Wednesday, December 7, 2011

TV and Tool Reviews

Due to the fact that I live in the hills, have no cable or satellite, and the TV antenna pulls in two stations at best, none at worst, I get my movies and else on Hulu. There was some series I got so involved with that I paid the few dollars to get the whole thing. Now I forgot what it was. Probably something no one would guess.

So, I decided to check out this series, Once Upon a Time, by the same people who created LOST (picture those letters floating away into space). It is about a town where everyone is a fairy tale figure but doesn't know it. The mayor of the town is the poison apple witch from Snow White. A real jerk lady.

They switch back and forth so you can see what was happening in fairy tale land before the CURSE, which landed them all in Storybrooke, Maine, not knowing that they don't know. It appears that they take a few liberties in spinning the yarn, mingling characters who were in separate tales and such. It is really hilarious and engaging.

Rumpelstiltskin is named Mr Gold in his Storybrooke incarnation. He runs the pawn shop. And the town shrink--psychologist, I guess-is Jiminy Cricket. It goes on from there, but that gives a clue. You know it's good if Rumpelstiltskin is there with his pawn shop.

I must again give kudos to the Milwaukee random orbital sander. That thing has held up through all kinds of use and abuse. Work needed doing today and I am trying to avoid eye stuff, or things that might vibrate like a sander. So, I had help and one guy ran that sander all day. A good item and it wasn't very expensive. Mid to low double digits I think. Anyway, I was happy to see it performing so well.

My help today was superb. These kids never stopped, caught on quick and took initiative. What a relief. No way this work could have been done before my planned trip. I say kids, but they are maybe 19 or 20 or so. The housekeeper's son and his pal. Legal American citizens doing the work the late Ted K claimed we wouldn't do.

And who'd have guessed? The son started taking to me about neutrinos. Oh, you may not recall--Sally does---there was some neutrino talk here awhile back. Anyway, that is not what I expected from young punk California kids. It was very cool to see that they wanted to learn what was what and then worked like crazy until we were done. They didn't even take a lunch break when I took my breakfast break. I brought a breakfast sandwich with me because it was a hectic morning, and didn't hit a stopping point until midday. Those guys just kept trucking.

That age and circumstance may have had the rug pulled out in some ways, but don't think they are all lazy. Not the case.

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