilk should and will run the show.  I am still not saying if I am going third party write in or one of the two bumbling stars.  But dear democrats, you will not win the fence sitters by this over the top, 24 hour character assassination.  That's by the news.  The alleged news shows.

On the other side we have doctors who are assessing symptoms from TV of Hillary's maladies.  The latest is that she has Parkinson's disease.  I don't know.  Sometimes I have those coughing fits.  Mostly earlier in the day.  I avoid being confined without quick escape in groups of people.

So, Hillary is a mess, and I do not doubt a heavy duty criminal, but one who thinks it is OK, because it is she!.  I don't think Gary Johnson is a criminal nor an idiot.  He got hit with a change up in the whole flow and was caught off guard.  I have done that; where a phrase is so unexpected or counter to the flow of thought in the conversation that I do not recognize a word.

Actually I just don't process that collection of sounds right off the bat.  And I am not an idiot. Just more of the same.  Smart ass, low life journalist playing Gotcha!  I say low life because that behavior is low.

Not saying I endorse Gary.  I do think he is the sanest one running, and even if he is corrupt, I'd bet he's the least corrupt one running too.

Hillary has long passed the point of diminishing returns with the Trump bashing and hysterical nonsense.  Or her supporters, I should say.  Same general deal.  At this point all of it makes it look like Hillary just wants the focus off of herself.  And people begin to see all the insistence on being unfit for office as applying to her, even though Trump is the target.

I admit, I go in prejudiced against democrats.  They think government is the answer and that if only enough laws could be passed forcing people to behave as they see fit, life will be grand.  And if they control resources and a piece of any benefit you manage to derive from them.

And republicans may have kind of made sense at one time, but I tend to not get it now.  If only they would research things like history of pledge of allegiance and mottos on money.  Some are too far gone, pretending God wants them to be the most annoying humans they possibly can be.  You cannot begin to reason with that.

This also serves Trump.  Maybe.  When notable republicans or conservatives of long standing refuse to back their own candidate, something is amiss.  He is probably not as crazy as 99% of the people in national office.  Well maybe 50%.  That's average.

People think they are afraid he will disrupt their gravy train.  Business as usual works for the regulars, despite which party has control of what.

Maybe at the last minute, Hillary will just cough herself into a coma and win the sympathy vote.  This time, almost nothing would surprise me.  I do think it is a sad state of affairs that our choices are so bizarre, and maybe wrong.   One candidate's only claim that is verifiable is that she is a woman.  That is Hillary's big selling point.  A woman.

If this were all reversed and some male equivalent of Hillary was running, saying elect a man, it is time, I would vote to postpone the historic event.  How stupid can you be to vote race or sex?  But people who do it actually act proud and like they are real freedom fighters.  As long as they don't vote white based on race.  It would be stupid regardless of race. But that is how people are.  Guilty whites push and encourage idiocy and redneck behavior among minorities--people 'of color'.

Never mind,  What a stupid time we live in. "people of color".  Give me a friggin whiteso privilege break.  Really.  Everything is race and splitting ethnic hairs.  People do not continually separate by race, make it all tribal warfare, if they aren't racist morons.  Just because some other race has idiots who are all about condition of birth, doesn't mean you are less of an idiot if you make everything about race, too.

So Hillary due for Coma any day.  Trump and Putin are secret lovers.

That is our election update

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