Friday, October 25, 2013

Masonry Chisel Defined

You probably already know this, but a masonry chisel is a metal stake which you hold so you can beat your knuckles with a hammer.  Particularly the base knuckles of thumb and index finger--the ones adjacent to the palm.

Every once in awhile I missed my hand and hit the chisel.

Another tip, agreeing to replace one ceramic tile that is in a field of tile, floor or wall, is something one should never ever do.

You think you are surgically extracting that thing.  Maybe so, until the slightest influence screws up the bordering tile.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Myth Buster

I'm one who stereotypes certain automobile drivers.  Dodge Ram truck=tailgate, etc.

I was on my way back from the DelMar area thinking about how the least popular option on BMWs must be the turn signal package.  And there is an expected attitude of snobbery and/or rudeness. I was at a stop light and a beautiful, brand new looking, BMW sports car pulled up next to me.

It was fairly heavy traffic, but moving along -well under the speed limit.  Usually people weaving in and out of that drive erratically, cut in rudely, all that.

This BMW guy not only used his turn signals but he managed to work his way ahead smoothly, and considerately.   The guy had to be the best driver I've seen in ages.  I was impressed.  He was not behaving according to my script.  I don't know where to go from here.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Grateful Thoughts

I quit drinking before the beer snob was a common character around town.  All it takes is seeing some beer snob comments to know that in today's bar scene, I'd either quickly get beaten to death, or arrested for starting fights.  

The Epitome of the Strawman Argument

That is when you argue as if someone said something he did not. Often it starts with a real quote, then goes off into arguing with imaginary constructs which do not strictly (or loosely) follow the thought in dispute.

Another blogger took great umbrage at my position against government involvement in abortion. I never said I condone or like abortion. But I don't believe government needs to control anyone or anything who/that was formed and still dwells inside of someone else.

The "across the board" suggestion below does not constitute a valid argument.

The insulting, superior, zealot tone does get under my skin. And some of your conclusions are patently absurd.

Here's the post:

I'm pasting it below, or go to the link above.

No need to address the psychoanalysis.

It is a straw man argument and an attack based on a strawman psychological work-up.

Your use of propaganda technique is masterful.

Parts quoted from my post are in italics. It's a call and response set up. My quote, then the comment.

Here it is:
"No matter how abhorrent you find it, taking up the anti-abortion crusade is somewhat suicidal, but it takes foresight to realize this."
* Takes even more foresight to recognize that when millions of babies are aborted, there's a collective suicide happening right there.
I don't think suicide is the right word.  

"If your example is worth much, then others may be influenced to do it your way. Forced behavior is not always the best approach."*

Let's apply that principle across the board, shall we? Let's no longer stigmatize, prosecute or punish murderers, rapists, pedophiles, crooked IRS agents, lying presidents, etc. Let those who don't believe in those behaviors simply "provide a good example."

Wow, have you noticed how well that works in the history of man? So effectively that the abusers end up slaughtering off (either literally or in some slightly less terminal way, i.e. no promotion; or firing; or blackballing; or gulaging, etc.) those who provide the good example.

Which is why we have so many abusers of various stripes in power on various levels, all the way from your office supervisor to the guy in the Black House. "Might makes right." Survival of the most vicious. SOB's rule.

Darwinism at its "best."

And hey, speaking of which, if we start presuming we know whose life is worthy of being allowed to come to term and whose is not, that opens the door to all kinds of arbitrary weeding out, doesn't it? All those who, say, are libertarians: all their unborn infants would be forcibly terminated (assuming they hadn't already done us the favor of voluntarily annihilating their offspring in the womb). We can't, after all, tolerate a bunch of seditionists proliferating (no pun intended) and opposing our Nanny State agenda, can we. Man must after all maintain his glorious ascent up the evolutionary ladder (Teilhardism, our salvation, amen).

Perhaps there exists a concealed explanation for certain people's insistence that abortion should not be outlawed, a deep-structure motivation if you will: might they harbor a subconscious wish that their mother had aborted them? Might their "laissez-faireism" in regards to prenatal infanticide actually constitute a camouflaged retroactive death wish?


*It's conceivable that this sort of "rationale" might come across a smidgeon less disingenuous if those who advocate it weren't the types whose promiscuity is so often at fault for the abortion being deemed "necessary" in the first place

.OK.  If we now decide to represent the rights of the unborn (we, being people in which the unborn does not dwell), let's arrest women for child abuse if their habits and diets are not deemed the most healthy and optimal for the unborn child.  Should obese or frail women be cited for failure to provide the ideal home for the unborn?  Maybe it is not our business.  You can make it yours.   I wouldn't voluntarily spend any money to control people regarding their misguided, or not misguided, conception and fetus management.   


Monday, October 14, 2013


I've only been in two plays that I recall, once in kindergarten, and once in fifth grade.

First I was the grasshopper in the Grasshopper and the Ants fable--out of touch with reality loafer

Then I was Patrick Henry, shouting, "...give me liberty or give me death!!!"--a hard core rebel against intrusive authority

Both times, I believe I was type cast.   I think I see how the two personalities in the same person could create issues.  I also see how they relate in a convoluted sense.

Partly due to being older, and partly due to natural sentiment I was more at home being Patrick Henry.  No fake emotion there.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Buttered Toast does Ben Harpers Steal My Kisses

I wonder if Joel knows all these guys.  Pretty sure I knew the father and other relatives of one.  Those crazy people helped me learn to jam.  I like this video a lot.  I may have been in that exact place up to who knows what at about that age--maybe 3 or 4 years older.  There are things I liked about the south.
Other things from that era are not so good--pain regret blablabla

The Thinning Thread

I'm a man in the wrong time, and I have no idea what is the right time.  I do know I have no fondness or yearning for the past.  Many baby boomers wish they could still be gathering in large crowds pretending to be non-conformists, blaming their parents for everything from earthquakes to starving people in far away lands, and for their own pain, failure, and general angst.

I purely despise my own generation in many ways, but there has probably never been a generation consisting of mostly sane people who weren't after what wasn't theirs.  "The greatest generation" consisted of many total jerks, and they produced the baby boomer, so they obviously did a poor job of parenting, on the whole.  Of course, wars screw people up. How could they not?  War is mass murder, even if there is no better choice.  So they come home, often pissed off that you didn't have to go to war.  No matter that you are their kids, and only 3 or 4 years old.  It' still your fault.  That was the WWII bunch.  VietNam, and most since, are so bizarre that people come back just trying to stay sane, often tying to rationalize that the war they were in made sense and was worth it.

Anyway I am the defective one, not the dumb ass baby boomers..  If I wasn't so used to feeling worthless, the way I've been feeling and thinking lately would probably alarm me.  I am like a good car with no fuel.

"Hey John, how come you never go anywhere with that car?  What a waste."  I do hear similar words, although the car was a figurative reference here.  More accurate would be, "Hey John, what is wrong with you?  You ought to be happy and thriving. What a jerk you are".  I do not know.

I do know that I am stalked by free floating sadness.  I wish I could shoot it or run it over.  It doesn't take much to see where that line of thought leads.

The ways out of this are clear, on the surface, but not so easy to execute.  Constant work of any kind is the best cure, I'm sure.  But I am compulsively stupid and I freeze in place.  Seeing idiots screw with the world and get paid to do it is momentarily motivating.  I'm smarter than most of them.  Or I once was.  And I do usually feel bad when I am doing wok that leads nowhere, and there is nothing tangible to show for it.  At least some menial work allows for immediate observable results, but if it is the same thing over and over, I get restless.  I'm always restless.

If I wasn't such an idiot...

But I am all I have.  My goal is to make it to Christmas, see my kin, and let them believe I am just the happy go lucky eccentric uncle, and whatever, who does no harm and maybe brings a laugh or two.  It will take all the energy I can muster not to just issue some loud apology for being defective and a failure and a waste of life, then hide from them forever more.

Too bad because I very much admire and love them all.  But I know the truth, and they are unwilling to acknowledge it, being somewhat polite people.  I'm not sure I can do it this year, even though I may not get another chance at everyone together, and never again in the Keys.

So goddamned maddening.   I'm losing the battle.  And I still do not know why I have this sadness war.  It has been there most of my life.  I'll see how things are in January.  Then I'll decide what to do.  For now I think I'll go pick a fight with a mountain lion.

I really am an angsty lamer.  However, I was born with an abundance of spirit.  They weren't able to completely kill it, try as they did.  Pretty close though, since "they" managed to hardwire their propaganda into my brain.  No wonder I hate authority.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Lesus H Rice!

For those who trust anything with an official stamp, and who crave the opportunity to be the serf, what you gonna do when the holy seers prove to be less than divinely inspired?  Or when they simply prove incompetent?

The Vatican had to recall a commemorative coin because they misspelled Jesus.  They claim to be the insiders when it comes to Hay Seuss---an assertion which has never really influenced me.  I think they are much like all power centers; more about the power and control than anything else.

Be it the pope or our own wannabe kings, like Obama, I simply don't buy most of what they are selling, even when they use the "buy or die" sales pitch.

They put Lesus instead of Jesus on the coin.  I think they should have said nothing and just sold the trinkets, despite the bad editing and quality control.   Soon people would be naming the darlings of their litters Lesus.  I'm surprised it didn't say Lexus.

On the other hand, there are people who actually believe Obama and people like Harry Reid are honest, sincere, and "on their side".  That means lots of people will fall for anything and that means a person ought to be able to sell them anything and get rich.

Until they get all Goddy on me, and start up about abortion, some of the most reviled of "the radical right" make far more sense to me than those being parroted by mindless musicians and Hollywood nutcases.  Usually those people are a little too willing to allow a bloated, bully government to continue grabbing power (for our own good--the greater good), but I'm a minimalist when it comes to functions of government.  Many things work out. More don't.

Something is wrong with people if they trust government agents with guns more than they trust themselves.   Maybe they've never seen abusive law enforcement or military, and so they assume the stuff that is shown on the news and is all over the internet documenting official abuse is all edited to make the Man look bad.

I've both seen and felt first hand abuse from the Man.  I don't trust any of them with guns any more than I would random people in the public.  This is what happens when the rights of the individual are continually sacrificed to make way for some elitist's view of "the greater good".  I am fine with my neighbors being armed to the teeth if they choose. On Ballistic Mountain we have lots of ex-military, military, and strange yahoos.  They are armed and dangerous.

People just like to screw with people who pose no threat.  It is a sick form of power greed.

The Bloods and Crips wouldn't stand a chance up here.   I'm glad they are packing heat.  How often do good people go shooting others?  Yet those who don't see the real threats think that restrictive gun laws make for safety.  Didn't work in England or Chicago.

And this brings me back to abortion.   I don't like it, but it is not for me to decide.  Just leave it alone.  I don't think the state has that right, any more than they have the right to raise your child against your wishes.  However, a huge number of people who get abortions regularly are idiots and fools, and we should encourage them to not multiply, and maybe even let them kill their genetically disadvantaged kids that made it out of the oven.  Just leave them to it.  We will all benefit.

So, I do believe that in maybe 50% or more of the abortion cases, a great service is being done for the greater good.  Why would we want the worst of our kind to multiply?

And the other cases often involve circumstances which are none of our business, and those people shouldn't have to prove anything to an ever intrusive state and society.  If you want to be free, you can't force people to do it your way when they aren't treading on your natural rights.

In short, nominating yourself as arbiter of the rights of the "unborn" is beyond your legitimate authority over strangers.  And it is a mistake which further opens the door to controls which could put a damper on your day.  No matter how abhorrent you find it, taking up the anti-abortion crusade is somewhat suicidal, but it takes foresight to realize this.

Maybe think about the ridiculous wars which have no clear objective, often fought against those we've armed.  You think sending a dedicated member of our defense forces in to get blown up is somehow more reasonable than leaving pregnant women to handle things as they choose?  I don't.

If you go noodling in to control unborn people in the name of protecting "the rights of the unborn", what is to stop you from thinking you can decide everything for that child all the way to adulthood?  Don't abort if you don't want.  But please, butt out otherwise.

I wish I had the words to express what harm you do by making this a cause.  My failure to articulate what I know and feel does not make the case for your strident concern for the decisions of others.  Leave it alone.  If your example is worth much, then others may be influenced to do it your way. Forced behavior is not always the best approach. Rarely, if ever.

I think bragging about charitable acts and donations is wrong.  But I wouldn't picket, harass and silence by force the Jerry Lewises, and others who pat themselves on the back for alleged benevolence.  But I am not a fan of charity as a big business, or as something subject to government approval, which it is thanks to our insane tax code and the abusive corrupt outfit that enforces it.  Let others do it their way if you expect the same freedom of choice in your own life.

Disagreement with the Man is a riskier business than I recall it being in the past.  If you make too much noise, they'll deplete your resources in a hurry.  Forget expecting  those who make and enforce laws to abide by them themselves.  Looking for the truth?  Ask, and ye shall receive---but you may not like what you get.

That tactic is the one now in vogue among the powers that be in DC.  Disagree in a big way?  Sick the IRS on them.  Question us?  We can't give info or answers--national security.  And the why of it is a secret, regardless of the what. Sorry, we can't tell you, but we are the most transparent administration yet.  Odd that so many still can't see through it.

How dare you question the Papa or the president.  WWLD What would Lesus Do?  My Lesus would smite them all with the jawbone of an ass.  It is only fitting.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Smartest Guy In The Room

Aside from the movie of similar title, that phrase often irked me.  Until now, I hadn't defined why.

For one thing, often the smartest guy in the room is a female, even if I don't know what constitutes being the smartest in a given room at a specific point in time.

Do some people look around a room, sizing everyone up to decide who is the smartest?  I wonder how many people in the room think, "Hmm.  I'll bet I'm the smartest guy in the room".  Even a female can have this thought without violating any PC mandates, I think.

I've noticed that different people have moments of clarity and inspiration at different times.  Some more than others.

So, even if the group is the same, at different times different people will rise to the position of Smartest Guy in the Room.  Or SGR.  Although a very small percentage will achieve the title regularly.

Nice Gathering

So, a friend who is more the target than I, of the previously mentioned drama, had a little jam at his house Sunday afternoon and evening.  It wasn't a jam like the kind where I learned to play with others, but it was a nice deal.  He invited people pretty much last minute and excluded the known drama purveyor.

Consequently,  no drama.
=======DRAMA UPDATE: the purveyor viewed the fb page of the guy who took these pics and left the classy comment, "Fuck this".  If you attended then of course it is about she who was not included.  It's like Mother Mary married to Satan, except the other way around.  
We are not talking children here.  
Welcome to the world of aging baby boomers, especially those who yearn to eternally protest, with or without a cogent cause, and be forever misunderstood flower children who've "got something to say".

I still want that amp he has.  He used the fact that the amp would be set up as bait in the invitation.  I like it when people think I do what I do well enough that they feel a need to coax me to show up.

He lives pretty much rent free in a house on a hill on the edge of El Cajon.  You can see a long way from certain spots up there.  It is closer to me than most of the places where people go to play.
I live somewhere over that ridge

someone else took the pics. i lifted them from fb
Point of interest--the mandolin player had a band back in the day which opened for the Moody Blues and some other very big names of that era.   Mandolin is a relatively new thing to him, an he rocks it.  The depth of talented musicians and songwriters in the San Diego area is surprising. 

Delayed Cognition

I saw an interesting quote somewhere, but I do not recall where.   Maybe on facebook or in a Mark Steyn essay.

What happens in these cases is that I take in some info, but I don't really process it until later.   Often, I remember things better an hour later than I do right after the event or reading.

This particular quote, which I am probably paraphrasing said, it is too late to hope for a perfect past.  That made sense to me, and is quite fitting in my case.  In other words, "Get over it."

People are strange.  The east county open mic, backyard player circuit seems riddled with drama.  Actually only one or two create the tension, and then the enablers and instigators jump in to fuel the flames.  I've found that when people drink, and they are the type that become psychotic and/or total jerks, they'll zero in on you if you don't watch out.  It is the women who are often the most difficult.

Very odd dynamic. I attempted to avoid certain people because the encounters were always the same.  My boundaries get violated, I react, however diplomatically.  Boundary jumper goes off in drunken histrionics, maybe hiding in the forest until dark because I, or someone else, or "they" am/is/are a big meany.

OK. So, I dodge the encounters, so now other drama ensues.  Very hard to ignore, but that is all there is to do.

Friends usually know your tender points, but friends don't throw those things up to put you on the spot, embarrass you, or just make you feel bad in a social setting.  It is too bad when you encounter that behavior.  Especially if the boundary jumper's husband really is a friend.  But can't seem to go anywhere without toting the loose cannon along.

If there is issue with one then you have to avoid both.  Anything else doesn't work and seems inconsiderate.  Why be used as a vehicle for madness which only makes your friend's life less pleasant?

I tried every tactic I could think of but nothing worked for long.    You'd be surprised how many different ways there are to ask, "Do you still beat you wife?", in a public place.

Antidepressants and alcohol do not combine to enhance one's sanity or rational behavior.   Rationalizing, that combination will enhance.

Friday, October 4, 2013

A Relative Self-Esteem Trick

If you ever think to yourself,  "I'm really pretty flaky and maybe even stupid", just go to the comments section under news stories.  It matters not what outfit published the story, could be the mighty Marxist militia or the Son's of Anarchy, or Republicans Galore, or Democratic Extravaganza.  Commenter quality won't vary much.

In no time you'll be thinking, "There are legions of nitwits out there who make me look like a genius!".   Avoid giving in to the next thought, which is, "Oh my God.  Those people can vote."

What's even weirder is to consider that many of those comments are fake; shills for one interest or another.  Maybe each does a parody of the other side.  If so, many succeed well in looking bad and hurting their own arguments.

Hints of Santa Ana winds for next couple of days.  Not good due to fire hazard.  Relative humidity in single digits at times.  That is just wrong.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Living Well is Best Revenge, I guess

This is what proves that my brother and some other people I know are smarter than I am.  Many had some early motivating influence--bullies, who knows.

The significant thing is that they decided the best revenge is success in creating a good, happy life.  This was actually told to me by one such person.  Building the good life requires enough cognizance of reality to avoid the losing, non-essential battles.

What I tend to do is tilt at windmills.  I know it.  I don't like it. But I find it hard to give it up permanently.  I'll quit doing it for years at a time--if we look back far enough.  This neither seems like a time to jump on any bandwagons of cooperation with the nonsense, nor railing against it.

The question of importance is whether I am doing what I can to improve my world.  Obviously not.   How stupid is that?  Then again, I am not alone.  This is no comfort, but true nonetheless.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Is it just me? [charity thugs]

It's one thing if a checkout person offers to sell you fries, or a lighter, or ice for the beer and a cooler for the ice.

But asking me if I want to donate to the charity of the merchant's choice seems weird.  Of course, the job of asking rude questions is assigned to the cashier, so all I can politely do is say no.

The outfits with a charity money can at the checkout counter could be just disguising a tip jar.  In Miami, growing up, the first time I heard of unicef was from kids that made fake unicef collection cans and went around on Halloween, just like the regular ones did.  They made lots of money.

Now I realize that those kids may be the people running the big shows now.

If I want to do something of a charitable nature, I will.  I'm thinking of collecting for UNICEF this Halloween.  You can send checks or cash.

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