Monday, November 19, 2012

What Was I Thinking?

There is this beautiful, insightful thought that is too good not to write down, which is what I sometimes do here--write thoughts, but I can't quite remember the thought, just the burning desire to jabber about it in print.  Yay.  That was a long and possibly coherent sentence.  Let me see what it says.  I understand it, so it may or may not be coherent.  Good enough for gummit work.

I should take a picture of pine valley.  They have trees with changing leaves.  I'm not sure what kind.  Not pine, that's for sure.

This is not a fall colors kind of place.  San Diego and west of here isn't. Out here things are different. But still incredibly hospitable climate.

I'll add getting a picture before it is too late to my list.  Maybe I'll actually do it.

What a bargain!  $3.73 for regularo petrol.  How sick is that?  This is way down from the 4.70 price of recent weeks.  4.70 plus or minus.  I couldn't make myself look at it and remember.

The good stuff about this state is mostly not due to the bulk of the way they spend their money.  The good is in spite of the nanny state of corruption.

Are food prices going up everywhere?  They are here.  It has been a steady increase for awhile now.  Good thing I'm one of the one percent who doesn't eat that much and can avoid the expense of meat without missing it.

Always something to salvaged out of things.

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