Tuesday, July 12, 2016

As Many Truths as Lies

A lot anyway.  When people say they dread a police stop or even eye contact, I believe it.  For whatever reason, I feel that way.  And I am magically cloaked in white privilege.  It glistens like glitter.  I'm a thousand watt privilege person.

So I am supposed to have no apprehension of police because I am white.  And I am supposed to pretend that I am no more likely to be shot by a black or hispanic in the heavily segregated neighborhood than I am a white or Asian.  But then there are factors behind the factors, etc.

What you do is decide upon your conclusion.  Like, I want it to be true that despite affirmative action and racial preferences given to those who are not me, I am given special treatment for being white.

Because then I can feel guilty.  We have some very well meaning people out there just running on and on babbling utter nonsense.  But there are bits of truth.  Cops bully.  And I remember when it was real easy for bigoted cops to annoy innocent black people.  But those same places are often now policed by departments in which minorities are more than represented proportionately.  They don't want to work the 'hood either.

What has been created in just a few generations is not good.  Civil war stuff.  And I am not sure who is what.  You have those who are going to be violent with no real stated goal, and the rest of the population.  People defending against thieves and bullies.  That is what it is becoming.

For whatever reasons, I was stopped more times than I can count in Miami.  One time at night at a gas station, the creep shined his light so I could never see his face.  He held our id for 45 minutes with his spot light shining behind me so I couldn't see him or what was what.  That was before easy access social media.  Never did say why I was detained, if I was being detained.  No clue.  No apology no nothing upon returning my license and going away.  But plenty of threats when the least thing was questioned when he first began his episode of harassment.

I am not typical of whites in this regard.  But I sure have no guilt or illusions of privilege in Miami.

So, some of the annoyance and overstep of our laws and subsequent enforcement, not to mention entrapping type sting operations, are abusive.  And it is the norm for blacks to feel that way---can't trust cops and they never mean you good will.

But if you want truth, go all the way.  How much more likely is it that blacks commit murder than other groups?  How much more likely are minority cops to use deadly force than white cops?  I state it that way because statistics show whites as less trigger happy than other groups.   They need to get the truth.  All things play together, but don't pretend.

The take a truth and then stop traffic and lie to further some crazy plan.  And I am stunned at the white guilt pouring out on the internet.  People seem a little unwilling to recognize the stats that make their case flimsy.  If they really want to find a good answer, they need to accept what is true without prejudice one way or the other.  You can't make a fake problem to cover a real one and expect resolution. But that is what happens.

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