Monday, March 13, 2017

I Haven't A Clue, and Maybe I'm Not Alone

Flash back awhile; Nancy said, "We have to pass it to see what is in it!", or words to that effect.  So, by hook or by crook they passed the Affordable healthcare act.  Obamacare.  I still do not know what was in the bill.  Not really.

I knew I had to have insurance by a certain time or I'd be banished to the desert.  So, my friend the broker finagled some high subsidized deal that allowed me choice.  The part we faked is saying I made slightly more than I did.  If you were poorer, they forbade you from paying the extra for a plan with enough choice and freedom that you don't die waiting for competent dx.

So, that was lucky.  Because I had gone out of pocket before the insurance time, and that may be considered proof of pre-existing condition, I guess I benefitted from the law.  I honestly do not know.

But now, the repeal and replace bit seems potentially problematic and not well considered.  Or well considered but unaffected by collateral damage.  Calculated collateral damage.

It could be just me, I don't avail myself of the news much lately.  But I haven't heard much description of specifically is wrong with what is there now, and what specifically is replacing it.  And why.  I haven't heard a lot of what do you do when you already encouraged the dependence of some on whatever care options.  Some of those people are not going to do well if there is sudden change.'

People forget that disabled people and people in pain do not find it easy to do all the admin work it takes to survive broke and in need of medical goods and services.  So changing it and requiring new hoops to jump may be a waste.  I am not much of a fan of this system but that is pretty much how it will go.  Now to find ways to limit decision powers of the official decision makers over medical activities.

I often think it is all a play.  I've never been fond of the democratic party.  Not at all.  But, in modern times,  the republicans go out of their way to be complete caricatures of weirdos, I think, in effort to make the dems look sane.

I was unable to really read the obamacare bill, though I skimmed it.  Convoluted and went on for thousands of pages. Just the outline is nuts.  It takes a robot to read it.  Pelosi bluffed.  They passed it--we don't really know what's in it.

And this new one, no idea, really.  I hear people panicked and people saying it will do this or that.  They always do that with bills.  They claim effects but not specifics of how.  It'll do all these things...

So even if they pass it, all I will know is if I am one who gets the rug pulled out from under.   I can accept it if I am.  America is paying.  But I would rather not see it happen to some other people I know who may not be so fatalistic.

I have a feeling that any bill passed would be pretty much what we have now.  I find the whole thing hotly discussed but very poorly articulated; the whole thing about what is wrong, what they plan to do, and how will it then be better.  And is it within the power of the fed gov in the first place?

Oh well.  I have no idea what is what.  Too many people are actually hostile, emotionally invested, and convinced they are doomed.  The last point makes addressing the previous ones impossible.   But Unless I am sure, I can't try to convince anyone that they aren't doomed.

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