Thursday, April 16, 2009

Spirit of the Tour

It seems advisable to keep up with what's happening on the totalitarian front, but letting it mess with you too much is not the best approach. Real life is largely conducted apart from the life I see on the news that supposedly includes me or people I know.

This present assault on the culture of freedom has been coming for a long time, and I was aware of it so I'm not surprised. It is not encouraging but I know I will never ultimately go along. Every day it is easy to read Big Brother between the lines; always in the name of fighting drug cartels, illegal immigration or terrorists. In the case of drugs and illegals, the target of the measures gets missed. In all cases, people doing nothing wrong, minding their own business are increasingly the real target. Minor inconvenience and sacrifices of privacy are adding up rapidly.

That is what was cool about the Tour from the start. I was shot out into the unknown without any official anything. Oblivious to all but the experience for much of the time. It gave me a much greater appreciation for this country. There are a million very cool spots. The whole thing pulled me out of a pit I wasn't enjoying. Sometimes a wave of that enthusiasm and willingness to face the unknown washes over me.

It still feels like I am in the process of the Tour. I am, actually. Even though I'm in a place and doing things here, it hasn't lost the charm of feeling like a journey. I think that is what life is supposed to be, and lots of people have a handle on that from the start. Pity that I was waylaid a long time ago, and that the result was a bit less than storybook bliss, but letting that overshadow successful progress toward a change of everything makes no sense. I like the changes and direction of things. My mind occasionally rebels against the new and better, wanting to find comfort in the old hopeless place of defeated spirits. Forget that.

Things take awhile. Old habits and patterns don't just go away because the geography changes. This is an exercise in a type of discipline and perseverance. I know what that means in case it doesn't make sense to anyone else. When I am able to see the contrast between before and after, I am happy. The only way I know how to describe the main thing that makes it possible is to call it faith. Faith in what I can't or won't describe, except to say it is often blind faith. This is the right thing, and it will be OK. That's how it goes.

Whether by design or just because, it does seem like the media bombards the airwaves with things that would fuel anyone's discouragement. Way back when I used to say that the news is the government's sales force. Now I see that is being proven more than ever. They are also the sales force of pessimistic self appraisal and fatalistic view of the future.

It probably is not so bad for government workers, but anyone with a spirit of independent freedom is going to be discouraged by the volume of official complications and nonsense. I have enough of that from the detractor voice inside my mind. No need to feed it with the daily butchering of history, truth, and all that I hold holy, doled out by government's and their salesmen twenty fours hours a day.

Something addictive about it. Where do they get these news people? Are those TV anchors aware that they are like human cartoons? I think many viewers believe they are sincere and real. Maybe they just stare is disbelief like I do.

The Tour is the best defense. If I can treat this phase like the on the road part, then life will be OK. It makes me long for a road trip. Maybe I'll run up the coast if conditions permit sometime in the summer. I've got the tent and all that stuff. Plus I have places and people I might be able to see.

That is the one thing that bugs be about the police staters and cap and trade socialists; they are dead set on killing mobility. Maybe I'll end up with a bike and one of those little trailers. I can't picture myself in a bike get up though. Tights are an affront to the public on some people.

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