Wednesday, August 5, 2009

That Terrible Thing Known as THE MIND

It is better to argue with one's mind than to let it go where angels fear to tread. Angels know what they are doing. And I know what happens when the mind has its own way. Calming that baby down is an art. If anyone can do it I can. After all, it is my mind. Nominally, in any case.

I can't help but wonder. Indulging the wonder should be reigned in to a moderate level. That I can do.

Why is it that when things are relatively far better than at points in the recent past I find myself thinking I should not believe it? Probably because everything in my life hangs precariously. Security is not my strongest asset, in a worldly sense, anyway.
Then again, if it is OK at this moment--it being life--it is only logical to accept it as is and forget what I don't and can't know. Maybe you get back what you put out, and keeping the good stuff going out is the thing to do. That is controllable.

Emotionally Speaking

Emotions can be a pain. They can wash over you, leaving you high and silly, but then what? What a pain. I like to know what to do with stuff. Feelings are for chicks and talk show hosts. Tough guys like me don't need feelings.

How do I feel? Who gives a damn? If I start delving into that, it can only lead to trouble. Passion and not much else are all you need. Whatever it is that enables one to prevail against great odds is good.

Yet, I tend to wax sentimental these days because of the fortunate things in my life. Both from the standpoint of how things happen but also who is involved. That's part of breaking away from long term isolation and a dirth of friendship. I do not blame that totally on the people that were around at the time, but I did notice that many of them urged me toward things which would clearly be to my detriment. So, I isolated the majority of the time and tried to work from the inside out to either dissolve, or discover the cause, of the self defeating feelings and actions.

Maybe a little of both was accomplished. There are things in life that take forever to get absolutely right. Progress is good enough.

One thing that hits an emotional nerve is the talk of continuing the buyout of clunkers by the government.

It never ceases to amaze me how people, who have no idea what it is like to be broke and trying to get on your feet, claim to be helping the poor and downtrodden while they are pulling the rug out from under them.

They are using tax money to get affordable, disposable cars off the market. They end up in the shredder. It is allegedly a green initiative. The result is denying those of no means a means of mobility.

Encouraging debt if the person is lucky enough to qualify is another aspect of this. It is so far outside the realm of constitutional limits originally placed on the federal government that I cannot believe it is happening.

Most of what is happening is being railroaded through on some cult of personality with principle and ultimate freedom getting crushed. We have been under the grip of an oligarchy, at best, and outright dictatorship, at worst. It is abundantly clear to anyone who is not taken in by the wish to worship rock stars, or any other human being.

It is far from clear to those who enjoy the aspect of the cult hero and those who simply rebel against most of the voices of the alleged opposition. Sometimes I wish Republicans would shut up because they are so bad at reasonably stating opposition to the prevailing powers, and they invariably lose sight of pure principle themselves. That leaves people thinking you have to pick cool guy tyranny or doltish half truths. Too bad.

Opposition to what is happening is encouraging. The idea that it gets attached to the Bush idea of government is a shame. I opposed Bush on some things, particularly the creation of Homeland Security. It is not what makes us safer, unless you consider caging and corralling innocent citizens a good idea. I'm speaking in a broad sense there, not about the camps some claim exist---I have no clue if those do or don't exist.

I get emotional over the continued assault on free thought and free speech. Shades of early Cuba under Castro and Che are too evident for comfort.

Mostly I get emotional when I see how life has smiled on me the past year or so. Despite all, I have experienced friendships and activities beyond any hopes or expectations. I feel like friggin Polliana. How did that chick spell her name, anyway?

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