Sunday, January 24, 2010

Football Analysis and Coins

The best way to enjoy football even if you have a home team is to have several second favorite teams as well. Otherwise, if your team beats themselves in the playoffs you can still enjoy the rest of the season. If you hate all the other teams then you stay bummed out because your guys blew it on the way to the Big Show.

Part of the deal when I moved to San Diego county was to become a Chargers fan. If not you get run out of town and it would get ugly. Fortunately, I found the Chargers an easy team to like, although I was skeptical of the coaching at first.

Now I support the coach, most of the players, and take it personally when the few rotten apples mouth off at the wrong time, commit really dumb fouls, on and off field, and when the refs make bad calls against my team. Maybe next year things will be better. They certainly made a good run and had it within their grasp. In my opinion a few key players just didn't hold the focus and want it enough when it counted. The others, who don't go to strip clubs until 2 or so in the morning the Friday before the game (technically the day before since it was actually 2AM saturday morning they were out clubbing), couldn't carry it by themselves.

Anyway, what do young millionaires need with cheesy strip clubs? If you are paying to see live naked women, and you can buy the best, why pay for what you can't touch? These guys have women throwing themselves at them, why pay at all? Not to mention that it is dumb to go drinking during playoff week. It really irks the locals who like to support them, buy tickets, team jerseys and generally help pay their salaries. Maybe they should give players some classes in community relations, common sense, and a general "where the rabbit ate the cabbage" rundown.

Be that as it may, today was a day that included four of my second favorite teams, so I wasn't heavily invested in any of them. My Charger friends still hold the Manning grudge since Eli snubbed San Diego when they drafted him back when. I am a Payton Manning fan, I like his advertisements and on field audibles antics. They barely tolerate this so I can't push it too far. The grudge carries to the whole family, even Archie.

At the same time, I had become fond of the Jets, when not playing us, because of Sanchez and their general style of play. They could be a force to to be reckoned with next year. Why did they lose to the Colts? My theory is that what happened is that the Colts scored more points before the alloted time was up.

As for the Saints vs Vikings, that came down to a coin toss. Normally, if you are using a quarter, call heads. It has a slight advantage for some reason. However, I think they use a special NFL monopoly coin in pro ball, so if you go into overtime and get to make the call, always call tails. As soon as the guy from the Vikings said "heads" I knew it was curtains. In sudden death overtime with those two teams whoever got the ball first was bound to get at least a field goal. And they did.

The fact that Minnesota fumbled regularly did not help matters. They could have avoided the loss. I will concede however that there was a defensive player alertly prying the ball out, which helped the fumble happen in about every case. I was sentimentally pulling for Favre (pronounced "Fah VRAY") to make it to the super bowl and win.

As much as Brett got beat up in the game I hope he goes into coaching or something like that. He can still do all the things of a quarterback except survive the hits like the younger guys. He's already won the big deal and he did an amazing job this year. He can be proud of that. I'd be worried that another season would be less successful and probably take a few decades off his life.

On the up side, New Orleans has never made it this far, to my knowledge, and they have a great attitude. Plus when Brees is hot few in the sport have ever been better. This brings me to a slight dilemma. Who do I bless with my wishes for the win? I like Indy, but it would be cool for N.O. to win. I predict that Colts will take it 33 to 20. I think I may pull for the Saints, though.

See how easy it is when you are OK with so many teams when yours punks out? It is not very stressful although I would be happier to see the Chargers headed to Miami to whip up on the Saints.

If either of the coaches calls me for advice, all I can tell them is to pick tails if they get to call the coin toss, and to score more points than the other guy. I'd also suggest minimal posturing and dancing every time a good play is made in the early going. It gets old and obnoxious, and often you look stupid if the other guys win.

****weather was back to near perfect today, a little chilly, maybe in the 50's and 60's. You can cut the relief with a knife. We thought the sky was falling. All that wet and frozen stuff spoiling the view. Scary. I could easily become a real life mad as a hatter SoCal citizen. Maybe I already have..

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