Friday, October 2, 2015

Nothing to do With Me

Guns and demagogues and how to prevent bad things and how to exploit bad things have little to do with my immediate life.

I think it useful to not indulge what is consuming me emotionally.

I should be thrilled that the newly found chiropractor in Alpine is a Palmer grad, and that he has drastically reduced the pain that had been a nuisance for a month or so.   I think it has been going on for even longer and I just forget time frames.

Sacroiliac sounds like a made up part.  Just a word to further a scam.  Apparently not.  I have found myself experiencing problematic pains a few times in my life.  It is the type of thing that only a good chiropractor has been able to relieve.   That was my main worry when I left Miami, along with the fact I'd found a decent hair cutter.  

As rare as it is when I have back or neck issues which fall under chiropractic purview, it is nice to know one is near.  I remember barely being able to get in the car a drive to his office.  My brother's brother in law.  And his father before him.  Those two worked magic.  People who knew the dad and know the son's work will attest to it.   The Alpine guy is good but he's not them.  Still, the job will get done.

When asked how to select a chiropractor in distant cities, my Miami in law relative said just check fro Palmer grads.  Finally after a decade or so, I did just that.  The only time I have been to anyone but a member of that remarkable family in Miami.  Oh wait.  I did talk a guy in Inverness into doing something to relieve back pain when I had to pick up a car there and drive it down on Christmas eve. Then I got real help.

This is the only chiropractor in Alpine, as far as I know.  He is not hurting for business, that is for sure.  And he doesn't charge as much as the Inverness, FL chiropractors did in 2004.   I went from one to the other there to find one that would just give some adjustment and not demand X-Rays and a bunch of stuff that would require coming back next week, etc.  Finally that one guy understood and helped.  He also talked to my Miami friend on the phone which helped.

I think it must be the Palmer way to minimize bureaucracy and actually do you some good. 

It must be a nice life when you benefit people on a regular basis.  I honestly do not do much good any more.  Not often anyway.  And, as is probably common, when I think I will change and fix this mess I feel too exhausted.  I bet that is just another big lie my mind is working with.  Damn it.  If I had stayed married and done all that would have entailed, things would be so much different and so much more sane.  So tire of looking in the mirror only to see a total idiot and fool looking back.  

But, I only look in the mirror when absolutely necessary and only to ensure I don't go out with stuff hanging out of my nose and such.  You can go for specifics without really looking at the person in the reflection. I'm expert.  

Not Obligated to Seek Some Sort of Meaningless Solution

This is same subject matter as last one but will be shorter and more to some point or other.

Seriously, how can the same people who claim movie violence and video games have no influence on violent behavior suggest that a shooting in a place where all guns are banned would have been prevented by more laws and tighter gun control?  

The solution is always to emasculate society--not to raise feminist ire here.  It is an expression that means to render powerless.  Until recently we saw power in terms of masculine virility and such. Not my idea. Just the messenger.

Anyway, by the present logic they will eventually find it best to cut off our arms and legs except for those who get permission from on high to possess these deadly limbs.

The trend for way too long has been to look at every insane act or even just accidents as something that justifies reducing people to begging victims, hoping the big grand power of government will save them from the imminent rape, murder, beating, etc.  To "take the law into their own hands" would just be wrong.  Leave it to the professionals; the ones who can legally carry a gun and legally shoot you for almost any reason.

Well, that last is a stretch, but not much of one in reality.  I just don't want to fuel the new victim twist of thought which has thugs and other idiots deciding that it is OK to shoot police because Al Eric, and Barack have more or less claimed you are justified.  Even though "hands up, don't shoot" never ever even almost happened.  Total fiction.  Just how it is.

So, they play up the mass murders in a way that attracts people to do it.  And they, of course, deny any influence.  But that is clearly wrong.  How do you think drugs spread so quickly?  News and schools hammered us about it when very few kids even knew what pot or any of that was.  The cops who came to talk, and the administrators and teachers involved were already so highly annoying to many people that their credibility was nil.

If they said it was so bad, and we hadn't seriously considered it up until then, maybe it was worth trying.  Those people were dedicated statists who were full of lies and were highly unjust.  So they sold a lot of people on the efficacy of drugs and alcohol.  

Had there been less sensationalism and less hysterical legal reaction, I doubt things would have gone as they have.  The first I heard of crack cocaine was in a news article which described how to make it.  Brilliant.  It was a guy who did and sold coke who showed me the article.  Up until then, he didn't know how it was made or much anything about it.

So first they promote by guaranteeing murderers that they will be famous and that millions will be frightened or otherwise affected by them.  Then they create the image of the dark mind, the loner persona, a disturbed person whose past can "give us insight into the killer's mind".

Who doesn't want to be so important that who shows are devoted to your inner mind and what makes you tick.?  Annoying cliche--"what makes him tick?'.  Ask clock boy--another bandwagon bunch of garbage that Obama embraced much too quickly.  Did he inspect the hoax clock to know it wasn't purposely designed to cause panic?  Like all sensational stories and cases in distant cities, he knee jerked his way into taking a side without knowing anything accept it served to help him manipulate opinion.

What a jerk.  Really.  And now to make it like the only people who care about murder are those who seek "common sense gun control", which is absolutely meaningless.  Remove guns from all government people based on my view of their suitability to possess a firearm.  I trust my judgement more than theirs.  I absolutely do not trust their motives whereas I do my own.  And that is why I oppose the idea that more laws will save the day.

We disarm our own military on military bases.  I'm sorry. WTF?  How does that make sense?  We don't disarm the body guards of the monied elite or of government officials.  But the rest of us can only hope that attention seeking lunatics will follow the law.  Really.

I have rarely seen a president disgust me more in reacting to an act of terrorism and sadistic cowardice.

Recent Events Prove that you needn't be smart to be rich, or be president

I was falling asleep while writing this, dozing off.  I am not sure a lot of it even makes sense.  I will leave it as a curiosity.

Not saying the president isn't smart.  Everyone says he's "off the charts", but actual numbers are sealed.  Where I work, the lack of correlation between money, power and intelligence is demonstrated regularly.

c The brilliance of "common sense" controls on the right to self defense, which is the underlying point of second amendment, is pretty much rooted outside reality, and inside the power elite.   If more laws against guns and how they are bought would prevent lunatics from finding ways to get them, or deter them because they don't want to violate a regulation, then why not just outlaw murder?

Oh wait a minute.  It is already illegal to have firearms on that campus of the latest man made disaster.  Workplace violence will perhaps be the label.  Even security could not have weapons on campus.  So, it was already a zone of extreme gun control and regulation.  Possibly to the detriment of innocent victims.

I am pretty sure murder is illegal, even if there is no way to further the cause of diversity or solidarinosc of some kind.

The truth is that promoting it in the press will not help, and that is exactly what has been happening.  If I want to express my anti-social homicidal maniac side, all this glamour and attention is hard to resist.  And it is easy to do in gun-free zones, especially schools.  Why?  Because they are run by nitwits, possibly highly intelligent, but nitwits when it really comes down to it.  And it is like shooting fish in a barrel.

So if we just forbid people from owning guns, except government people and those who can afford to find a way to buy in, no one will get shot.  None of this would happen if only common sense laws pertaining to home basketball had been enacted.  The dummies who oppose a totalitarian state, which grants rights as privileges which citizens must earn,  obviously don't care, and probably pay mass shooters to do mass murder.

I'm sure some stern signage indicating that the campus is a no-kill zone, and that there is plenty of money to be had, if where it goes  disaooeared

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