Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Let Them Eat Cake

Really??? San Diego chick and others enamored with marches,

Do you honestly believe than promoting your billions of women march here there and everywhere by comparing it to a women's market protest which ended up being a huge mob rampage in the French Revolution is a good plan?   I am almost speechless.

Probably my sexist, homophobia or xenophobia or phobiphobia and privilege showing.  People just hop on bandwagons and click on dumb no information memes without a single thought.

The French revolution was brutal, unjust, cruel and base.  So they have an illustration which depicts the riot which the French women protesting against prices set off.  Obviously they are just using it because they were female.  They could have been a mob of mass murderers and because they were women these dimwits would claim some bond of sisterhood.

That brings me to a news flash.  These many new groups of victims, like the wannabe French women, are convinced that the bulk of men back each other up and have that same sort of bond, like, "who cares what you did, we're all men so, OK!"  You won't believe this but I swear it is true;  men do not generally back one another like that.   Especially white men.  Some of the elite crowd may--the government workers and some cops.  Normal people are not that way, in general.  But ethnic cops are easily as jerky as white cops for the most part.  It sucks but it is true.

And I know a disclaimer is in order.  Many cops are OK.  Very few cops, if any, are in a situation where the stuff they enforce is not over the top and the methods more entrapment than legit sting, etc.  Participating in no knock raids and such, in which babies and other innocents have been maimed or killed puts your true character and motives in question.  In my mind.  It is wrong but you "are just doing your job".   I have heard cops say that as they are screwing someone over who doesn't deserve it, and they know it.

Anyway, marching women, please do not model yourself after the French revolution.  Maybe get your moveon sponsors or whoever to find another illustration to motivate the downtrodden chicks who are all into this.   I'm glad the window smashers and guillotine loving women are mostly white.  So the majority of this violence is white on white.  That gives us a little break from being sure it is because all black people hate everyone.  Which they clearly don't.  Point is--if you think the news videos and reports are the true picture of life, you may be wrong.   And give black on black violence a rest.   Maybe they quit showing it so much, those stuck in that world won't think it is expected of them to die at 23 and be violent and crazy.

I realize there is a bunch needs changing. Doesn't change the issue at hand.  Have to anticipate the smug and self righteous.  If the left one don't get you, the right one will.  Pow.  They become invested in trying to laugh at people like me, more than disprove or discuss their point.  (see the article re my disdain for public schools).  People hate a point of view which includes very minimal instance of forcing others to do things.  Most of the time that can be avoided.

Just like rap wannabes, we now have rioting 'hood wannabes trying to do the white on white violence thing as a sort of negative image of the black on black.   They have videos of punks and thugs breaking store and car windows for no reason.  Turns out most of them did not even vote in Oregon, or vote at all.  This is astroturf.

Now let's see if the millions of women will follow through on the French Revolution plan.  If so, they will cheer as heads roll.  I forgot what anyone wants.  I think I read it is a demo for safety, safe spaces(it seriously said that), inclusive of people of color, gay, etc.  They never mention people of no color in their talk about being inclusive.  Since they are mostly white, I guess it is like, "Hey, we welcome the Blacks, and the other conditions of birth we are here to save because we are better".   Notice the Trumpian "the"?   It means "are they all operating from one brain and mind?"  Yikes, don't hurt me.

Pushing the concept that all women think alike fell alike, have the same degree of insight, intuition, and other magic is pure and utter nonsense.  And all women's interests are no more the same than all mens'.  Although with men of a certain age you can easily narrow some common overriding interest.

Of course they are.  Anyone in a group like that who thinks differently than self appointed leaders is a traitor.  Off with his head!

Really, dear neo bolshevik kin, and others who love hierarchy, I get it.   I really do.  I just don't think you realize how some of that under the thumb humiliation exists across the board where government is concerned, in modern years.  Like how the democrats made freedom so difficult for Blacks for so long after emancipation.  It is horrible to do that to people.  Generations later, we are into generations of affirmative action, simply allowing one to succeed on merit, etc.   That is improvement.

Why  parts of Africa and Asia still get away with slavery, I do not know.  I would expect activists like Al Sharpton, who is only concerned with race, to at least speak out.  No.

People have exploited these sad and bad events, customs and stretches of history, not to improve things, but to enrich themselves by keeping people sad, poor and angry.  It is only natural, really.  If you were convinced you were a freedom fighter, a liberator of some sort, and then you actually were being listened to and accommodated, you would see your present occupation as becoming obsolete.  To prevent that from happening you need to find some sort of racial thing to exploit and to anger and divide the people.  That is in your interest.  It is cruel what is happening.  Big chunks of the population are avoiding education and refuse to do something about their ignorance.

And it is encouraged.  Much as I dislike public school, you can probably still learn some stuff.  Experimentally verifiable science, math; those things can be learned and are hard to make into political platforms.  The other stuff is really transparent.   The right parent can help a kid game that absurdity.  With no parent, the kid may or may not learn to read well enough that it triggers the ability to think critically.

.Viva la biblioteca!

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