Monday, November 5, 2012

Why not air drops?

It seems impractical to deliver fuel from the air, but other things people need in the Northeast, why not?

Maybe people would know to expect it, and be armed and organized enough to fend off punks as the packages parachute in.  Didn't they do that in Berlin or somewhere like that?  They've done airlifts elsewhere.

They can go back to more organized distribution later.   For now, just get things there that are of use and needed.

Strange how you hear about mayors and governors in this thing.  Guess they figured out that FEMA is not what you call a first responder, or in most cases, a simple, easy uncomplicated responder.

The whole storm issue brings home the fact that we are living in a world which has very few Plan B's in effect.  That is not the best way to do things.  The more situations in which you have a plan B should A go south, the better off you are.  Knowing the priority of those is a function of wisdom or good sense. I have no methodology on that.  Having good sense may be my weak suit much of the time.

Oddly enough, one of the people who preached redundant systems, and had an influence on my in that regard, was a guy who had built ultralights and crashed them.  Not on purpose.  He explained one or two of his crashes pointing out how dumb he was not to have built in redundant systems for holding the thing together.  Something happened to one fitting holding one cable.  Adios.

The broad concept seems wise.  But we just don't tend to build things that way.  Not cities, not cars, not means of support.  Most people.  I try to avoid "we" talk.  I'd rather confine my assumptions to a less cozy arrangement.  Whenever I hear the reply: "Aren't (or don't) we all?"  I can never agree and say "we all sure do/are".

No.  I say, "I don't know what we all."  And that, in itself, should have won me a position as Nobel Laureate, but they didn't even put it to a vote.  If that isn't peace prize stuff, what is?

It will be an interesting month.  It is possible the main elections will be fought for weeks or months.  Fortunately there are time constraints which may even stifle the lawyers who'd love to make the case their life's work, for decades.

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