Friday, September 27, 2013

Between The Lines

I'm not one who is likely to be accused of welcoming rules, regulations, and other intrusions upon my own private judgement and pursuit of happiness.  Some people seem to base their self worth upon compliance with such things.  Often the sort of person whose number one claim to fame on the job is that he's never even a minute late to work, but other than that his work is sub-mediocre.

However, in a different context, setting the boundaries and rules leads to great things.  That is how good invention and innovation work.  Taxing behavior and creating a false market through subsidies and penalties actually gets in the way.   People are fooled into thinking otherwise, hence the incredibly complex enmeshment between government and business--a seething, rotten bog of corruption and skullduggery.

The reason we live longer now than in centuries past is that people have created ways of insulating themselves against the whims of nature, found ways to produce food and make it easily available, and created ways of reducing the labor and danger involved in adding value to resources.

Without Al Gore, or any other government minded pseudo scientist dictating where technology needs to go, people have, for many decades, been scheming ways to increase fuel economy in automobiles, produce electricity on a localized level cheaply, and find new ways to power things.  Unfortunately, many in the community of business-government partnership went to great lengths to stifle such efforts.  Even to the point of making it illegal to produce your own power.  That was as big a sin as distilling your own alcohol.

Instead of laying out parameters like, I want to harness wind energy without killing birds and dotting the landscape with bizarre, giant eyesores, we have GE in bed with the feds, and designs which are great in some ways, but which violate those stated parameters.

It is like the extra thinking it takes to be funny without cussing or talking sex.  It takes thought and creativity.  So, when it comes to technology, I am one who believes in setting the lines and staying within them.  That is what scientists and engineers are supposed to do, but no longer do.  The reason is that they are fed by the government partnership.  And by grant and subsidies.  In many cases there is incentive which moves such a person from pure hearted problem solver to political animal.

Global warming, or climate change is an example.   Keep in mind that these are the same people who facilitated the restrictions which, in the past, inhibited the development of new energy means and such.  Regardless whether man's activity significantly influences long term climate trends, or not, I find it suspect when people wave their scientist badge as they suggest taxes on CO2 and promote intrusive regulations which are more political than related to science.

That proves to me that they actually do not understand how inventors think, they don't understand how a natural, minimally corrupt market works, and they are taking the easy way to maintain their own gravy train.  I'm too lazy and blue to actually attack the market myself, but I should.   There are many ways, both known and unknown, in which energy can be produced, heat transferred, crops grown, cats skinned.

What you do is try to define you parameters, then design within that framework.  That is what engineers are for, though not enough seem to know it.  Even Ford, Edison, Lindbergh, and some of their contemporaries were hoping to find renewable fuel sources.  And Tesla was way ahead, and apparently  that put a target on him.  The foresighted and brilliant have always had to deal with ignorant, greedy, agenda driven antagonists.

Yet the bloated lawyer/legislators and politicians pretend with a straight face that all this is new, and without their help and guidance no one would be attempting to create anything new and better.

Nothing could be further from the truth.  Those people retard innovation even more than thuggish businesses and modern labor unions do.  Of course career government types do so in partnership with the thug outfits just cited.

Oh well.  The important thing is for everyone to get on board with government approved health insurance.  It is so wonderful.   I guess we decided along the way to try what has never worked out, especially on a large scale, an all encompassing centralized authoritarian state.

I rambled instead of making my point or stating the premise that I was thinking.  My firm belief is that the main solutions to most of the problems of the world can be found in the proper application of technology and invention.  Some of which might have to be used to rid us of terrorists and thugs.

Political and governmental action is likely to amplify and create problems, unless such action involves measures to reduce the scope and power of government and divorce it from any "alliances" with alleged leaders of business and labor unions.  Prevent force and fraud.  Shoot looters, thugs and other aberrant life forms.  Clear the field so that inspired inventors and  visionaries can privately, independently, introduce improvements to the process of living life.

It's cool when women in the grocery store give me an unexpected smile.  I always look in the mirror later to figure out if they were laughing at me for having stuff on my face or something.  Now if they'd just back up the smile with a pleasing proposition, we'd be in business.

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